Concerns some of you may have

There are quite a few people who have expressed their colorful opinions in both comment posts and emails. Some lengthy and well thought out, and others short and perverse.

This post is an attempt to answer the proper questions that are being constantly asked.

Q: Why did you suddenly start redirecting us through ads? Is it for $$$?

A: You’re right in saying it’s for $$$, but probably not in the way your thinking. As I’ve stated in the chapter 42 post in case you didn’t read it(like the many people who just mindlessly click on the chapter link rather than reading my rants), its for getting a proper domain.

Q: Why don’t you just pay for a domain?

A: I’m currently a  college student paying for classes and rent. If I had any extra cash to spend I probably would have by now.

Q: Are the ads permanent?

A: I wasn’t very clear on this part, but no, the ads will go away once the domain is set-up. At that point, I could just set up wordads and the site would probably be self-sustained. (I hope)

Q: Could you just add in the direct chapter link? People who support the site will click on it.

A: I could, but I’m more interested in getting a domain up asap. There’s also the fact that I know more than half of you wouldn’t click on the ad links anyways (bystander effect applies here). And I hate to be the asshole to say this, but you’re just a leecher anyways, what is there to complain about?

If there’s anymore questions any of you have, feel free to post them below. I’ll try to answer them.

Any shit posts will be deleted.


16 thoughts on “Concerns some of you may have

  1. Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave

    uh wow… just what domain are you after that you can’t afford even 1 year of it with spare change?

    A domain is in the end just a url tag, unless you’re deliberately aiming for something costly, you can get them for as little as $10 a year, and as long as you own the domain you can freely extend it before it expires, nobody can book the address for when you expire, and you likely won’t need anymore than 2 years url domain currently at max.

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    1. Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave

      I forgot to include this previously, but I am someone who uses my mobile data in order to read new releases straight from the wordpress reader app, opening in the browser when i must. Your adverts not only show up extremely small and zoomed out, but when trying to click on skip ad it redirects me to an ad page anyways.

      So I must thank you for wiping out a huge chunk of my limited bandwidth for the month, opening a single post of yours. because they all just “have” to be video’s


      1. burststorm Post author

        Posts are always in standard format. If there’s a certain post format you would prefer I’ll consider it.

        edit: I’ll probably add in direct links a week after chapter updates. People who don’t want to wait a week will have to go through ad links.


    2. burststorm Post author

      Originally I was thinking of going with bluehost, but that’ll come later. Any savings from my part time job is better left saved for future school debts. After this year, I’ll be transferring to a UC where loans will begin to pile up.


      1. Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave

        bluehost isn’t just a domain but an entire sitebuilder, and support. and is not something that the adverts for a typical translation blog will be able to fund. if you only want a personal URL you can get it cheap on a yearly cost that amounts to 3years url instead of that 1 new console game. with godaddy domains, would only cost £8.10 for the first year if only buying 1 year.


      2. burststorm Post author

        Yes, it’s what I originally thought of getting. But that will come much much later. I guess I failed at implying that I’ll be sticking around wordpress domains for a while. As for why I can’t afford it, please refer to question 2. If you already have and still cannot understand why, the cost of college in America is just that expensive. On a yearly basis I spend about 10k on school, and this is for a community college (aka vocational school in other places) University is triple of that.


      3. Silva Lau

        Ok I’ll be completely honest here, I’ve invited you to my blog, which you can host there for free and I will still pay you for your work by dividing a share of the ad revenues with you, but you rejected that very idea, so nothing much I can do there.

        And you said you are financially challenged, yet you wanted to “purchase” your very own domain, which I find very contradicting. You even considered about hosting it on a dedicated host, which is even more costly.

        To be honest, it’s just not worth it… you moving to a dedicated host cost more, and means more maintenance on your part. It does give you more freedom of choice, which is a good thing, but I don’t think it’s worth the cost in the end.

        Just buying a domain cost you $18 annually, if you include privacy protection, that’s only $26, which you can earn back easily with WordAds within 1-2 months. This is what we call “investment”, you invest a little bit of money to earn more.

        I am plenty sure you have spent more than $26 a month just on food or games, heck, a single PS4 games cost more than a domain. I don’t see why you can’t afford to buy a domain without going through these.

        ok enough rant from me.

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      4. Silva Lau

        Oh I forgot to mention why it just isn’t worth it to move the blog to a dedicated host.

        It’s because you can already do SO much SO much with free

        If you want auto index system, it is possible in wordpress domain as long as you know what shortcode to use, if you want to know more, you can ask me.

        If you want to use collapsible button like those in wuxiaworld, you can do so with HTML5 code, although it is a bit annoying in that it will add a spacing ( ) before and after the code every time you change it to visual mode, that is something that can be fixed (manually every single time) if you know a bit of coding.

        The only reason why you would ever want to move to a dedicated host is when you want to play with CSS or create your own theme, or when you have a big group and wanted to give the other users more accessibility.

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      5. burststorm Post author

        I really don’t want to have to explain to you what COLE is, and I won’t. It’s too troublesome to explain something to someone who doesn’t live in the same country as I do. And I don’t find anything I’ve typed here at all contradicting. Your lack of English comprehension is probably just not that good. Don’t take this reply the wrong way though, I’ve got nothing against you. With that said, the only thing I’ll say is, I don’t want to be tied down to your site. If I really wanted to profit from web novel translations, I would have already started taking chapter commissions.

        Keep in mind silva, that SHIT POSTS will be deleted. And if that was an actual question, look it up.


      6. Silva Lau

        I do apologize if I appeared to be mean, I’m just stating my honest opinion here. And it is true that you looked to be money hungry by forcing unwilling leechers to go through the ad links. Unless you are that desperate, why force everyone to click it? Couldn’t you just slowly let it accumulate and buy the domain after a few months? What’s the difference in getting it now than later? It’s not like the domain will go anywhere.

        I hope you keep in mind that those kind of ad link contains many malware and viruses.

        It is disappointing to hear that you won’t be joining us, I don’t think I’m that unreasonable with my demands, all I ask of the authors and translators is to follow a fixed post format and publish at least one chapter per month, that is all I ask from all the authors and translators.

        I don’t want to sound like an unappreciative jerk so I’ll donate and buy that domain for you, all I ask from you is to remove those accursed ad link, I’m really begging you here. It’s fine if you want to use it to earn extra income, but please provide the original link.

        However, I’ll abstain from using that donation link, since it asks for a fixed 5 dollars, I don’t want to go through the transaction a few times in a row.

        Either tell me which email should I send the donation to, or change that donation button of yours so that we can freely enter any amount.

        I’d recommend using the “Buy Now” button instead of “Donate” button though, since I’m kind of skeptical because of this note:

        This button is intended for fundraising. If you are not raising money for a cause, please choose another option. Non-profits must verify their status to withdraw the donations they receive. Users that are not verified non-profits must demonstrate how their donations will be used, once they raise more than $10,000 USD.

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      7. burststorm Post author

        It’s fine to state your opinion, as long as it isn’t a shit post. Refer to question 4. That answers most of your questions. There is no difference in getting it now or later, but IMO I would rather get rid of the ads sooner than later hence the forceful approach.

        Yes I’m aware of them. I read every comment on this blog and respond to every email (Except for the idiotic ones).

        Your site conditions aren’t bad, but I would rather have my own site.

        Donating is optional, and don’t donate if you feel bad about shit posting earlier. Just reflect on it, and don’t shit post in the future.

        The donate button isn’t going to be changed into a “Buy Now” button. I’m not selling anything. And if I were, I’m liable to be sued.


      8. Silva Lau

        And with that note, please change your donation button so that I can freely enter any amount.

        It’s fine if you don’t want to change it to “Buy Now” function, but if you can’t withdraw or use that money, then it’s none of my business.

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      9. burststorm Post author

        I’m not an idiot that would jump straight into the horns of an angry bull like all of those translators using the “Buy Now” button. Regardless if the novel you are translating is free, unless you have a contract (written statement, or verbal agreement) from the original author stating that you’re allowed to sell (using the “buy now” button) his work under the pretense of a “Fan Translation” (what all translators are doing when they pick up a web novel), you’re liable to be sued from said author. If no one hasn’t been sued yet, its simply because the author either doesn’t care, doesn’t know about it, or stands to lose more $$$ (in lawyer fees) than he would gain (entitled to all of your earnings you’ve sold no matter how minuscule, emotional trauma it may have caused ie. the money he would have made if he were to publish his work as well as any doctor/counseling fee’s).

        *edit* changing the “buy now” image to a “donate” image falls under the category of the Author not knowing. What does this mean? you can still be sued. Even if donations were the actual intention for using the “buy now” button, the electronic signature is still read as a “Purchase”. And before you say they won’t get that information, they are legally allowed to subpoena the purchase records in court.

        And just so you know, I’ve already verified my non-profit organization a long time ago. It doesn’t take long to register through paypal.

        COLE is an acronym for Cost Of Living Expenses. As for why it’s a “shit” post, please refer back to my blog post, and then refer back to my reply earlier.

        I won’t change the donation request amount that’s automatically set on my donate button from just one person requesting it. There’s also more than one way to donate. See that patreon button right below it? That’s also an option.

        And before the question of whether or not crowd funding is legal is asked, I’ll go ahead and answer that. It works the same as donations, they aren’t buying anything from you. As long as whatever you translate is available to everyone just as the web novel is, it’s within the boundaries of law.

        Lastly, this post is for questions, if you want to have a conversation, send me an email.


      10. Silva Lau

        Just for the record, I don’t regret what I said, and I’m not donating because I feel bad for what I said, I’m donating because I want to see the ad links go, ASAP.

        And no, you won’t get sued for changing donation button to “Buy now” button, you just have to use the “buy now” function with “donation” image source. Wuxiaworld is using paypal “buy now” function and many other translators too are using “buy now” instead of “donation” function.

        If anyone’s going to get sued, they’d already be sued by now.

        Lastly, I don’t get what you mean by “shit” post, if asking if COLES is the Australian chain supermarket is a shit post, then you need to rethink your “shit” standard.

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  2. Michael Otton

    I don’t have a problem with the links but the link buck one gets flagged by Norton and your first adfly one linked to the wrong page so can you make sure to put up both links from the start and check they go to the right place otherwise thanks for picking up this story and for translating in general.

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