Tricked Into Another World! Ch. 16

Chapter 16 Destruction Inside The Guild Hall


(This is a good weapon. A weapon made completely out of Mithril. A genuine Mithril weapon made by the elves.)

Magic power was easily injected into the Mithril dagger. Manipulating mana inside of weapons became more difficult depending on the materials that were used in making it. Mithril was the highest grade material used in forging magic weapons. High grade magic weapons had trace amounts of Mithril forged into the blade, however the dagger he held in his hands was 100% Mithril. The only places that had abundant amounts of Mithril, enough to make weapons out of were occupied by the Elves.

Reinsfield put power into his legs and kicked off holding the Mithril dagger that was glowing with a red hue, clashing with the silver haired man.

“As expected of a former S Ranker, I can’t let my guard down”

The silver haired man had displayed power on par with Reinsfield.

“You’re name is Misha right?! Take Tetsu and leave now!”

Misha stood there trembling, witnessing the battle of 2 high class fighters as Reinsfield ordered her to leave.


She ran as quickly as she could, running to where Tetsu was lying. Upon reaching his motionless body, she shuddered at the horrific injuries he had incurred. He had been stabbed several times all over his body. Blood continued to drain from his wounds.

She wanted to help him if at all possible, but although she was skilled in magic, she had never taken the time to learn any kind of healing magic. To be precise, she wasn’t blessed by the Spirits governing over the Light element.

Frustrated at her own inability, she lifted Tetsu’s dying body, and ran away as she had been told.

“Maxwell, so you were still alive. Is this a betrayal?”

“Ohh, that’s a though question Reinsfield~ but, you should already know the answer to that right?!!”

The Maxwell that Reinsfield had remembered was a zealous Adventurer who was always helping out both strangers and friends alike.

“But, how do you plan to compensate for ruining my plans?!!”

“How about, by ripping you into pieces?”

Reinsfield gathered magical energy into the Mithril dagger. The infusion of the magic power caused the blade to turn red.

“[Twin Edge]!”

“[Shadow Guard]”

Reinsfield activated the dagger skill [Twin Edge].

Confronting Maxwell, he left afterimages as he struck twice with the dagger. The first hit had broken through his [Shadow Guard] throwing him off balance with a powerful strike, and the second was a fluid slash which lightly cut into Maxwell’s body.


Quickly recovering from the slash, Maxwell took out 5 daggers from inside his torn jacket, and threw them at Reinsfield from close range.

“That won’t work!”

Reinsfield knocked away 3 daggers in front of him, while the remaining 2 flew past him. He quickly stepped back into attacking range.

“hahaha! Don’t be so sure of yourself Reinsfield!”

With the hand he threw the daggers with, Maxwell moved his fingers. For a moment, Reinsfield saw something glimmer. And in the next moment, he felt something going into his back. He instinctively realized it was the 2 daggers that had flown past him. They were manipulated by steel strings.

“[Whirlwind Blade]!”

Reinsfield had closed into position, and unleashed another weapon skill.

Spinning in a circle, he simultaneously pulled out the throwing daggers that had hit him from behind, and slashed horizontally at Maxwell from close range.

Maxwell simply back stepped, and jumped over Reinsfield figure avoiding his wide attack.

As Maxwell landed, Reinsfield used the momentum of [Whirlwind Blade] to spin around and throw the two daggers back at Maxwell, but the thrown daggers were easily deflected.

“Hahaha! Reinsfield!!! With your current power, you’re far from being able beat me!”

The silver haired man merely laughed at Reinsfield.

They continued to exchange attacks. Shockwaves were sent everywhere. The walls vibrated, and the floors creaked from the super human like power that was displayed.

The moment they clashed again, Reinsford grabbed onto Maxwell’s wrist and threw him into the air. Becoming airborne, Reinsfield immediately casted a spell attempting to exploit the vulnerability.

“[Shadow Assault]!”

The surrounding shadows rose up from the ground and attacked Maxwell as he began to freefall.

“REINSSSSFIEEEEELDDDD! Fun! Fun! Fun! FUUUUUUN! I haven’t had this much fun in a loooong time! Ahahaha!”

Swinging his dagger while airborne, he deflected a few of the shadows that rose up from the ground.

“Che, what kind of monster did you turn into?”

Reinsfield exchanged a few words with the silver haired with Maxwell.

The shadows that he didn’t deflect grazed past him.

He could feel it. Although he was in his [Limit Release] state, he felt that Maxwell was still slightly stronger than him. Although they both had taken some damage, he was slowly losing the battle. For every 3 hits he landed, he received 4 in return. Once his [Limit Release] wore off, how would he fair against him?

“Hahaha! Are you interested to know?!! I’m not quite a monster just yet Reinsfield! I’m still human after all~”

The man named Maxwell that Reinsfield had known was originally a budding Adventurer. His rank advancements had stopped at “A” when he disappeared for almost 4 years ago. In that time span of 4 years, he had been presumed as dead.

“It’s about time we ended this little game of ours Reinsfield! It’s been fun, but I have an appointment to keep!”

“Running away so soon?”

“No, I’ll be sending you straight to hell”

Maxwell raised his left hand in the air.

“[Mana Generator] Activate!”

A vortex of magical energy surrounded Maxwell. The overflowing energy tore apart the walls and ceiling exposing the outside world.


With both of his arms bent out in front of himself, Maxwell entered into crazy laughter.

“[Soul Crushing Blade]!”

A dense dark aura surrounded Maxwell’s dagger as he ran towards Reinsfield


“[Iron Will]!!!”

With the speed that Maxwell had approached Reinsfield at, it wasn’t possible for him to dodge.

A huge explosion occurred as the dagger struck Reinsfield. Everything behind and above Reinsfield had been blown away, and the ground below them caved in.

Reinsfield looked around dazed from the aftermath as he lay down on the floor. Bits of broken boards had fallen onto him. He had survived. However he had suffered a large diagonal gash going down from his left shoulder, and just slightly over his chest.

As he looked around, he realized he was on the first floor of the ruined Guild Hall. He was alive because the ground had broken apart right before the concentrated impact of [Soul Crushing Blade] could do its maximum damage.


Maxwell was looking for him. Did he truly plan to finish him off?

After that last attack, his [Limit Release] had worn off, and in his current condition, he would quickly be killed.

“Found you~ REINSFIELD!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAAA!!!”

Appearing in front of him was Maxwell.


Reinsfield gazed up at Maxwell who stood away from him accumulating magic power into his dagger.

“The games over! [Shadow Slash]!”

A wave of dark energy left the daggers edge as Maxwell swung horizontally.


Before the energy wave could reach Reinsfield, it was sliced apart.

“Sorry to intrude on your fun, Maxwell”

A man with blue hair appeared from the sidelines.

“Well, if it isn’t Cray!”

“It’s been a long time Maxwell”

“Burn, [Magma Burst]!”

Right where Maxwell had stood, an eruption of fire rose up, incinerating everything that touched it.

“So you’ve brought along the Trinity Sage as well? Hahaha! You damn cockroaches just keep crawling out from nowhere. Where the hell do you guys keep coming from?”

Entering from the same place that Cray had appeared from, a man with brown hair in a white gown embroidered with gold patterns came out casting a spell, and Maxwell had easily side stepped the magic attack aimed at him.

“Maxwell, no matter how strong you’ve gotten you won’t be able to beat us”

For a single moment, the figure of Cray blurred in Maxwell’s line of sight. When Cray reappeared, he had wrapped an arm around his neck as he felt a sharp pain go through his body. He had instantly been impaled by his sword from behind.

“Give it up, you won’t win”

The blue haired man named Cray easily pinned down Maxwell who was fighting almost equally against Reinsfield.

Cough! [Shadow Cough! Merge]!”

Coughing out blood, Maxwell’s body turned black as he sunk into the ground, and reappeared at a distance.

“What brings you here, Guild Master?”

Reinsfield picked up the Mithril dagger as he stood up, while speaking.

“I’ve finished my preparations, and I’m here to take back the capital”

Cray replied to Reinsfield as he walked towards him, and the Trinity Sage.

“How about it Maxwell? If you give up the person you’re working for, I’ll let you rejoin us as an Adventurer.”

Cray offered a deal to Maxwell who had been pinned down.


Maxwell had broken out into laughter, recalling his past.

“The Adventurer’s Guild is nothing but a trash heap filled with selfish cowards riddled with secrets and lies”

“Are you saying that demons are better? Murdering people and defiling the lands, corrupting men, women, and children alike? The gods have given us hope. To fight against the Guild is to fight against the Gods”

The Trinity Sage responded to Maxwell.

“Gods?!! Tell me then! Where were the Gods in my time of despair!!! THEY SIMPLY WATCHED AS THOSE DEMONS SLOWLY TORE APART MY ARMS AND LEGS EATING THEM!!!”

Spite and anger had been mixed in Maxwell’s words.

“HAHAHA! Demons, Gods, Humans! What does it matters! I’LL PURGE THEM ALL!”

Maxwell continued to speak as massive amounts of magical energy gathered around him.

“This is… [Mana Generator]? However, even if you possess that skill, you won’t win against the 3 of us”


Mana began to condense behind Maxwell. A complex magical array formed behind him. The pressure of mana circulating around him generated pulsing shockwaves across the entire Guild Hall.


The condensed magical power that formed the magic circle shattered. A black hole opened, and 8 jet black swords appeared floating behind him as the dark space closed.


Maxwell screamed out in laughter as each of the swords floating behind him individually released energy several times stronger than the 3 that stood before him.

“Calamity Weapon [Orochi], one of the 9 weapons with the power to go against god…”

All 8 swords began turning red, dyed with a deep crimson color. The 8 swords were quickly generating magical energy as they continued to shine brighter and brighter.

“Ahahahaha! Correct again Cray! Now here’s your prize! DIE!!! [LAND FALL]!!!”


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