Tricked Into Another World! Ch. 2

Chapter 2 The Loli Goddess is Shy?!!

“Hey you! Listen to me!!!”

After being lost in thought, I stare back down at the little girl goddess standing in front of me stomping her feet like the child she resembles.

“Hah… if possible, could you send me back to my world God?”

Letting out a sigh, I let out my inner desire on impulse.



“That’s right, you’ve already agreed to the contract so it’s impossible!”


“Stop looking so disappointed with those overly exaggerated sighs!”

Looking at the small goddess pouting her face looks extremely cute, so I unintentionally give her a serious looking face staring intensely at her figure.

“W-what are you staring at me l-like that for?!!”

Shyly raising her voice again, she turns around hiding her beat red face.

“Sorry, it’s a habit of mine to look intently at cute things…”

“C-cute?!!, H-he called me c-cute?!!”

Extremely flustered, the small goddess’s face turns into a much brighter red mumbling to herself. Perhaps did I make her angry?

“Ah… anyways, so you were going to explain to me what I’m doing here since I can’t go back?”

“C-c-c-cu… Ah! T-that’s right!”

Regaining her composure, the Small Goddess turns around facing me once again with a refined expression.

“You’ve been called here by me! In order to assist the next hero in defending the human race from being wiped out by the hordes of demons.”

“Assisting the hero, Is it? I’m not a very talented person when it comes to fighting you know. Even just looking at my scrawny body you can see that right?”

“Something like that will be OK. After all you succeeded in repelling 13 continuous demon hordes of the highest level. Such a feat is recognized by even us gods!”

While standing up straight with sparkling upturned eyes, the goddess smiles with triumph.

“Hah…… you know, that was merely just inside a game. Something like that is impossible for me in real life. Moreover, there are no such entities known as demons anyways.”

I gave out another sigh, unintentionally retorting back.


The tiny goddess replies with a puzzled expression.

“What do you mean?”

“A game is something you just have fun playing, in this case it was in a fantasy world that doesn’t exist in reality”

“Game… so something to pass the time for enjoyment…?”

The goddess still looking bewildered, answered in a cute voice with a finger pressed on her bottom lip, while tilting her head.

“Yes, a game. Something we play to have fun. Not real. Now that we have established that fact, could you send me back?”

Instantly turning pale, the small goddess fell down to her knees, on all four.

“I-Impossible… for me to have… made such a…”


After an awkward silence, the goddess stood up once again with an extremely troubled face trembling.

“I-in any case, t-there is n-no taking back the c-contract…”

In a shaky voice, the goddess seemingly on the verge of tears has lost the light in her clear blue eyes. Noticing that something felt slightly off with the goddess, I ask a question.

“If you’re a god, why is it that you’re unable to just cancel the contract?”

“That is… I no longer have the power I once held as a goddess. Even the form you see before you now is a direct result of me losing almost all of my power. Using the last of my power I summoned a contract with you. It will be several decades before I will be able to regain my original power…”

Shifting her line of sight back and forth while fidgeting around, the goddess explained her circumstances to me.

“I-is that so…”

With the goddess no longer full of life, my eyes began twitching at my current extremely unlucky circumstances.

“Then, what’s going to happen?”

“That is……”

The small goddess seemed to have been trapped in her thoughts as she continually stood in one position with her eyes closed and arms crossed. After a short while, she finally answered back.

“No! I have faith in you, regardless of what happens! Since I have already summoned you, you will be put to work. I don’t believe I made a mistake!”

The small goddess, looking back up at me with rejuvenated eyes nodded with approval and quickly began chanting. After the short verse, multiple complex magic arrays surrounded me in white light.

“With the last of my power, I will grant you a small blessing. I hope you’ll be able accomplish many great things.”

Speaking in a calm mature voice, she looks directly into my eyes as if peering into my very soul.


“Become a grand warrior.”

The goddess gave out one last smile as she sent me off.

Looking at the small figure of the goddess, I threw out a hand, out of concern just before being teleported. It might have been my imagination, but it seemed as if she had begun to vanish the moment she finished chanting.

[Obtained: Supreme Blessing of the Goddess of Fate]…

Appearing alongside the small goddess who had used the remainder of her power, another goddess clad in shining golden armor with a pale blue sword hanging on her waist began to talk.

“It seems you’ve finally run out of power, Fortuna.”

“Yes I’ll be sleeping until I can recover enough, Athena. Have you finished your summoning as well?”

“No, I have yet to find a suitable person”

“Then could I trouble you with a small request?”

“What would that be?”

“Please guide and watch over him…”

“If it is only that much, It is not a problem. Consider it done.”

“Thank you.”

“Rest well, you’ve done enough. Let us other gods handle this for the time being.”

“Then, I’ll be excusing myself until I awaken once more……”

The goddess of fate and fortune, Fortuna, slowly faded out into nothingness, entering into a long slumber in order to recover a portion of her exhausted power.

In the same place, much further away many more people were summoned by many other gods.

A familiar knight makes an oath to his lord.

“I understand, by the name of Glenn Grants, I wish to serve as your intermediary”

“Very well I accept your resolve; I will give you my blessing Glenn. Go forth and dominate those who proclaim themselves as evil!”

Looking at each other eye to eye, almost as if one was the student and the other the master, two others exchange their farewell.

“I will strive to master magic here as well, please watch over me!”

“Indeed, from hence forth you must seek out the elementals, best of luck young one.”

With a bright atmosphere surrounding two female beauties, their gazes interlock while they exchange formalities, and then bid each other farewell.

“I will bring forth the light of salvation.”

“May the holy spirits guide you in your long journey.”

Concluding the meeting of their summoned contractors, the gods meet up slowly one by one after finishing their business.

“It is almost done, the conjuring of new heroes.”

“Indeed, may the new heroes pave the way for a new era of hope.”

“I felt the diminishing power of Fortuna go out like a candle flame, was she able to complete her contract?”

“Yes, she has entered into her slumber.”

“Tis a shame, she will be unable to bear witness to her own contracted hero’s feats.”

“Shall we witness such deeds for ourselves to share upon her awakening?”

“Then we shall indulge ourselves in her absence.”

“Who is her warrior this time?”

“I’ve heard he is hailed as the world’s strongest and mightiest magic swordsman, bearing the strength to repel hundreds upon hundreds of demons easily by his own power.”

“Such monstrous strength, she must have exhausted the last of her power to form the contract.”

“That is indeed the case; I’ve not seen her so depleted since the time of summoning with that person”

“The otherworldly swordsman whom clashed with the Demon God himself, casting him back into the netherworld. It’s been a long time.”

“Her display of power was on par with even us gods; such a person will be forever ingrained into the history of mankind.”

“Do you think that this magic swordsman will be able to achieve similar results?”

“That in itself would be hard to say, however if it’s his fate to do so, then it will happen. He was summoned by that person after all.”

“If I’m not mistaken, his comrades have also been recruited into this sacred war correct?”

“That would be so; the remaining gods undergoing their contracts will also be done shortly.”

“That is wonderful to hear. Such powerful warriors will surely bring about a change in that war torn world.”

“However, we can only hope for the best.”


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