Yaritsukai to Kuroneko Ch.1 (part 2/2)

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(Part 2/2)


Nevertheless、to reconstruct the body……If I press『yes』 to reincarnate、what will remain of my body?

This isn’t something along the lines of I think therefore I am。
It indicates a maintained memory、but there is still anxiety left。

Ah、my current state、is it the same as being dead?
Then with that、the choices are small……。

If I choose“no” here、how will it turn out?

Only the choices of “yes” are explained。If “no” is chosen、would I return to my original world not being dead?
Assuming I can return to my original world、there is nothing……。

I’m unemployed。My family won’t care。My parents died in an accident during my childhood。

Since then、ji-chan who I’ve lived with died three years ago and I’m alone。
After the discharge three years ago I became unemployed aka a NEET。 I became lazy halfway in my life from the result of money、and I spent my days running through my inheritance。
With that aspect、there aren’t any regrets。 But、there is a lingering attachment for entertainment。
I won’t be able to experience games、movies、trivia、cartoons、or anime……。
Not even read novels。I also have to abandon swimming。
Recently though swimming became nonexistent。 Ah、if there’s a river and sea in the different world it’ll be alright。
No more cigarettes、and I might also not to get to eat delicious food。

However……there’s no helping it even if it’s hesitantly considered。

At this rate、I’ll remain confined in this white space。

I don’t know if it’s a trick from a god、but an unknown door has opened before my eyes。

I have nothing、it’s too foolish not to jump into it。

It’s not as if I’m  an Astronaut or part of NASA’s staff 。

A different dimension、different universe、different laws of physics、free from unemployment、with such facts can I challenge an unknown world?

Afterall I、 who is umemployed、was chosen from among 7.3 billion people。「hehehe」 ah、is it different?。

There was also reincarnated people along with people transferred displayed。 Well、more important than that I have to choose something。

Is the answer “yes” or “no”?。One way or another。
I already have an answer。
I became full of anxiety、but honestly、my expectations is much larger than my uneasiness。
The sense of excitement like that of a “Child”、was quickly suppressed。
Drifting in the air was the letter of、“Reincarnation”。

It wasn’t a novel nor a game。I myself can choose……。
Being confined in this pure white space、I wonder if I have decent judgement、I want to challenge the unknown world、the intention to experience it。

Gauguin’s question is also there。 When something that’s great awaits。

It’s been decided……I will go into the unknown world。「Begin!」 I stood up and bowed deeply。

It’s not as if anyone was watching、I may never return。

Again、I sat in the eerie chair and stretched my arms towards the word “yes”。

With my fingertips、a sounds “Pochi!”、was made with a touch。
――Uuwaa。 I felt the three dimensional word “yes”。

It had a soft unpleasant feeling similar to konjac、or silicon。

It appears that the important letter has a sense of touch……。
After pressing “yes” and “no” the letters collapse and disappear。
The letters were completely lost、immediately after――。 In its place a new alphabet and letter system come flowing down from above like a waterfall。

Letter groups flow from top to bottom creating a strange color。
It was something like the matrix、it was fantastic。
Fibonacci sequences are produced、reflecting an unknown natural fractal flower shape、continually repeating the geometric design。
More and more from the shape of a flower undergo a change、creating a waveform topology in the shape of a donut like wave。

It changed from one form to another。 What is this? Wondering、I look carelessly。

Now、the waveform had morphed from a mysterious wave into a fine wavy object。
An object like a “UFO”、moved around freely in the air repeating the irregular behavior。

And in an instant、it drew a streamline arc。

As soon as I had thought it disappeared as a wave-like object、bursting open in front of my eyes was three dimensional shape of a “left” and “right” hand。

The hand shape shines、the light flashing alternately from pale green to pale blue。

At the bottom of the hand shape drifted three-dimensional letters、『Please insert both hands into this space』。

Do I insert my palm into this? I’ll do it。

I literally inserted both my hands into the three-dimensional hand shape。
Fitting into it、it made a “Gacha” sound。
It was stuck onto my wrist and both hands were unable to be pull out。

From both of my hands wafted over a smell of alcohol with a slimy feeling。

In three dimensional letters was Character Scan。Or so it indicated。

At that moment、――the expressionless faces on the black seat、 all at once opened thier mouths。
Things similar to black tentacles jumped out of the mouths。
Black vines from a plant? The black vines wrapped around my neck and waist。
In an instant、my body became glued to the black chair。

I was helpless with my arms stuck in the hand shaped object。

I could only move my head、and watch as the mouths release the black vines、――and then the myriad of eyes open and jump out。
I send my best regards to the eyeball oyaji。
It’s not cute at all! It’s just、it’s just disgusting! The eyeballs drift in the air。

The lower part of the eyeballs were disgustingly connected to the eye sockets of the expressionless artwork on the black chair with tube like blood vessels。
Was it a blood vessel as I suspected? The tubes were pulsing……。
Multiple eyes began drifting around me up、 down、 left、 and right。
Like a camera zooming in and out、the pupil in the center of the eyeball repeatedly reduced its dilation。

As the pupil dilated、the pupil in the center emitted a red beam of light towards my body。

Uuya、it’s over。In that instant、I was on guard……。 In the end it was just an imaginary fear。
There was no pain。They seemed to be analyzing me。

The eyeball、making “pi pi pi” sounds、began to scan up my feet。
The red beam wrapped around my body。
As I thought、they were analyzing me。
According to the delusion I had first、I wonder if I was kidnapped by an advanced intelligent life form?
As the analyzing completed、the red beam disappeared、and a tear in space generated at the top of the desk。
A pale green light leaks from a while ago leaked from the crevice。 The light becomes pale green and a group of letters like “Numbers” and “Mathematical formulas” came down like an avalanche、I disappeared。

This is、the same as a little while ago? No、it slightly different? ――Japanese language begins to appear。

※Forcing Evolution of Epigenetics ※
※Forced cancellation of Hayflick Limit completed※
※Pluripotent Stem Cell Super Power※In progress※
※Total Telomere Number scan completed※
※T Loop and Apoptosis suspended※
A DNA Spiral helix was being projected with a then group of green letters。 It was a nucleic acid of a high molecular biological material that was double and triple-stranded。

※RNAPerfect Scan Complete※
※Sub-Unit Catalyst deployed※
※Full Scan of Common Ancestor’s Ribosome RNA complete※
※Genetic Overlap※Analysis Complete Compounding System※
※Perfect DNA Scan Complete※

What? Unknown letters and symbols were displayed……。
Finally the『Character Scan』was complete。

I had thought those letters had appeared、「Nuo」

I unintentionally let out a strange voice。

On top of the desk、a figure of my “Naked” body had been projected。

At the same time、the hand shaped object stuck on my wrist disappeared。
I had been freed from the tentacle vines、and the eyeballs which had scanned me went back to their origin in the face。
They had gone back to the face sculpture on the black stone chair。
More importantly、“I” became free。 On top of the desk、“I” had been reproduced。
Although no one was around、I was embarassed。
Even hands were reproduced、the palms practicing guitar。
Along with the fat belly……。

Uwah、the size、 age、 as well as the amount of hair was also the same。

It would be reaslistic。

Along with the discerning belly fat that was reproduced、it also had a great sense of weight 。

Uu、during my school days I was quite a muscle man……。
Well、it can’t be helped。 Because I wasn’t able to swim in the public pool recently。

But this、it’s regrettable。 In the case of a beautiful woman、I would pay attention more carefully。
But、change is something that’s amazing。
My three-dimensional body displayed realistically。 The graphics were terrifying。

But well、it can also be said to be taking a perfect real picture。 It’s to the extent that it’s exceeded picture taking。

That other person was another “Me”。


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  1. exqalph03

    Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.
    Well, it’s still just starting… so yes, it’s still in the stage of hooking us. lol.


  2. lordofeaglesbringeroftacos

    Aliens. As an average American the moment that was mentioned in this story I became glued to my location. Hopefully the next chapter comes soon.


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