She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman TOC

Web Novel Link (here)

Imoutosite has picked up Wiseman, blog site is here.

Ch.1-31 (TL Darkfish)

Ch. 32 Solomon’s Gift

Ch. 33 Takuto’s Aptitude

Ch. 34 Exchange Conditions

Ch. 35 Scarlet Bell

Ch. 36 Report

Ch. 37 Lily’s Reappearance

Ch. 38 School Events   [Part 1]  ,  [Part 2]

Ch. 39 Magic Skill Review Board

Ch. 40 Glimpse of the Army

Ch. 41 An apprentice and a Teacher

Ch. 42 School Tour

Ch. 43 The First Ride

Ch. 44 Confession

Ch. 45 Post Confession

Ch. 46 Wedding Night


Volume 1 Illustrations

Volume 2 Illustrations

Volume 3 Illustrations

Volume 4 Illustrations


12 thoughts on “She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman TOC

  1. shuffling505

    Umm First? And also *ahem* WHY!? Why must a slowly watch as the blue bar gets full and then drops down to 0? It kinda puts me on edge as well as having to have a plan B to stay awake for the new chapter update! Still thanks for your hard work! But really, I’m on the edge of my seat looking, waiting and observing the slow progress bar that for some reason, is like the loading bar of a video game!

    Ps: i play lots of game and becuase of this i have Loadinphobiea that i juat made up right now. Thats for the chapters though!


    1. burststorm Post author

      you could also click on reader (top left side next to “my site”) > manage (next to “followed sites”) > click on drop down arrow( will look like “>” next to sites you’re following) > turn on emails for posts (instant / daily / weeky)

      emails will be under your “social” tab if you use gmail.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Daniel Torres Gonzalez

    you know, the other translator “tsukiko is it ?” dropped wiseman, and now it`s being translated by a non-experienced guy with google tools, even he say`s its bad, please come back, your work was better than all the others together, pleaseee COME BACK



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