Tricked Into Another World! SS 2

Side Story 2 Otherworldly Summoning


“I understand, by the name of Glenn Grants, I wish to serve as your intermediary”

“Very well I accept your resolve; I will give you my blessing Glenn. Go forth and dominate those who proclaim themselves as evil!”

I answered the other worlds summoning with enthusiasm. There was no way I wouldn’t answer to the call of another world summoning and become a hero. My long awaited harem, here I come!

A magic formation enveloped me as it released blinding white light.

Moment later I opened my eyes to the beautiful green hillside scenery before me. A field of green stretched before my eyes in the bright afternoon skies with the sun shining high overhead.

It was the start of an adventure!

Suddenly, I felt a disturbance in the surrounding area in front of me. Particles of blue light converged and then expanded.

“So this is the other world…”

It was a familiar voice. It was a person whom I had been playing Project Iris Online with, since its release. It was the cute little girl that had always stuck by my side no matter the circumstances. A small girl about whose height was just a head above my waist, with scorching red hair.


Reacting to my voice, Mimi turned around in shock. However shortly after, her eyes sparkled as she recognized me.


Flying over to me, she immediately gave me a big hug.

Momentarily after our reunion, the same phenomenon that Mimi appeared from happened again.
Emerging from the light particles, a familiar black haired beauty stood staring at the two of us.


Mimi immediately ran off to Reyna and gave her a big welcoming hug as well.

“My my, to think I’d meet the two of you here”

“Likewise, I hadn’t thought I’d see you two either”

To think that Mimi and Reyna had been called here as well. I had been told that there would be others, but I didn’t realize it would be people I was already familiar with. When he said that there would be other familiar powerful beings such as myself joining me, was he possibly referring to Tetsu, Reyna, and Mimi?

If that’s certainly the case, perhaps Tetsu would be here soon as well.

“If you two are here, that would mean that Tetsu should be here shortly as well. Let’s wait for a bit.”

“Agreed, it wouldn’t feel right without him”

“Ehh, but he’s just a perverted lolicon!”

Reyna had easily agreed with me, but convincing Mimi would still require effort as usual huh?

While waiting for Tetsu, I had decided to check my stats.



[Lv. 1]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 200/200]
[MP: 50/50]
[Str: 15]
[Agi: 2]
[MA: 15]
[Luk: 1]
[Available Skill Points: 1]

<Passive Skills>

<Active Skills>

[Blessing of Zeus]
[Otherworldly Traveler]

Although I had been told beforehand, before confirming it for myself it seemed really unbelievable.

Looking at the other two, they were silently staring into thin air, they too, were probably looking at their status screen.

To think such a world would have a status screen reminiscent of Project Iris Online. Looking at my available skill point, I opened the skill list for current available skills.

[Sword Mastery]
[Axe Mastery]
[Hammer Mastery]
[Spear Mastery]
[Light Magic]
[Fire Magic]
[Water Magic]
[Muscle Mastery]
[Quick Recovery]

The list seemed small, but the skills were reminiscent of my Paladin class in POI. I never used axes or hammers, so I won’t bother with those. A spear was my choice of weapons, with swords as my secondary choice.

I could acquire spear and sword skills through training. In this world, I wasn’t sure how the magic system worked, so I avoided learning magic for now. All that was left was Muscle Mastery or Quick Recovery.

Quick Recovery seems useful for tanking, but without proper flexibility how would you win fights?

In the end, I opted for Muscle Mastery since that seemed the most useful right off the bat.

Right after, I checked the bag I received. I found a usable sword, spear, axe and hammer. There was also a decent sum of money along with the weapons. In total there were 10 gold coins, 5 silver, and 5 large copper coins and 5 small copper coins. This amount would definitely be suitable to buy supplies and armor.

“Have you two finished looking over your stats?”



Ahh, Mimi’s reply is quite cute. It had taken a few minutes, and there wasn’t any signs of anyone coming.

“It doesn’t seem like Tetsu or anyone else is showing up, let’s get going”

“Huh? We aren’t waiting for Tetsu?”

Reyna placed her cheek into the palm of her hand and tilted her head slightly with a curious expression.

“I think we’ve waited long enough, maybe he was sent somewhere else?”

“It would be better if that pervert wasn’t here at all!”

With a stiff expression at Mimi’s comment, Reyna sent a glare to the both of us in silence.

Now that I think about it, Reyna had only ever showed an irritated expression when Tetsu wasn’t with us.

“I’m sure we’ll see him Reyna, for now let’s head to Minerva Kingdom Capital City, Serafall. There isn’t much we can do if we’re attacked in this field”

“I understand, but we should wait a little longer”

Looking away from the both of us, Reyna looked towards the sky with a face filled with impatience.

Instead of incurring Reyna’s wraith, Mimi and I both waited alongside her.

“It’ll be better if we can make it to the city before the sun sets, let’s go”

“Ju-just a few more minutes! He definitely should be coming!”

“I know that you’re worried, but our lives are more important right now. Before night comes we should head to town”

After waiting a while, I spoke up in a serious tone. I spoke out my thoughts exactly how they were. We don’t know what to expect when nightfall comes, so it’s best to hurry to town before then.

“Guu, alright…”

With my sound logic, Reyna had finally put aside her stubborn attitude and we finally marched towards the city.

By the time we made it to the city, the sun had almost set. It had taken a few hours, but we made it safely with no monster encounters.

“Halt! You three, do you have any forms of Identification?”



“I’m sorry, me and my two companions are without such items”

Answering the guard properly, I moved to the front of the group and conversed with the guard.

“Is that so, the fee to enter is 1 large copper coin”

“I see, then please take this”

I politely handed over 3 coins. The price to enter seems rather hefty. I wonder, do the prices differ in different places?

After letting us through, we quickly found an inn with night fast approaching.

The three of us got our own rooms after we found a relatively decent inn to stay in. After having dinner inside, we each went to bed and decided to visit the Guild early tomorrow morning.

The sun calmly rose with the pleasant sound of birds happily chirping. This morning we would be visiting the guild, but for some reason Reyna seemed to be in a foul mood. Did she and Mimi get into an argument before I had come out?

Neither of the two were talking to each other, and simply looked away with angry expressions.

“Good morning”

With the sound of my voice, Mimi looked over with her usual cheerful expression and hugged me as usual.

“Grants! Good morning~”

Reyna immediately glared at the both of us when Mimi energetically greeted me.

“Let go over to the guild and get registered as adventurers, then we’ll go shopping for some armor”


Mimi cheerfully expressed herself as always, but Reyna’s mood seemed especially foul this morning. She probably wasn’t able to sleep good either. I’m still acclimating to this world myself, so I understand if its a lack of sleep.

As we made our way to the guild, she had followed behind us not speaking a word.

While we filled out the registration forms, a strange man with silver hair welcomed us. Was he a guild receptionist? He seemed exceedingly creepier than anyone I’ve ever met. When we finished up at the guild, for some reason, he personally showed us out as well. The atmosphere he gave off was nothing like what he displayed at all. What a strange person.

Inside a supply shop, I finally found the courage to ask what was bothering Reyna as Mimi clung to my arm.

“Reyna, you’ve been sulking for a while now is there something wrong?”

“Don’t worry it’s nothing…”

As if brushing off my concern, she wandered to the back of the store away from the two of us.

Although Reyna didn’t say anything, I already knew what had been eating away at her consciousness. It was always like this when Tetsu wasn’t around as well now that I think about it.

To put it simply, she was worried about Tetsu. We had waited for a long time, but he never showed up. Maybe I was wrong about the top players of POI being summoned here. Or maybe he had been summoned elsewhere.

Whatever the case may be, it didn’t seem like Reyna would cheer up anytime soon without him.

When we finished buying supplies and armor, we headed outside in order to test for our combat abilities.
Mimi was excited, but on the otherhand Reyna had been depressed this entire time. What exactly was her fascination with Tetsu in the first place?

“Reyna, after this we’ll search for Tetsu, I’m sure you’re worried about him”

“Although he’s a pervert, it doesn’t feel right without him around”

Mimi had spoken up as well. Almost as if she wanted to apologize, she approached Reyna and pulled on the hem of her robes.

“Then let’s finish up quickly!”

Reyna was instantly filled with life as she took the lead into the open fields we had come from yesterday.

Past these fields, was a town just outside of Minerva Kingdom’s jurisdiction. That town was the merchant town Canute, that bordered upon the Grim Claw Mountains. There were many high leveled adventurers that gathered there. That was because the Grim Claw Mountains were home to dragons, and dragon subspecies.

After several hours of trying out different things, we had all figured the best way to go about fighting in this world was to be flexible with our energy. With that, we all decided that putting a few points into Muscle Mastery was the best option for the time being.

After gaining a few levels in the morning hours, we searched for Tetsu from the afternoon until evening in both the fields, and in the city.

This schedule went on for exactly a week before we had concluded that he wasn’t here. Reyna looked absolutely miserable. Maybe she had also began missing her family. We have been here for a while now, it wouldn’t be strange not to.

Looking at Reyna, it was like seeing a different person than the one I was used to in POI. Her bright cheerful personality was no where to been seen. Comforting Reyna by telling her we would likely meet him soon, we headed off for the nearby city, Rune Belle tipped off by the silver haired man about a person proclaiming themself as a hero.

I hope we meet again soon Tetsu, for Reyna’s sake…


[Lv. 14]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 430/430]
[MP: 115/115]
[Str: 32]
[Agi: 9]
[MA: 24]
[Luk: 1]
[Available Skill Points: 0]

<Passive Skills>
[Sword Mastery: 1/10]
[Spear Mastery: 2/10]
[Muscle Mastery: 10/10]
[Quick Recovery: 2/10]

<Active Skills>
[Magic Edge: 1/10]
[Shield Thrust: 4/10]

[Weapon: Silver Spear]
[Armor: Iron Armor

[Blessing of Zeus]
[Otherworldly Traveler]


[Lv. 16]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 210/210]
[MP: 350/350]
[Str: 6]
[Agi: 11]
[MA: 38]
[Luk: 10]
[Available Skill Points: 0]

<Passive Skills>
[Wand Mastery: 2/10]
[Magic Control: 5/10]
[Fire Magic Mastery: 1/10]
[Water Magic Mastery: 1/10]
[Earth Magic Mastery: 1/10]
[Muscle Mastery: 5/10]

<Active Skills>
[Analyze: 1/10]
[Fireball: 2/10]
[Water Bullet: 1/10]
[Earth Spikes: 1/10]

[Weapon: Sapphire Wand]
[Armor: Blue Robes]

[Blessing of Loki]
[Otherworldly Traveler]
[Fast Learner]


[Lv. 10]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 190/190]
[MP: 280/280]
[Str: 12]
[Agi: 10]
[MA: 18]
[Luk: 8]
[Available Skill Points: 0]

<Passive Skills>
[Staff Mastery: 2/10]
[Magic Control: 5/10]
[Muscle Mastery:c 5/10]
[Light Magic Mastery:c 2/10]
[Water Magic Mastery: 2/10]
[Analyze: 1/10]

<Active Skills>
[Heal: 3/10]
[Water Bullet: 1/10]
[Purify: 2/10]
[Refresh: 1/10]

[Weapon: Wooden Staff]
[Armor: White Robes]

[Blessing of Freya]
[Otherworldly Traveler]


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