She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 37

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37 Lily’s Reappearance



The chat which extended for nearly one hour、ended as the consul brought in a large quantity of documents。As a result、Solomons expression changed from cheerful to cloudy。

「Well then、it’s about time for me to leave」

Mira stood up, no longer wanting to impose on Solomon、as he directs his gaze slightly。

「Not interested in the work of a king?」

「Does thou think I could do it?」

「Probably not」

Solomon slumps face first into his desk。Mira had the feeling of wanting to help、but she was originally bad working with documents。The problem was being interested in it。

「Soul Howls destination、since we have material regarding that we should find out in a few days。That is because Slaymon is excellent。Also about the mystery of the Onmyouji、if I find anything I’ll contact you immediately。For the time being、are you fine like this?」

「Umu、I don’t mind」

After confirming the details、Solomon unwillingly spread the documents going back to work。

「I’ll be free for a few days after this、want to do something?」

「I think I’ll return to the tower、after I properly go sight seeing.」

「I see, I see。I’m proud of the city、please enjoy yourself by all means。Ahh、if you bring back the sealed magic stones you’ve amassed、I’ll be grateful probably?」

「I’ll remember.」

At Solomons laugh、Mira intentionally shrugged her shoulders from the joking answer。

「Ok then」


After briefly exchanging farewells、Mira left the Oval Office。




Now then、where was the castle exit?、Mira looked left and right、in the middle of the hallway。At that moment、a door next to the Oval office opened、from there Lily appeared。It was the maid that had woken up Mira every morning、while staying at the castle。



Mira leaked out a voice on reflex、towards the expression on Lily’s face。

「It has been a while Mira-sama。Are you finished with business already?」

A grin couldn’t help but to surface、against Lily equipped with etiquette of the best maids。

「Umu、I’m on my way out」

「Is that so。Then right now、if you have some time。All of the maids、all of our masterpieces are done!」

「Well……、thou might say」

Mira had realized、something like this would happen meeting with Lily。Under the eyes of a serious woman you couldn’t refuse、in that case the only thing you can do is nod and get it over with quickly。

I was guided down the hallway、to the left、entering a room at the end。Lily went further back into the room、in order to get the finished clothing。

The place Mira was brought to, was a room dedicated to sewing narrowly crammed with clothing.It was a production division located in the corner side of the Imperial castle、inside the sewing room it was very quiet。Meanwhile、Mira was fidgeting、starting at the countless articles of clothing hung on a wall made by the maids。The maid’s cloths each had a different design、every set of items had a different charm。

(Third from the second row of the top right。No、even the fourth from the bottom left……)

Mira examined the maid’s cloths with a serious look。Emera would like this、as for this Fricca would enjoy imagining it。

「Mira are you interested in the maid’s clothing?」

「Wha……!? That is、well、how to say。It isn’t disliked」

With the sudden voice from behind、Mira who became flustered unconsciously revealed her true feelings。

「In that case、would you like to wear it?」

「No、I’m ok」

Slighting regaining composure、 the offer was promptly refused。There wasn’t any meaning wearing it by oneself。

「Is that so。Please tell us at anytime when you want to wear them。Whichever design you like」

Although there was an expression of disappointment、Lily showed no signs of giving up。Mira、with high praise、pictured herself wearing the maid’s cloths for a moment。

「Mira-sama please have a look。This here is Mira-sama’s exclusive magic robe set!」

Looking at the costume Lily had spread out、Mira was at a loss of words。From this moment the tendency as a goth lolita magic girl was exceedingly decisive while being on guard with resolution、 to cut down bodies in one stroke。In a good sense。

「Hou……Hou Hou Hou!」

Mira looked as she bit her clothes、nodding again and again。

The clothes brought by Lily、the concept of goth lolita magical girl style remained unchanged、with the original frills and ribbon excluded、it satisfied the important aspects with an embroidered design on pivotal points。And more than anything、it was cutely tailored to be stylish、there were vestiges of SF Chick like Magical Girl fitted into the theme。

Describing it more simply、it was a design magical girl organizations would wear。Black and white no sleeve dress、a coat with purple lines flowing into the black making the set。

「Is this satisfactory?」

「Fumu、this isn’t bad」

The clothes were consistent with Mira’s taste。Mira was convinced that the power-up version of the clothes came out first、or rather even from its unlikelihood、forgetting the clothes a person wears she answered obediently。

「That’s relieving。At night when the prototype was handed over、Solomon taught us Mira’s preferences」

「Is that so」

Certainly in Solomon’s case he would be able to comprehend taste。On the contrary、SF chick and magical girl came together。And so、Mira recalled carefully、the clothes were similar to a character Solomon highly reccomended。

(That guy……mixed together my preferences……)

Mira paid attention to the once piece with a white leather belt、the length was short、and didn’t cover the legs entirely。With this Mira was convinced it was completely Solomon’s hobby。

「Now then Mira-sama、come here quickly」

Lily guided Mira to a corner partitioned by a curtain in the sewing room、while handing over the clothes。

「Would you like some help?」

「No、it’s unnecessary」

To Lily with a radiant smile、Mira answered while receiving the clothes、as she entered the back of the curtains。Using the area as a changing room、a big mirror was embedded in the front along with a shelf and hangers on both sides。

Mira placed the obtained clothes on the shelf、and then hung the robe she was currently wearing。

「That matches you very well、Mira-sama!」

「Is、is that so?」

Lily sent the praise in excitement、as Mira emerged after changing clothes。Mira altogether was not bad、confirming the clothes while moving her hands and feet。The clothes from the elite maid troops were made to fit the exact body、so there was no hindrance with movements。

「Now then、I will tell you about the functions」

Lily whom accompanied Mira said as such、standing in front of the table。Several sheets of paper were spread out in front。

「First、creating the dedicated magic robe set、these are the names of the people who helped work with us」

「There is many」

On the paper shown、alot of names were signed along with Luminaria’s and Solomon’s at the top。Since there were too many Mira glanced through them、among them was also the name of Thomas the designer of the Accord Cannon。

「Next is this。Magic engineering was used making this costume as shown in its name、this here、has its function written on it」

「Magic engineering……? Is it not dangerous?」

Mira had heard the words magic engineering、and immediately recalled the great cannon glancing at the clothes。On the other hand、Lily shook her head with no problem。

「There is no need to worry。Contrary to that、there are a lot of benefits and after we would like to dress up Mira-sama…………I assure that you’ll like the outfits」

「Hm……? Dress up、what?」

「It’s nothing?」

Mira glared at Lily who quickly corrected herself suspiciously。Lily looked away, with an expression of not knowing。Uninterested、Mira returned her gaze back to the paper。

「Umm、then I will explain。First、from the most important part。In the small case of the one-piece’s belt、a sealed magic stone made from magic stones was integrated into the attribute system 」

Saying so、Lily slightly exposed Mira’s coat、the black center on the buckle of the belt on the one-piece dress was opened。There was approximately enough space to easily fit in one stone。

「Hou hou。This is the real thing」

Mira murmured happily、whole opening and closing the buckle。

「This trick was the reason why it was called a magic robe。Really、various benefits can be obtained with the driving force of magic stones!」

Lily proudly explained。However because she was involved in cutting the clothes、Thomas’s opinion for the explanation of the magic relationship was received。Originally、Lily without touching on the subject had been begging Thomas to teach her every day。

「Then、I’ll explain the effect。Firstly both the one-piece and coat resist’s fire and ice。But、care must be taken when it comes to extreme temperatures。

And with a magic stone、the performance will also be enhanced。The effects of a hell flame bird’s fire can also prevented、it seems。At the same time it has an auto repair feature。However there is a limit、if the tear is too large it seems it will not be repaired。

And similarly、by placing in a sealed magic stone、it’s defense and attack attributes will be strengthened」

Everything was spoken without error。Lily with the conclusion turned towards Mira。Mira、appearing interested spun and ran her fingers over the clothes。

「Hou hou。There are various colors」

Mira was honestly surprised、the efficiency was more than expected。There were details with uncertain points、but it had a lot of interesting abilities。Of course、the sages robe had exceptional performance、but the magic robe set was also at a good level。Judging by the effect、it possibly exceeded the sages robe in defense。

However in actual combat the sages robe was judged as the victor。Above all、the design was still good。However the magic robe had its own charm。

Well、while thinking of having the change of clothes alternatively、Mira pleasingly repeated the clothes performance in her mind。

(Resists fire and ice。There is also the effect of the sealed magic stone)

「However、something as expensive as this、is it ok for me to have?」

With equipment that grants these kind of abilities、it would be considerably expensive。Mira who recalled that、looked up towards Lily expecting an answer。

「Of course。Luminaria-sama paid for all the expenses。Luminaria-sama and Solomon-sama、wished for Mira-sama to have a better appearance」

「Is that so……」

Those two did not say such words。It was a series of commotions with the bitter smiles of two friends at work、Mira showed a delightful smile with her mouth。

(I can’t express my gratitude)

It’s certain it was done in secrecy、it isn’t amusing to express thanks in person either。This time、I shall prepare a gift、new resolve had filled inside Mira。

(Well、the joy of sightseeing today。That will be done tomorrow)

I’ll do my best tomorrow。Mira promising so、leaves the sewing room along with Lily。

Afterwards、she was taken to the maids workshop、Mira was loved grandly by the company of maids who had been waiting。All members who engaged in making clothes were present free from duties、with that they were able to play with a variety of hairstyles。If one were to speak about Mira in question、she was lost in ecstasy with the maid’s special sweets that was served noisily、in the meantime the snacks were thoroughly enjoyed。

In the middle of the day、hitting a little past lunch time、Mira’s hunger condition was satiated with plenty of snacks。




As Mira was freed from the maid division、she exchanged greetings with the castle gate guard and proceeded to the bottom of the castle。In order to go sight seeing。Incidentally、since the people in the castle heard of Mira’s identity from Solomon、it had been free。

As Mira thought of where to go、the school building she looked upon in the Oval Office came to mind。Although it was seen from a long distance、Mira was interested in structures that had an overwhelming presence、promptly she overlooked the surrounding area with a birds-eye view immediately heading off to the school。

「Where was it……」

As one would expect it was vast、a clear direction was unable to be grasped、Mira restlessly walked while exploring the streetscape。Then before the current Mira、an escort guard on patrol appeared。

The guard escort、meeting a beautiful lovely girl with long silver hair tied on both sides、shockingly his heart throbbed。However、noticing she was the disciple of one of the nine sages whom became celebrated one week ago he bowed in a hurry。

「Excuse me if thou has a moment to spare、how can I get to the school?」

In a timely manner、with the sounds of running Mira rushed towards to the guard escort and asked while looking up。

「This is Mira-sama。The school、cross the bridge in the back over there、on the left hand side of the main street」

「Hou、I see。I thank thee」

Mira turned towards the indicated area the escort guard showed、returning a grateful glance、she trotted in the direction towards the school。The escort guard、was somehow able to calmly respond、seeing off the girl with swaying twin tails、his facial expression loosened in his admiration。

The crescent shaped lake、it could be said to be the symbol of Alkite Kingdom。In the upper class district which was surrounded by the lake、the general district was accessible across the bridge over the lake。At this moment、Mira was rapidly advancing across the bridge。The big bridge had a width of ten meters、had a stone pavement with an earthen yellow color spreading straight out。Splendidly crafted streetlights were set at regular intervals in a sequence、the upper class district that connected to the distinctly characterized bridge was satisfactory。

The lake was large、Mira had arrived at the entrance to the general area after twenty minutes。

「If it isn’t Mira-sama。Do you have business in the general district?」

The guard began a conversation。It was a manager of the gate between the general district and the bridge。The gate itself、was not so big tot he extend in which a single horse-drawn carriage could not pass by。At the same time enough room for the manager on the side was provided。

「Umu、just a tour」

「So that was the case。This is city is great don’t you think?。Anyway、the gate will open please step back slightly」

While saying so the guard entered the control room、and the gate slowly opened。Gradually the town spread open from the gap、it was clearly different from the elegant atmosphere of the upper class district。There were lots of vibrant residents coming and going、it was exactly like a capital。

Mira waved to the guard exiting the control room、and stepped into the east district of Alkite Kingdom’s capital Lunatic Lake。

Wide streets stretched and extended straight in front of your eyes。According to the conversation of the escort guard、it’s understandable coming through here。Mira、believed in the words and  drew out to the main street。

Being referred to as the main street、shops were fulled with a variety of articles。In particular、because the school was nearby stationary shops were found sporadically。But、Mira was surprised that the Magic Tool System had shops that took up the vast majority。Where ever you looked magic tools were handled。

Though there were many kinds of magic tools、they all related to general magic。Cane weapons、catalysts for sorcerer’s magic、onmyouji ceremonial charms、priests holy stones or an exorcists holy water。Other sealed magic stones and various medicines、as well as materials for production tools。Tools with hidden special properties。These are generally altogether magic tools。

Stores throughout the main street、they all dealt with such things innumerably。

Mira was strangely drawn to the exciting atmosphere、as she enjoyed the so called purpose of sight seeing aimlessly visiting shops、advancing while taking her time。

From the classics in old days、to new items that were never seen、Mira was delighted。To seeing items for the first time、「What is this?」asking shop keepers、some had smiles、others nervous、and people who explained meticulously。

Mira spent plenty of time window shopping and after a while finally arrived at her destination、the school。


Her voice involuntarily leaked out。Just like the words、Alkite School was proud of its vastness on par with an airport。Three large buildings separated by color seemed to be the school buildings、it was similiar to a『Picture』。In addition to the school buildings other smaller buildings were seen in other places。

Mira、out of feelings from originally being an adult、had a guilty conscience looking at the dignified school、while staying at the corner of the school gate peeping only at the face of the school。The person herself didn’t realize how strangely suspicious she was。

In front of the schoolyard where Mira was looking、students of the school were practicing martial arts。Some were practicing kumite、while various others were running in the schoolyard。An adult male there seemed to be the teacher、along with tens of dozens of students were dressed in simple shirts and shorts suitable for exercising out of the thirty people。It appeared they were being taught martial arts as a form of physical education。In addition there was another group towards the back。A man and women were teaching、with the figure of students dressed in robes。There were about sixty people。However、because the school yard was too large、the resulting number that was visible seemed less than the actual number。

Mira who had been looking over、seemed pleased。The scale of educational facilities were out of common sense、but it was certainly a school。

「Thy springtime of youth」

It had already been six years since graduating from University、with the surging emotions nostalgia permeated、Mira had involuntarily let out a wry smile murmuring。

「Are you interested in this school?」

Suddenly、a voice hung from outside of view、Mira who felt guilty from taking a peek、shook her body out of reflex。Looking back like a gingerly rusted machine、a cat eared women with a large bag hanging from her shoulder had gave a kind smile while kneeling。



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