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Yaritsukai to Kuroneko Ch.1 (part 2/2)

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(Part 2/2)


Nevertheless、to reconstruct the body……If I press『yes』 to reincarnate、what will remain of my body?

This isn’t something along the lines of I think therefore I am。
It indicates a maintained memory、but there is still anxiety left。 Continue reading


Yaritsukai to Kuroneko ch.1 (part 1/2)

Whats up, no chapter for kenja this week. However, I do have half a chapter of a teaser project. I’m not sure how many chapters I’ll translate for this WN so I’ll leave it as a teaser for now.

Finals almost done, Friday and Monday are my last 2 days. I’ll have the next chapter of Kenja up sometime next week, along with the other half of this chapter.

For anyone new to this site, I don’t claim to know Japanese! I just do MTL.

Anyways, welcome to the worst translations you’ll ever read. Enjoy your stay.




Chapter One Supernatural Phenomenon

(Part 1/2)


「Eh? What is this place?……」

Pure white area?

Before my eyes was a “White desk” and a “Black chair”。
Until just now there was a guitar type controller in my hands。

However、it doesn’t matter。 Continue reading