Mamorubeki nakama ya shimei o ushinattanode, mao to asonde kurashimasu Prologue


The sound of metal clashing continuously echoed。
Delta Volcano。The land of demons which the Demon lord ruled。

The heat scorched both the land and air、 rejecting fragile creatures and humans alike。

Inside such a harsh environment、there were those who fought desperately exchanging blood for blood。

Heroes。Those who received the divine protection of the goddess。Becoming a god-like existence、they have the power to easily create a colossal amounts of corpses just by wielding a blade。

Demon lord。As the name suggests、the strongest demon in existence ruling over all other demons。

Bound by fate、these two continuously fought。
There aren’t any words to describe it。Earnestly、swords and magic collide。
But strangely enough、a trusting relationship developed between them both。

Exchanging blows through their most powerful techniques。
They bet their life on their skills。
That was how they handled their expectations。

As far as it concerned the two of them、it was fresh。
Originally、there were no such feelings。
Friends、and countries wouldn’t allow it。

However、in this battle、hatred was only an obstacle。
To that extent、they were both rivals。
Therefore、the Hero and Demon Lord that were in the middle of a battle exchanged words for the first time。

「Not bad! Demon Lord!」
「You too! Hero!」

The demon lord felt satisfied。
If only this moment in time would last forever。
Forgetting about their friends and mission、they became driven by such desires。

Unfortunately、it would soon end。
Their Magic was running low、and their bodies were close to the limits。
The Demon Lord came to the realization this would be their last、and asked the hero a question。

「Hero。Would you answer me one question?」
「Huh? What?」
「Well、it’s not anything special。……If、if you’re reborn、I wanted to ask、what do you would want to be」


The Hero frowned in thought。
It wasn’t the face of a Hero、but one that suited a man。

「That’s right。I’d like to be a playboy」
「Playboy? What do you mean?」

「Ah、because they drink liquor all day、 and spend all their time playing with different women? It’s enviable。It’s mysterious where their money comes from、but it’s really enviable」

The hero nodded his head、as if understanding something。
Listening to the words of the Hero、the Demon Lord became speechless。

The expression wasn’t fit for a Demon Lord、but one suited for a woman。

「What。Is it really that strange?」

The Demon Lord shook her head in denial。

「It’s not strange。But、just unexpected。The Hero、one that bears a grudge against demons、I thought you were a human driven by hatred。I thought you would be much more of a brute」

「Ahh、sure、from that perspective it’s possible。I’m a pathetic human being that was selfishly chosen、bound by a self-centered country。――I mean、even from the perspective of us humans、even demons are like that? Talking to you normally like this、it seems strange」

「Is that right?」
「So it seems」

The Hero and Demon Lord laughed together。
However、it was only for a single moment。
The Hero and Demon Lord’s face quickly became stiff。

「――But、I can’t go back anymore。Although I’ve come this far、too much was sacrificed。No matter what kind of demon you are、as long as you’re a Demon Lord、I have to defeat you。That’s what it means to be a hero」

「Ahh、that’s right」

Heroes and Demon Lords were originally such creatures。
To kill and be killed、it was a never ending relationship。
Countries and history、they will continue to exist as long as they aren’t forgotten。

That’s why、being able to talk this way was equivalent to being a miracle。
Demon Lords of successive generations may look down on her with cold eyes、but she was proud of it。

「Here I go! Demon Lord!」
「Come! Hero!」

Like this、the battle between the Hero and Demon Lord came to an end。


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  2. Milanin

    Great… ‘Friendship’… Yeah, no… They’re pretty much a picture perfect example of one of those couples who fall in love in each other and aren’t honest about it yet… And here I thought it would be both males, fighting is life, but nope… It’s just getting soft vs the other…


  3. GM_Rusaku

     ( ´・ω・) ∫ Thanks!
     //\ ̄ ̄旦\  Nepu!!
    // ※…\___\
    \\  ※….  ※ ※ ヽ


  4. GM_Rusaku

    ╔══╦╗────╔╗───╔═╗──────  ∧_∧
    ╚╗╔╣╚╦═╦═╣║╔═╗║║╠═╦═╦╦╗ ( ・∀・)
    ─║║║╦║╬║║║╚╝╔╝║║║╩╣╬║║║  ノ つつ
    ─║║║║║║║║║╔╗╚╗╚╩╩═╣╔╩═╝⊂、 ノ   
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