She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 38 (part 1)


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38 School Events


Coming across the cat eared women in front of the school gate、she had shoulder length chestnut colored hair、blue cat pupils with a striking rounded face、from which a friendly innocent smile surfaced。

In this world、various races existed beside humans。Emera part of the elves、and Mariana who was part of the family of fairies。The woman in before her eyes was of the Meew group、they excel in kinetic vision, they’re agile, and alert。There was basically no difference from humans besides cat ears and a tail、they don’t grow tall but have night vision。The race is like that of a cat。

「Ah、you seem surprised。I am Hinata、a teacher at this school。Who are you?」

「I am Mira」

The woman of the Meew family identified herself as Hinata。Hinata smiles with the impression of someone who is glad rather than one of beauty。Mira thought the person of the Meew family had gotten familiar with herself、resulting in her feeling shocked for an instant at the smile Hinata expressed。

Presently、the women met a girl named Mira、who had an honest and defenseless expression。Therefore、it was a chance to see a different side、of Mira who was still not used to her。

「So it’s Mira-chan。It’s quite a cute name」

Hinata、showed an even lovelier smile and gaze focusing on Mira’s clothes。
「Those are、magical girl clothes that are part of a fashion line。Could it be that you want to be a magician?」

Without a smile、Hinata asks。Alkite School、it was the most famous educational institions for those who aimed to become a magician both inside and outside of the country。

A young girl peering into the school yearning to be a magician。That was the impression of Mira that Hinata had。

「No、I am already a magician」

Mira couldn’t understand Hinata’s impression、and regrettibly rejected the thought。Hinata scowled from missing her prediction。

「So its like that。Sorry。Ah-、can you tell me what kind of magician?」

Trying to repair the situation Hinata corrects herself。Mira not minding the circumstances straightens her posture、and answers brimming with confidense。


At that moment、Hinata who had been smiling completely froze。It was because summoners were thought to have no future and was currently declining。

「I see……un、do your best」

Even so、Hinata refused to show depression、and embraced that feeling。That was because、

「I am also a summoner。A teacher of summoning in Alkite School。Presently……that……is the current circumstances。but you know、Creos’s current state、without any sleep we’re implementing the old ways of contracting。The success rate is amazing。That’s why、let’s do our best」

Hinata was a summoner just like Mira。In the first place the school was currently in the middle of the teaching hours、but for what reason was a teacher outside? In other words it was that kind of thing。

Apart from being a suitable apprentice of summoning、the current trend was to avoid becoming a summoner and to graduate with other general classes。It wasn’t necessary to take classes that had only a few、because simply graduating from Alkite School granted you with sufficient prestige。

Summoning classes were held two to three times a week。it appealed to only people who could not give up on their talent as a magician、and to those who were curious。Because of that、Hinata often went on shopping expeditions to help other teachers。

「Umu。Even while in school」

Hinata declared so、Mira was aware of the decline of summoners casting a shadow over the school。It was also a fact that it influenced the future of some children。

But it was also helpful that there were those who were entrusted to Creos。Presently、if there was equipment and sealed exploding magic stones、along with the basic Dark Knight、it was possible to capture a Holy Knight without difficulty。Above that、it would take time for the acquired summon to grow。

「Right now、we’re still ensuring safety、but one by one the number of students who can summon armor spirits are increasing。Soon、I’m sure our era will come」

Hinata who grimaced with an aggresive frown、sent a serious exprssion towards Mira。

Sealed exploding magic stones were enough to take down an armored spirit、but in circumstances without anyone’s help danger rises accordingly。Making up for that equipment increasing strength and stamina can be used、But there is only enough for one person。Moreover、we can’t afford to endanger students。

Creos is currently recruiting people、succeeding one at a time capturing armored spirits。It’s a light of hope to many、but a large number of students are still kept waiting。

「What can I do、as a fellow summoner」

Mira、lost in thought strokes her chin with the fingertips of her lefthand。

What can oneself do for the next generation?One would be、to mass produce sealed exploding magic stones。But to make a large amount、a decent amount of money is needed。But even so、proposing the idea to Solomon and Creos could be done。

The problem is equipment for status enhancements。The quickest is to have ready-made things、equipment with the offset to safely fight armored spirits with the exception of the equipment that was passed to Creos from Mira、such as something small prepared in advance from the tower。

「Mira-chan! Mira-chan!」

While thinking about making something by refining with force、Mira was pulled back to reality as her shoulders were violently shaken。


When Mira opened her eyes、Hinata’s face had drawn close。

「Th、this is the bracelet of faith isn’t it。Proof of a senior adventurer」

Hinata took Mira’s left had in excitement、and stared with big round open eyes at the bracelet that fit onto the arm。

「Well、that would be so」

It was different、but explaining would be troublesome so she affirmed the answer。In truth、it was thought that there were no problems in meeting the requirements and adventurers rank to borrow the bracelet。

「Right now I have a contract with the Dark Knight、Holy Knight、Salamander、Dyrad、and Wyvern。Does Mira-chan have contracts with anything other than these?」

Not understanding Hinata’s intention、along with eyes full of anticipation、pushed by the momentum of the approaching crisis Mira answered reflexively 、「Some」。Hinata’s eyes changed as if she found something profitable、on her knee’s she clasped both of Mira’s hands。

「I have a request!It’s something small please help me out a little!」

Hinata who had become shorter on her knee’s、asked Mira with upturned eyes。Originally something big was needed to effect Mira、this time however it was tremendous。Cute cat ears were repeatedly moving up and down。

「I do not know what it is、but I’ll leave it to thou」

Judging from the flow of the conversation、it was something about summoning、in that case Mira anxiously nodded consenting to the younger generation。

Mira was taken into the school by hand、and guided towards a building located on the back of the center school building。

She also received a description of the events from Hinata along the way。It had been said、that today was the Magic Skill Examination date、it was an event carried out once a month。As the name suggests、 it was to review magic、the results were used to determine the use of facilities and expenses on magic tools。Examinations are divided into each type of magic、and the representatives are to show off the magic。

The examination order wasn’t determined、but order stuck out naturally as it was announced by score。And every month、summoning placed last。Until now Hinata had been nominated to show off as the representative、but because there was no novelty from the lack of repertoire、there was currently no interest in the existing status quo。And the summoners better than Hinata were absent in the school。

That being said、Hinata had no other contracts besides the ones she owned。

In other words、it was an opportunity to regain the prestige of summoners by summoning anything other than the five that were mentioned。Mira who finished hearing the talk listed the advanced summons in her mind、and placed importance on being as flashy as possible。



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