She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 39

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39 Magic Skill Review Board



The man in the white robe had given a summary of how the magic skill exam reviewers operated。Mostly、it was something for the guests that were lined in the seats as the audience。

Each representative was allotted five minutes、during that time they were allowed to show off magic。

For attack systems、the doll dressed in armor specialized in magic based defense。

As for the judges、there was a noble who was the head of the board of education as well as a financial investor of Alkite School, and the School’s Principal。Besides them、graduates assembled the members of the student council、and school guardians。

The examination criteria was based on the degree of difficulty of the magic、its effect、and the casting speed were important。To a certain degree the appearance was also factored in。The reasoning、was that people had a shallow understanding of magic。No matter how difficult or high leveled the magic was、if the appearance wasn’t striking the judging would become dull。

At the same time the examination sampled what the future of that magic profession would be、also indicating how much cost to allocate。Hinata was first、and the available equipment had been decided。It was in fact chosen with priority based on strength and weaknesses。

Influential nobles、merchants、adventurers are visiting as guests for this exam。If a person could show a certain amount of power、it was a chance to obtain powerful backing。

Representatives were chosen out of recommendation、the candidate would stay then perform in the selection test。And if that person was absent、the teacher would play that role。In other words、because Hinata participated every month、it meant there wasn’t a summoner relevant。This time、Mira was playing the part of the representative。

Because the fixed expenses were usually divided between the magicians、there were no exams for Spirit Magic。

「Without further ado、we will begin the exam from the previous Magic Department that had the highest score。Representatives、to the front please!」

The man in the white robe gave the lead to Kairos。With a delayed beat the audience expressed their affection、as Kairos stepped forward towards the center。Applause rung out in the venue。What will that person show us today? a person had asked another、inquiring about the man in the red robe with interest。

「Last time、the magic department showed overwhelming high scores to the others with amazing water magic。We’ll be looking forward to seeing what they can show us this time!」

With the brief mention、the man in the white coat moved towards the side of the venue。However、Kairos stopped him midway。

「Hey you、there is no last time、this will be the last time」

(TLN: probably implying something bad will happen?)

「Ye……Yes。That’s right。Please excuse me」

「Pay attention」

The exchange of hushed voices went unheard by the audience、as well as the other representatives。But、from the expression of the man in the white coat、Mira had guessed it was something bad and felt sorry for the man。

Kairos muttered towards the installed armored doll that stood opposite of himself、「This is why commoners…」。Magic was classified as a specialized attack system。Referring to the overall firepower、it wasn’t an exaggeration to say it was the strongest magic system for magicians。Inevitably、the magic was to be exercised towards the armored doll。

「My name is Kairos Balon、I will strive to take first in the examination as the Magic Departments representative。Thank you all、for gathering during this busy time」

Kairos gracefully bowed facing the audience。Why? No one had spoke up about him acting on behalf of all representatives。The other representatives had already given up as it was the usual thing、although it cut into Mira、 now wasn’t the time 。

(Should I call Alfina? Now but、she’s likely to be defiant when it comes to this kind of spectacle。It would be better to break the ceiling……)


Mira as an advanced summoner、had been thinking about one with a personality and appearance suitable to judge。

「Then I’ll show it to you!。The brilliance of Original Magic!」

Kairos declared loudly、while sticking out his right hand with a half step towards the armored doll。The magic power which gathered in his hand converged、emerging at the front。

「Burn down all whom you touch、Heavenly Hellfire!」

With his voice、the magic shines in brilliant red、small crimson flames begin to largely expand in his palm。Inflated as big as a persons head、it was aimed at the armored doll、leaving behind a trail as it charged forward。Immediately、it diffuses and countless fireball’s pounce onto the armored doll。At the same time the impacts leave roaring echoes、the sparks flutter down decorating the armored doll with burn marks。At the sight of it、the audience let out voices of admiration。Mira frowned with the reverberation still affecting her ears、while directing her line of sight towards the center of the venue。

Kairos was shaking his hand towards the audience、implying it was only just the beginning and to prepare for the next magic。

This time、Kairos was gathering magic in both hands。

「The demonstration seems enjoyable don’t you think?。Now then、I invite everyone to a feast of flames!」

Brandishing both hands exaggeratedly、Kairos bounced out a triumphant voice from the reaction of the audience。

「Army of flames dancing in the sky、in accordance to the king destroy all adversary!」

Again、magic emerged with his voice、a fan shaped ball of fire appeared in the sky above Kairos、and would then be shoot forward after growing to a certain size。A group of flames beat against the armored doll in the wall on the ground、and with a roar it wrapped the venue in bursting smoke and sparks。

(Quite inelegant……。The timing of the landing point was hap-hazardous。For range attacks【Magic:Incandescence】would be more efficient)

As Mira had pointed out、in terms of efficiency Kairos’s magic was worse。It might be effective if it’s a low level demon、but it was easy to predict and therefore not suitable for actual combat。

However、the judges merely watched the fire bullets sparkle like a meteor shower、and without words the audience had also just been staring。A magician’s phenomenon cannot be materialized with only flesh。

(TLN: kind of like saying, normal people can’t cast spells)

The view had indeed developed into exactly like a feast of flames。When taking Mira into account、it was as if she were a noble bored with money。With all sorts of luxuries、for the time being with money one would joyously grow fat like a filled balloon。

Kairos’s magic disregarded actual combat efficiency、and specialized in being flashy。A little less than ten years after the no-war treaty was signed、this was the present condition of today’s exam committee。

After the showcase of Kairos ended、each judge gave him a mark。The marks were totaled at the end of the showcase of the representative、everyone had put almost the maximum amount of points。

Kairos returned with a confident expression、looking directly at Hinata and Mira with a distorted grin。Hinata seemed to be completely disheartened、looking down with her cat ears closed。Kairos、pleased with their appearance leaned against the wall opposite of them contently。

After、another representative was shown to the center and announcing his magic。

Number two Holy Magic。As part of the demonstration、it was able to nullify certain attribute damage with【Holy Magic:Shield Skin】applied to himself、after asking an attendant to attack。As for【Holy Magic:Arc Gate】、the armored doll was attacked by an intense beam of light。Simple、with a torrent of dazzling light、it gave a good impression to the judges。

Number three Onmyouji。【Oracle’s Revelation:Complete Earth Set・Tree’s and Shrubs】was showed first。Successfully using it、the open space changed into a forest instantly followed by【Oracle’s Revelation:Complete Fire Set・Rubia Fox】。The fire fox child that had been created、ran around the forest making multiple orbits and assaulted the armored doll。

Number four Xian Expert。Starting off with【Xian・Sky:Collect Flame】a flame was retained in both hands showcasing a type of martial art。The flame had slightly compressed、decorating the space with lines of crimson while the hands moved。The armored doll was finally pierced by the flaming fist、【Xian・Sky:Impact Wave】had exploded at close range、with fire excitingly scattering。

Number five Exorcism Magic。Open bottles of holy water had been tossed above。【Barrier Magic:Exorcist Formation】the bottles were simultaneously broken with movements、bottle fragments as well as holy water diffused and rained down into the surrounding area。The ground on which the holy power had rained down on、began to shine with a brilliant film of light that appeared dimly.Several bottles of holy water were then thrown at the armored doll、invoke【Divine Law of Exorcism:Blue Flames of Atonement】。With a blanket of blue fire、the armored doll quietly flickered。

Number six Demonic Invocation Magic。【Demonic Invocation:Spider】The ability of a spider was retained in the body。Countless threads were aimed and tied to the armored doll、【Demonic Invocation・Influence of Evil:Flame Hell Hound】both hands had changed into flaming claws。The web burned with flames running down like a fuse、and the armored doll was wrapped in scarlet red fire。

Number Seven Necromancer。【Necromancy:Rock Doll】A life-size golem materialized and rushed towards the armored doll。An intense clash sound resonated at the same time【Necromancy:Samara Fusion】A pillar of fire devoured the entire area。

The showcase of the seven representatives finished、the armored doll was left waiting for the next representative in the venue burnt。At last、it was the summoner representative Mira’s turn。

「Summoner representative、to the front please」

The man in the white robe called Mira to the venue。Towards the increasing voice、Mira had decided on what to summon。

(Alright、should I call that one? I am slightly worried……、well she’s the best choice。Maybe……)


Mira took one step、while Hinata stared anxiously。Mira turned and looked up at the anxious Hinata、

「Thou does not need to worry。This is merely child’s play」

A laugh was mixed in to dispel Hinata’s anxiety。Hinata held a smile full of confidence towards Mira、having been discouraged although she was a teacher、she had given herself a pep talk。

「Un、please do so Mira-chan!」

With Hinata’s encouragement on behind her、Mira stood in the center of the square。

The man in the white coat moved to the corner、the entire venue had their eyes on Mira。Mira gave a bitter smile、she didn’t like being watched、she casually placed her right hand to the side。【Summon Skill:Formation Limit Arcana】appeared in the air。

The audience resounded at the same time。Formation Limit Arcana was used only by advanced summoners for body strengthening。Even Hinata who was a summoner opened her eyes widely at the sight。Hinata knew of it’s existence、but the skill was far out of her reach。In other words、it was a magic no one in the school could use。Almost all of the people in this place have seen every magic skill、all but this one。Mira had used it easily。

Only the Director、 teachers、and a few graduates were able to impressively expect what was going to happen next。

Mira returned her right hand as the Formation Limit sublimated creating a summoning formation。At that moment、several screams rose up。An enormous amount of magic was leaking out from the summoning formation、as it pulsated。

「What……Rosary summon formation!?」

The school principal rose from his seat unconsciously、with his eyes dyed in astonishment、directing his eyes to the girl who had a light fighting stance。

「Oi……What is that? So she wasn’t a summoner?!!」

「It’s only natural to assume as such。Although it isn’t clear、that seems to be an upper class summoning formation」

An aristocrat had involuntarily asked the butler next to him、and the he answered back disturbed。The butler was a man who came from the battlefield where he had seen the advanced summoning technique Dunbalf used。The hollow memory was immediately revived from the scene in front of his eyes。The magic that had emerged on the preparation stage、was very similar to the magic formation from his past。

The people weren’t able to fathom the situation、and continually raised their voices。Without any concern Mira faced towards the summoning formation、and began to weave together words from her small lips。

『When thou hears mine voice、once thou has received mine thought、I wonder、will thou wake up? I want hear thy voice、to hear thy voice sing。I wish to hear thou sound like that of a bell once more 』


At the same time Mira completed her chant、the summoning formation shun brilliantly like the sun and in the next moment shattered like glass。Among the shining pieces falling like a star、there was a presence。Wearing thin sky-blue clothes on her white skin、with fluttering beautiful silky light blond hair、was a lady who seemed fragile。However her pupils concealed a strong will、along with a dignified sharpness dwelling in her lovely features。

「Ahh、finally we’ve been reunited、aruji-sama」

The woman appeared with a loose sweet voice、after a young girl came into her view she immediately recognized the master of summons、with a bow she gazed at Mira with wet eyes。

「Umu、it had been a long time。Leticia」

Leticia was the name of this women。As the name Diva implied、she was an advanced spirit that governed music。

「I’ve been lonely for a long time。……Aruji-sama……did you get smaller?」

「No、rather than getting smaller、I think i’ve changed considerably……」

「Is that so…………? Ah、that’s right。I made a song for aruji-sama」
Leticia tilter her head slightly、and began to hum as if she were an innocent child who lost interest。

「♪ ♪ ♪」

(As I thought……Isn’t this quite plain?)

Diva was chosen after being troubled、but Mira was anxious。Leticia was the owner of a very fluffy personality。Even without context、it wouldn’t matter before and after。She was last summoned when it was still a game、presently she was humming without any concern。

Mira smiled wryly、remembering the time constraint of this event。

But despite that、everyone had been swallowed up by Mira。Leticia hum contained high magic power、but it was played very lightly、it was a melody that deeply resonated in your mind、it was also something that was never heard before in her previous life。

「Ahー、It might be better for another time。Rather than that、won’t thou let me hear【Melody of the Green Forest】?」

「I’ll accept Aruji-sama’s request」

Leticia stopped humming while swaying left and right、and immediately nodded to Mira’s wish。All of the audience along with the representatives immediately felt as if they had woken up from a dream、as they turned their sight towards Mira 。Why was it stopped?。

But in the next moment、such thoughts were dismissed as foolish premature feelings。

Leticia who received Mira’s request、spread her wings that shimmered like a rainbow made of magic、and began playing a myriad of sounds。The difference waves of melodies and humming overlapped with each over over and over again、it was a song with deep harmony。And Leticia sang along with the song。The singing voice was gentle、but shook the atmosphere strongly、it was as if the reverberating sounds came from a goddess。

Leticia’s ability、unlike that of the Dark Knight’s and Alfina’s、was specialized in long range support。Using different songs to inspire、or heal others。

Presently、Leticia’s Melody of the Green Forest had the effect of mana recovery、in other words a song to heal the mind。And it also gave an additional effect、all who hears it would be placed at ease。

Leticia sung for about five minutes from the start before reaching the finale、as it sounded out、the entire audience rose and sent warm praises to the two below on the center stage。

(This、it seems to have quite a high evaluation。Or so it seems……)

As Mira stood in the rain of applause that echoed from the surroundings、she recalled how the representatives had acted until now。First was showing off、and an attack on the armored doll was the conclusion。While thinking of the request and watching the flow of events、Leticia was waving her hands at the audience giving their praise「Thank you very much!」。

「Leticia on the armored doll、【Requiem of Outburst】」

Mira called out to Leticia immediately、

「I’ve recieved your request」

With that answer、she turned her face towards the armored doll、and issued a very short single note from her mouth。

In the next moment、the audience who stopped their applause at the explosive sound of the armored doll shattering into pieces、their eyes fluttered down with silence。

「What……Just now」

Someone had finally managed to squeeze out thier voice、after finally calming down、they demanded an answer from the principal。The doll which had endured attacks from seven representatives vanished without a trace。Such a powerful skill had never been seen before。

On the other hand、the principal was unable to suppress his own feelings welling up 、「Wonderful!」And so、everyone who felt that word had their hearts stolen。

Once again applause rose up、Leticia sympathized with Mira「It seems you had some trouble」。「There’s still aruji-sama’s song」Leticia asked for the impossible as she was returning「next time、let them settle down」Nodding at Mira’s words she returned。



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