Tricked Into Another World! Ch. 11

Chapter 11 A New Goal



I looked straight into the eyes of the young man before myself.

“Yes, I want to learn how to use magic as soon as possible”

“Do you have the aptitude to learn it?”

“Aptitude…? I don’t know.”

Tetsu glanced up towards the ceiling with a strained expression.

“Hmm, not everyone can learn magic. But those who are able to, are more likely to survive.”

I recalled a similar conversation with someone I knew in the distant past and smiled unintentionally.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Only those who are loved by the spirits are able to utilize the phenomenon known as magic”

Asking a simple question, I returned it with a simple answer.

“How do you know if you’re liked by those spirits? And does that mean people are limited to the magic type of the spirits that do like them?”

Tetsu asked earnestly with a serious expression.

“If you don’t know which spirits align themselves with you, you can ask a Spirit Seer. They are people who are able to easily sense the presence of spirits and freely talk to them. As for the latter question, you are correct in saying so”

“Hmm, what magic can you use?”



At Tetsu’s question, I simply nodded.

“So you’re unable to learn magic?”

“Not quite, it’s too troublesome. It’s a hassle to learn how to use magic. Although some people are blessed by many spirits, there are some who never learn magic. In truth, the guild founder Lester was one such man”

“Then I have one more question to ask, where can I find a spirit seer?”

“There are none here, you will have to make your way toward the Captial, Serafall. It’s roughly a day away by foot exiting from the south gate”

“I see, thank you. I’ll be heading there tomorrow.”

“Take care of yourself”

As the exchange had ended, Tetsu rose from the couch and quickly left the room. The night sky became visible as the sun had set.

Just as Tetsu had left the room, Reinsfield appeared as if he were hiding from within the shadows.

“Are you going to let him go so soon?”

I briskly moved over towards my desk in the corner of the room.

“A man with that kind of determination cannot be stopped. It also seems like his growth will be halted until he can make use of magic properly. In that sense, I have no right to obstruct him from reaching greater heights”

“The guild in the city is likely to have been compromised”

Reinsfield had seated himself on a couch in the center of the room.

“Reinsfield, I’m sorry to do this, but you will have to come out of retirement”

“That’s to be expected, the enemy this time is powerful”

“I’m sorry, but there’s no other way. More than half of the guilds in this Kingdom are likely to be in someone else’s control. As for the other kingdoms, there are a few that have fallen into the hands of that person. Our enemy is already among us as one of our own.”

Shuffling through a few documents, I responded with a wry expression

“Then what is my first duty, Guild Master?”

“Look after Tetsu, and find out what’s happening in the city. Be discrete”

“A simple yet vexing task is it?”

Nodding to himself, Reins field stood up and walked towards the door.

“We’ve already lost many informants from the city. Be on your guard”

Nonchalantly waving his hand with his back towards me, Reinsfield instantly vanished into thin air. Although that’s to be expected of one who has complete mastery over shadow magic.

Guild Hall First Floor

After exiting the Guild Masters room, I casually walked down the stairs back into the noisy Guild Hall. Awaiting me was Angela who had finished processing my request.

“Welcome back Tetsu, please come to the counter and receive your payment”

I politely walked around Angela and faced her on the opposite side of the counter.

“Then here is your payment, to total amounts to 3 gold and 50 silver”

Three gold?!! That’s a lot right?!! Is that amount correct?!!

Quickly calming myself, I asked Angela why the amount was so much.

“Why is the payment so much?”

“Oh? Well, actually the Mimic Slime you defeated was on the monster extermination list. Since you’ve brought confirmation of the kill with its large core, I’ve taken the liberty to give you the reward for that, as well as the reward for the slime extermination. Then there’s also the payment exchange for the materials you brought in. Ah, you would have gotten much more if the core you brought in wasn’t broken in half.”

I see. So on top of the request, the materials could be traded in for extra money. A large portion of it came from the Mimic Slime reward.

“Thank you Angela. Then I’ll see you again someday. Thanks for taking care of me”

Of course, since I was leaving first thing tomorrow morning I wanted to at least say my thanks to the person who helped me the most in this town. Although it hasn’t been long since we’ve met, maybe we’ll meet again someday.

“Ehhh, what do you mean?”

“I’m heading off to the capital to learn magic”


What’s with that worrisome look?!! It’s not as if I’m running off to my death you know!

“There’s no need to worry Angela, it may not seem like it, but I’ve grown a lot since I first dragged myself in here you know”

Being trained by Instructor Reinsfield until the brink of almost breaking everyday really did help me out quite a lot. I don’t want to admit it, but during the times Angela cheered me up before and after a day of training gave me enough courage and self-confidence to see the training through until the end.

“Then, do your best and make sure to come back to visit someday”

With a cheerful smile on her face, I gave her a light bow out of gratitude and walked out of the Guild Hall.

I didn’t know at the time, but the next time I would meet Angela, would be under extreme circumstances.

Walking outside the starry night sky was clear, unlike the night view in my original world that was filled with light pollution. The night sky was bright enough to illuminate even the darkest of ally’s in this merchant town.

Reaching the inn, the inn lady had still been manning the desk. It makes me wonder, does she have a husband? And if so, where is he?

“Welcome back, I’m afraid your friend is still asleep. If you decide to do something to her while she’s unconscious, I won’t be able to do anything about it. Fu fu fu”

With a creepy smile, the inn lady said something slightly disturbing.

“I’m not like that!”

With a flustered expression, I retorted out loud.

“Just kidding”


I let out a sigh, and walked up the stairs towards the room. That lady really knows how to push people’s buttons. It’s not as if I’m a lolicon you know! Sure they’re cute, but there’s a saying for that. Yes Lolita! No Touch!

I opened the door to the quiet room. With light steps, I looked at the condition of the girl. Touching her head, it was cool unlike this afternoon. I noticed a tray of food beside her that was emitting a little bit of steam. It was probably made not too long ago.

Looking back down at the girl, the blanket that was over her had slightly come undone. I pulled the cover up to her shoulder and walked outside of the room.

I won’t be able to sleep in the same room as a person I’m not familiar with, so I left outside towards the back of the inn.

Of course I could also get another room, but I wanted to test a few things so another room was unnecessary.

Reaching the tree outside, I sat down underneath it and opened my status window.

<Tetsu Tagami>

[Lv. 5]
[Race: Human]
[HP: 27/140]
[MP: 78/170]
[Str: 14]
[Agi: 10]
[MA: 15]
[Luk: ???]
[Available Skill Points: 4]

<Passive Skills>
[Sword Mastery: 1/10]
[Dagger Mastery: 4/10]
[Muscle Mastery: 7/10]

<Active Skills>
[Analyze: 1/10]
[Magic Edge: 2/10]

[Living Zombie]
[Otherworldly Traveler]
[Slime Slayer]

Earlier, I noticed I had 4 skill points to spend. Thinking back on the first one I used, it was used to obtain the Analyze skill. But the question I have is, is there a separate skill list than what’s shown on my status screen?

As if answering to my question, a window with greyed out skills opened.

<Available Skill List>
[Spear Mastery]
[Bow Mastery]
[Wand Mastery]
[Scythe Mastery]
[Hammer Mastery]
[Katana Mastery]
[Flail Mastery]
[Shield Mastery]
[Weapon Throwing Mastery]
[Fire Magic]
[Earth Magic]
[Wind Magic]
[Water Magic]
[Light Magic]
[Dark Magic]

I stared at the screen intently. No matter how much I looked at it, the skill list was too similar to the skill list I had in Project Iris Online. Of course, that is with the exception of the last unknown skill. When I played Project Iris Online, the weapon system was unique in the way you could master different types of weaponry by how often you used it. There were wizards that could use swords if they equipped it for a long enough period of time. In a sense, weapon types weren’t restricted to job classes in that game.

I never stuck with a single weapon myself. Instead I opted to use the weapon attribute that monsters were weak against. So I often found myself carrying almost every type of weapon for dungeons and raids. Although, with that said there are a few weapons I’ve never used before. For example, taking daggers for instance is something I’ve only ever seen being used. Until now, I’ve never experienced using a dagger as a weapon.

Besides weapon masteries, there was also magic. I don’t remember using light, dark, water, or the earth type magic systems in POI. Since I was primarily a DPS class, I focused on the fire magic system for buffs and powerful spells. Regardless, I suppose being able to learn healing magic in this world is a plus.

Although, when looking at the question marks on my stats, title, and now on a skill list, I can’t quite help wondering what they


I immediately put a point into Light Magic, and decided to save the rest of my points for later.

Now then, what comes next is trying to use Light Magic?


With an intense expression, I spoke a word in a very serious voice.

However, contrary to that, nothing happened!

It’s embarrassing! I absolutely feel like I’m a chuunibyou! Who the hell raises their hand in the air and shouts out fantasy-like words expecting something to happen!

If there was even some kind of small effect, I wouldn’t feel like this at all!

I opened up my Status Screen to confirm I had the skill to use light magic

<Tetsu Tagami>

[Lv. 5]
[HP: 27/140]
[MP: 78/170]
[Str: 14]
[Agi: 10]
[MA: 15]
[Luk: ???]
[Available Skill Points: 3]

<Passive Skills>
[Sword Mastery: 1/10]
[Dagger Mastery: 4/10]
[Muscle Mastery: 7/10]
[(NEW!) Light Magic Mastery 1/10]

<Active Skills>
[Analyze: 1/10]
[Magic Edge: 2/10]

[Living Zombie]
[Otherworldly Traveler]
[Slime Slayer]

…It’s there alright…

Lightly coughing to myself, I try it again, but this time with more enthusiasm.


Someone kill me right now! This is too embarrassing!

Maybe magic is used differently in this world. Thinking back, Instructor Reinsfield had chanted a some words before using magic. If that’s the case, what was his chant again? It was something like…

“All that is alive flourish eternally, recover [High Heal]!”

WHYYY!!! I actually thought Reinsfield looked kind of cool when he casted the spell, but when I imagine myself doing it, I feel like a chuunibyou! Just whyyy! Thankfully there’s no one around to witness.

…Was it possible, that I had no talent with Light Magic after all?!! What did the Guild Master say again, being loved by the spirits? Could it be possible… I wasted a skill point on something I won’t be able to ever use?!!


Holding my head with both my hands, I let out a scream.

Trial and error! Yes, it’s not that I didn’t fully think it through; this is simply trial and error! After all, that’s what beta phases in online games are for! But this isn’t a beta phase, nor is it a game! As I thought, maybe I really did screw up.

Calm down!

Currently, my eyes were wide open bulging outwards while I stared into the open space in front of me intensely.

Closing my eyes, I fell deep into thought.

Yes, first I need to calm down.

That conclusion isn’t 100%, after all, why would there be a skill in my skill list that I’m not able to use? That’s right; I can also have the Spirit Seer confirm it for me later.

It’s also completely logical to say that learning how to use magic requires experience. So for a beginner like me, it’s completely understandable that I can’t use magic. In any case, the next thing to do is to visit that Spirit Seer.

With my eyes closed, as I sat down leaning against the trunk of the tree I organized my thoughts from today’s events. Eventually,

I fell asleep without realizing it.

That night, I had an odd dream. It was a dream of a beautiful girl holding onto me as she hummed. Her voice as she hummed a mysterious song was gentle like the breeze of a passing wind.


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