Tricked Into Another World! Ch. 4

Chapter 4 Slimes can be powerful to…


The full moon which had shun down a gentle moonlight, was no longer there. In its place was the blazing sun in the sky, bathing the world in white light.

“This is…?”

Just moments ago it was night, after being teleported a second time it became day already? Moreover was the forest I came out from? Gazing at my surroundings, it was green open fields as far as the eyes could see. Far ahead, there was a town encircled by large walls. In the distance, there were a few creatures frolicking about. Thinking logically, there could only be one explanation as for why night changed into day. I was teleported too far! Face palming myself, I thought of the positive aspects. The elves whom I disturbed won’t be able to find me~ he he he.

Giving out a villainous laugh, I felt something bumping into me, making “Pon!” sounds. Turning around it was…, a slime?!!

A pink jelly like creature with no eyes or mouth had been bumping into me repeatedly. However, something like that didn’t hurt at all, and was more annoying than anything else. With an evil smile, I took a few steps back. With a running start, I kicked it will all my might.


However the jelly like substance didn’t quite splatter like I had thought, instead…


My leg had magnificently lodged itself into the body of the slime. With an extreme burning sensation, I immediately took out the Mithril knife stored in the bag, and slashed at the slime wildly.

“Take that, and that, and that!!! Die!!!!!”

With my leg finally freed, I noticed that part of my pants, my shoe, and my sock went missing where the slime had been attached.

“W-what the hell?!!”

To think the slimes in all the mmo’s I’ve played and grinded off of was actually this formidable! Rethinking my attitude towards the slime, the slime that had been cut up began to glow. Almost instantaneously the slime reformed and then once again began assaulting my leg.

“It r-revived?!!”

Taking a battle stance, I once again slashed at it, cutting it into pieces. However shortly after, the same phenomenon happened once again. Was it possible, that I couldn’t kill even a single slime?!!

This time, staring at the slime I decided to leave it be and make my way towards the town dejectedly.

A few moments later…


Stepping on small rocks with my shoeless foot really hurt! And that damn slime is still attacking my leg! Moreover it’s my shoeless leg! As expected, it doesn’t hurt but it’s not as if I can kill the slime either you know!

Finally reaching the town gate, the guard looked at me with an odd expression.

Pon! Pon!

“Sorry, do you have any identification?”



Pon! Pon!

“Then you’ll have to pay a small entrance fee of 2 copper coins”

Pon! Pon!

Looking into the bag that was handed to me, it had what seemed to be exactly 1 silver coin along with the Mithril dagger. Taking out a silver coin I handed it to the guard.

“I’m sorry this is all I have…”

The guard looking at me with an even stranger expression began to talk.

“I’m sorry, we don’t have change for a Mithril coin… Are you sure you don’t have anything smaller?”

“Mithril coin? Isn’t the color silver?”

Looking back at the guard with a blank expression of doubt, he answers back immediately.

“Yes yes, of course it’s a silver coin my mistake!”

Pon Pon!

The guard gave a huge grin, and passed over 9 large copper coins, and 8 smaller copper coins.


“You may enter, and is that a pet?”

Pon Pon Pon!

Ignoring the guard I walked straight into the town.


While feeling extremely fatigued, I looked over the shops while passing by for a place to sleep. However coming across a clothing shop, I decided to enter in order to purchase some clothing and of course shoes. I ended up buying a green shirt and pants, and worn black boots that seemed to be a reasonable price. Heading back out, I resumed my search for a place to sleep.

Moments later not far down from the clothing shop, I found an inn. Walking through the door, a little girl with pink twin-tails and blue eyes sitting at the reception desk greeted me.



The girl immediately ran towards me and brought me up to the counter.

“Welcome to Summer’s Inn! How may I help you!”

Setting down a big copper coin, I asked, “How many days can this get me?”


The little girl brings out a sheet of paper and begins to write stuff onto it, it was… really cute…

“You can stay here for 5 days! And please sign here with your name!”

“Ok, by the way, how much are these big copper coins worth?”

Immediately thinking back to what the Elder said, knowledge was extremely important in this world. Since I still didn’t quite have a good grasp on the worth of coins, I asked this little girl since it seemed much less embarrassing asking an another adult. Call me self-conscious, but it’s not as if I could plainly walk up to a random guy and ask him the worth of one copper without looking like a fool ya know.

“Oh… um… 1 big copper coin is 10 copper coins, and 10 big copper coins is one silver coin… and umm…”

The little girl looking up at the ceiling, stumbling with her thoughts while scratching her head answered my questions in an extremely cute manner.

“Ah! 10 silver coins is 1 gold coin”

Looking at me cheerfully, the little girl gave out a bright smile after answering my question.

“Ohh, thanks.”

This little girl… she is really cute…

Hmm? I’m a lolicon? No no! As I’ve mentioned before, I really prefer much taller bustier women you know! If I had to say, the cuteness is relative to… hmm… yes! Playing with a small baby animal!

“Ah! Mister! Here is your room key, it’s up the stairs to your left!”

Nodding at the cute child, I walk towards the room.

Pon Pon Pon!

“Milly! Did you properly ring him in?”

“Oh, Mama! Yes he’s gonna stay here for 5 days with his pet!”

“Ok, it’s time for your bath, make sure you wash up ok?”

“Yes Mama, do you think Mister will let me play with his pet?”

“I’m sure if you’re a good girl he will”

“Yes Mama~”

Echoing in the distance, the little girl leaves the sounds of her footsteps running towards the bathing area.


Closing the door behind, there’s a small bed enough for 1 person along with a small closet to store baggage. Laying down on the bed I close my eyes…

Pon Pon Pon Pon!

“This thing… will you stop it already!”

Talking out loud, I grab the slime still attacking my leg with both hands and throw it into the closet.

Pon Pon!

…It’s attacking the closet door? In any case, as long as it isn’t attacking me I can sleep in peace. Lying down on the bed, I shut my eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

I’m not sure how much time passes, but when I woke up the sun was rising. Perhaps I slept for an entire day? Sitting up on the bed, my hand touches something soft making a “Puni Puni” sound. Don’t tell me… looking down it was… the slime… How did it get out? It wasn’t attacking me anymore, but it wasn’t moving either. Was it asleep? In the first place, do slimes even need to sleep?!! Looking over to the closet, a portion of the bottom door was broken. Cringing my eyes, I got up and walked down the stairs, an older woman greeted me.

“Good morning! It seems like you’re finally awake! Since your 5 days have expired, you’ll be charged for the extra 2 you stayed for. Will that be fine?”

“Wait… I was asleep for 7 days?!!”

My mouth hung open as I had unintentionally shouted.

“Yes… we came in to check often, however your pet slime seemed to be happily jumping on top of you, so we didn’t want to bother you…”

The woman’s face blushed instantly as she diverted her attention elsewhere unable to look at me.

“NOOO!!! You’ve got it all wrong! It’s absolutely not like that at all!”

Paying for the extra 2 nights, as well as another 5 days’ worth, I quickly ran out of the Inn completely embarrassed as the slime trailed behind me.

Since coming to this world I haven’t eaten anything at all…

Feeling extremely hungry I decided to buy a skewer for 1 copper right outside, I made my way over to the Adventurers Guild following up on the Elder’s advice.
Opening the door into the guild building, it was surprisingly emptier than I had imagined.

“Welcome to the Adventurers Guild, I haven’t seen you around here are you new?”

Immediately greeted by the receptionist lady, I make my way towards the counter.

“Yes, I would like to register and learn what I can”

“Then please fill out this form here”

The receptionist lady pulled out a piece of paper, and gave an odd smile while cringing her eyes at me. Seeing how the elves mistook me for a Demon Lord, it was probably my looks that bothered this blue haired plain looking receptionist. Though I say plain looking, she isn’t really that bad looking. With a little make up she’d be well received by many.

Pon Pon Pon!

Filling out the piece of parchment paper with my name, race, gender, and age, I handed promptly handed it back.

“Let see here, Tetsu Tagami. That sure is a strange name. As a new adventurer, would you like to take part in the novice adventurer’s training course? It’s free and lasts exactly one week, and you’ll be trained by experienced veteran adventurers.”

Hmm, that certainly sounds beneficial. I can probably assume they’d teach me how to fight things as well? In that case, I definitely can’t let such an opportunity go!

“Yes, please sign me up.”

“Ok, then please wait one moment.”

Saying so, the receptionist walked into the room behind the counter. Moments later, she came out with a bald guy that had scars all over his face along with an eye patch covering his left eye. His build was certainly big; however it wasn’t to the point of having bulging muscles. With a stern looking expression he seemed gazed at me menacingly with an extreme killing intent.


“I’ll be your trainer for the next week, the names Roger Reinsfield. Let’s get started right away”

“Ehh… isn’t there normally some time given after signing up to prepare for the training?”

Slowly creeping back, I was thinking of quickly escaping.


With a scruffy voice, the man who introduced himself quickly dragged me away before I could make my escape.


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