She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 38 (part 2)

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Here’s the second part for chapter 38.



(Part 2)


(The strongest summon could be shown。In that case how about Emperor Dragon Aizen Faldo? He’s a good obedient child。But when referring to flashiness there’s Rainbow Spirit Twinkle Pam…………。However……nou……、with this current reality、there’s no telling what could happen。nuuu)

「By the way、are outsiders allowed to participate in the school event?」

After some thought、Mira mentioned a question she remembered。She wondered whether or not it was fine for an adventurer that wasn’t a student to decide a month’s worth of activities for the school。

「Un、it should be OK in this area。After-all、the purpose of the exam is to measure the possibilities of magic、so even if an outsider uses an outrageous magic、it shows the future is promising don’t you think?」

「Fumu、so it was something like that」

「Yes it’s like that。Wait here、I’ll have to change representatives」


Mira was brought to a room inside the big building、there she sat and glanced around on a sofa。On the floor was a grey carpet、along the wall was an analog type clock indicating it was 4:20。The ceiling wasn’t very high、and white spheres were used as the lighting emitting a faint glow。As far as it went、it was passable as a guest room。However that couldn’t necessarily have been the case、residing in a corner was a white board。

Taking out Apple au Lait from her item box 、Mira sips a mouth full and exhaled、「Whew」。

「I too will do my best」

Mira talking to herself、revealed an expression that of an elder of the tower、remembering Creos who was also working hard without any time to sleep。

「I’ve kept you waiting」

The analog clock was indicating it was ten minutes before five。Hinata had come back、as the Apple au Lait had been slowly sipped and enjoyed。

「The registration is complete。Thanks in advance」

「Well、thou can leave it to me」

Mira stood up with confidence、and was lead by Hinata towards the exam venue。

Examination Side of the Waiting Room。Simple seats were provided、and those who were dressed in robes along with their escorts had lined up。Then、a person among them wearing a robe looked back and noticed Hinata。

「Oya oya、as expected summoning is up first。Arriving last with some time to spare」

A man with delicate features wearing a robe had arrived last、muttering with a smile of obvious contempt。Looking back at the words、the others had laid their eyes on Hinata with expressions of pity、sympathy、as well as amazement。Hinata lightly shook her hands、「Over here!」、pulling Mira over to a vacant seat。

A small man in red robes clicked his tongue、as his eye brows twitched watching the magical girl sitting in a corner on a seat。

「Ojou-chan、that seat is for contestants」

With a self-depreciating smile、an attendant standing aside the man had a similar expression surface。The others who wore robes responded、「I’ll especially keep you company」「That’s inelegant」「Yare yare、it would do you well」、there were various reactions、but there wasn’t anyone as despised as the man wearing the red colored robe。

Mira had felt the poor criticism against summoners that was much worse than what was imagined。In places where people gathered naturally、people who sneered and soaked themselves in joy appeared。

「I-it’s ok。This child is a representative」

Hinata who had been speaking merrily until now、had shut her mouth。The appearance of Hinata who was mortified and trembling entered Mira’s sight。For better or worse、 it was a merit system。The pecking order had been completed。

「I see。Inside the school house、it’s the same wherever。An old man mediocre at best、claiming to be superior without realizing his own worth」

「What did you say?」

Mira glanced at the old man in the red robe、calling such a person mediocre。Darkness had slightly begun welling up in the mans eyes。It was known that summoners had not even been considered in the head count in the past many years。

「Hearing that from merely a child、that’s immature」

「Hmph、Furthermore。It is the duty of an adult、to teach a child who runs their mouth some common sense!」

「Oi oi、can’t you hold back?」

The man had been scowling paying no mind to the women in the white robe listening、trying to upset Mira he continued to glare at her in an attempt to intimidate her。Further shaking off the hands of a man in green that went over to help、the man in the red robe revealed an even more twisted expression。

Hinata was perplexed at the situation。It was unexpected of Mira to retort back from a genuine point of view。

「The people with no common sense are likely to be those who mention it。Even a goblin would know better」

「That’s enough! Who do you think I am!」

「Why、 a childish adult of course」

「You bastard!」

Finally、the man unable to stomach his anger stood energetically。The mans smile warped in joy、at the state of Hinata who was trembling。

「Sorry for the wait。Please head over to the venue」

The door opened with the stagnant atmosphere、and a school girl with the appearance of a high school student serving as part of the staff appeared to call the representatives。The man turned his frenzied stare at Mira、as he clicked his tongue walking to towards the door。

(Well, I’m also quite childish)

To Mira who shrugged her shoulders、Hinata bowed in apology。

「Sorry、Mira-chan。It became unpleasant……」

Near Hinata who was forcing a smile、a white shadow appeared。Mira looked up、towards the white robed woman snuggled next to Hinata。


Hinata raised her sight looking at the woman。The lady called Mary、seemed to be around the age of twenty。The woman who seemed quiet、had silver hair ornaments with the shape of crosses inside circles attached to her long aqua blue hair。

「You should’ve known that it would be like this、Hinata-sensei。What kind of intention did you have letting this girl stand in the line of fire?」

Not matching the atmosphere、Mary reproached Hinata with a strong tone。Looking back towards Mira、「Don’t worry」replying with a smile。Mira stood and replied back、「No problem」。

「Now then、is this child really a representative?」

「Mira-chan is an advanced adventurer、and she has contracts with summons I don’t have」

In fact、because Mira was exposed to unpleasant thoughts、Hinata’s cat ears and tail had drooped down。

「How much of an adventurer doesn’t matter right?……」

「Well、is it not good enough?。I don’t mind、Hinata、thou should not worry either」

Mira interrupted Mary、and gave a smile to Hinata bowing her head。Mary swallowed her subsequent words、and became interested in Mira who seemed to be much more than what meets the eye。

(I wonder、what is it about this child。Somehow、her words don’t seem child like)

Mary recalled、the impression she gave was similar to King Solomon、and then smiled happily。Perhaps、 are they partners?。

「But well、they seemed awfully confident、who was that person?」

Mira asked about the man in the red robe、who was producing that kind of atmosphere。What reason was there to be arrogant about?。

「Umm well……」

Hinata had raised her cat ears slightly、briefly explaining it。First his name is Kairos Balon。He is the son of Alphonse Balon、a distinguished family bloodline of Noble Magicians in Alkite Kingdom。Aside from his natural noble-like attitude、his skill in magic is genuine。Therefore always taking first place in the examination、he tends to look down on other magicians。

(A typical fool of an aristocrat then)

Mira vomited out a sigh inside her mind、there were after-all such nobles in this country、she began to consider if she should sympathize with Solomon。

The pair being slightly delayed passed through a large door、and what seemed to be a circular plaza in a Colosseum appeared。Treading on soil that had slight resistance、a wall approximately three meters in height circled the area。Outside of it、an audience of men and women all well-dressed were sitting lined up。

In the clean atmosphere、a man wearing a white robe stood in the center of the plaza、and inside the front entrance was a puppet knight dressed in armor leaning against it。The ceiling drew a gentle arc、covering the venue in a dome shape。Floating in the North、East、West、and South areas、 hollow spheres with bright light illuminated the shadow of all the sides reflected on the ground。Even the wall partitions had faint amounts of shadows left。

Representatives had come closer to the walls on both ends、but only Kairos had been the sight of Mira’s irritation。

Mira、Hinata and Mary were on the opposite side of Kairos。As a result、the wall of the opposite side had only the two people with Kairos and the attendant。Like that、Mira slightly burst out in laughter。The person in question himself had misunderstood that everyone would line up with the best magician、「Didn’t thou know?」。

Nevertheless、it immediately got better。Since the examination meeting was in a room、the size outside was unexpected。

The competition plaza was about fifteen meters in diameter、and roughly twenty-five total including the audience。

Mira looked around with impatience measuring the size with her eyes、and couldn’t help mentioning it was small。

(I can’t use my first choice、Aizen Faldo! But the rainbow spirit……。Thinking about dignity、it would be the height of summoning……。More thought needs to be taken into consideration……)

「Thank you for waiting。From here the Magic skill examination will begin!」

Along with the declaration of the exam committee to start、Mira agonized alone。



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