Yaritsukai to Kuroneko ch.1 (part 1/2)

Whats up, no chapter for kenja this week. However, I do have half a chapter of a teaser project. I’m not sure how many chapters I’ll translate for this WN so I’ll leave it as a teaser for now.

Finals almost done, Friday and Monday are my last 2 days. I’ll have the next chapter of Kenja up sometime next week, along with the other half of this chapter.

For anyone new to this site, I don’t claim to know Japanese! I just do MTL.

Anyways, welcome to the worst translations you’ll ever read. Enjoy your stay.




Chapter One Supernatural Phenomenon

(Part 1/2)


「Eh? What is this place?……」

Pure white area?

Before my eyes was a “White desk” and a “Black chair”。
Until just now there was a guitar type controller in my hands。

However、it doesn’t matter。
I was sucked into a rift。

While I was playing a game、a rift suddenly opened before me。

A rift shaped in a cross tore through the apartment。

The moment I saw a dark spiral inside the rift、I was drawn into the vortex。
Thereupon I realized I was in this white space。

「A dream?」

I pinched my cheek。Painful。 So this isn’t a dream……。

Should I scream?。

「Oi! Is there anyone here?」

No reaction to my voice。
Looking left and right――there is only white、my voice sounded out in vain。
Is it only me here?。 It’s too scary……。

For now、should I examine the desk and chair?。
A chunky square desk with a chessboard pattern。
A miniature sculpture of a small man and woman stood in every corner。

This miniature thing is finely made。 They are elaborate figures that seem recent。
A man with a phallic、and a woman with a bulging chest。
The square desk including the sculpture was like cold marble。
The chair is next。 The armrest was stuck  on the chair made with black stones。

On the surface of the seat to the backrest are countless sculpted faces。
A sculpted expressionless face of a person。

In a Museum of Contemporary Art、it could pass as a realistic sculpture。

One by one the expressionless faces began to change、it scared me。
The sudden movement of the expressions、it was like a horror movie you wanted to end……。

An eerie chair made of black stones、the top and bottom were in the shape of an astringent crown。 The design was a Gothic theme。
The design of the black chair itself wasn’t bad。
I tried to touch the expressionless face sculpture。
――It felt slippery and hard。 The stone surface was like steel?
Parts of the skin also seemed to have subtle irregularities。
A smooth texture and eyebrows had also been made。

Since the eyes were closed、it could be said to have a feel similar to Buddha。
I turned my eyes to the square desk。
……Casually I looked under。


「Under the desk……」

A kind of shoe like trekking boots dirty with blood was there。


Even though it has some blood、if you were barefoot、would you wear it?。 I tied up the laces wearing the shoes。
The size is a little small。But I can wear them。

I ascertain the feel of the shoes tapping the front toes。
The ground that was hit with my foot felt like hard tiles。

「It’s hard」

The white floor was firm。
But such a thing doesn’t matter――。
I sharped gazed up。

「It doesn’t seem real。As expected、is this a dream or near-death experience?」

……Such an unpleasant thing probably isn’t it。
The pain from pinching would have woken me long ago if it were a dream。
Certainly it’s time for a reality check、what if I hold my breath?
Sucking in with a snort……。

I accumulate air into my lungs and hold my breath。
Whew……Exhaling little by little。

……Was that about a minute? ku、painful。

It’s painful、living here。
Is there oxygen and nitrogen to breath here in this white space?。

In Web Novels、it’s common for god to appear。

But there isn’t any reaction、only a desk and chair……。

What the heck。 It isn’t a different world summoning、but just a kidnapping?
Then who? Is the existence that can do such a thing a God? An advanced intelligent life? An intellectual life form that likes tricks?
Out of the 7.3 billion humans on earth、by an advanced intelligent life form……Or was it that I was chosen casually?

Could it be that right now、I’m inside a spaceship? Is my body analysis done?
Was it disgusting、and too unpleasant?
――Even nursing myself with delusions are no help……。
Worthless thoughts circled through my mind。

So I looked around the white space and slowly turn to the back。
There is nothing but pure white space。 Should I try to walk a little?

After walking for a while、I look back。

……Ha ha、I’m not advancing。There is a desk and chair in front of my eyes。
Although I walked in the opposite direction there wasn’t any progress。

I had expected this to some extent、I wonder if I should sit on this“Chair”。

I’ll sit down according to my desire。 And so、I sat down on the the chair made of black stones。

At that moment――。 A little space above the desk starts to blink。
Ohh、there really was a reaction。

But、What is that?。 The white space shun for a moment、the color changing。
White、Black、and Blue was repeated blinking while changing to grey then starting the rotation over。

Then the flashing space suddenly stops。The eyes of the faces sculpted on the chair all open at the same time。

――Frightening、countless goggling eyes stared at me。
My spine froze、not moving with fear。
In addition、a change occurred in the space that had been flashing until a little while ago。

That space was now split leaking a thin green light。
The leaking light spread more and more as the areas of the upper, lower, left and right portions of space cracked。
Before long、the green light that leaked from the rift changed into unknown letters。
The unknown letters overflowed like a waterfall。

「So suddenly?!」

Moreover、it displayed three dimensionally。

「……AR Technology? 3D?」

Finally “Japanese” letters had appeared。

『 Would you like to reincarnate into a different world? 』

The three-dimensional characters floated。

「Japanese……Do you want to immediately reincarnate? 」

The solid “Letter” drifted from the space on the desk and continued below it。

『yes』 or 『no』 Touch to select。

Yes The world after reincarnation will be different from the world you’ve come from。
Different universe、different dimension、in a distant galaxy、the world’s physical laws are slightly different。

The “Gods” and “Multi-dimensional worlds” there have an influence on the existing worlds。

Including local living entities different than you、there are “Metastasis Phenomenon” people 、“Reincarnated” people exist but they are “Variants” that wander。
The language is an unknown system。With that said、when you reincarnate into a human the、 “Mind and Body” will be rebuilt according to that world、so please be assured that culture and language can be understood to a certain extent。
However、the language of other races outside of your own will be completely unknown。

This is not a projector。 These “Letters” floating truly exist。

「……The three dimensional letters displayed」 ――should I touch it? I stretch out a finger towards the letter description floating。

There was no feeling、my finger passed through the letter。 Strange。
However、choosing yes to reincarnate。 A different world、different space、different dimension。
That would mean、that the multi-dimensional space theory was correct?
M theory from Super String Theory’s eleven dimensions、is this wrong?。

The inflation theory in the eternally endless expansion of the universe can also be considered、there is a high possibility of the existence of the bubble universe。
The universe similar to bubbles in champagne? Or something like that。 After-all Tegmark’s taxonomy is also a possibility。

Philosophically thinking、there is also fictional realism。
Well、there’s no helping it even if I think of the wide variety of subjects I know on the modern sciences……。
In the first place、I’ve been drawn to the existence of black holes tearing through physical space、because of this phenomenon of being abducted by this white space。

Since a gravity wave was able to be observed for the first time、a phenomenon like this might be solved someday。

However、when referring to this floating character、square desk、and eerie chair、 rather than a dream it’s a phenomenon that’s happening in reality。
When strongly biting my lips、there is a sensation of pain……I muttered with a small understanding「Let’s do it!」。


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