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Yaritsukai to Kuroneko ch.1 (part 1/2)

Whats up, no chapter for kenja this week. However, I do have half a chapter of a teaser project. I’m not sure how many chapters I’ll translate for this WN so I’ll leave it as a teaser for now.

Finals almost done, Friday and Monday are my last 2 days. I’ll have the next chapter of Kenja up sometime next week, along with the other half of this chapter.

For anyone new to this site, I don’t claim to know Japanese! I just do MTL.

Anyways, welcome to the worst translations you’ll ever read. Enjoy your stay.




Chapter One Supernatural Phenomenon

(Part 1/2)


「Eh? What is this place?……」

Pure white area?

Before my eyes was a “White desk” and a “Black chair”。
Until just now there was a guitar type controller in my hands。

However、it doesn’t matter。 Continue reading


She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 38 (part 2)

Yo! My semester will end in exactly 11 days.

I’ll have my comp up and running after finals week. I ordered an ssd that’ll arrive just before finals, but I don’t plan to install the hardware anytime soon to focus on studies rather than translations (full time student working part time, need all the time to study I can get). With that said I might pick up the pace for translating during my summer break maybe. Don’t count on it though!

Here’s the second part for chapter 38. Continue reading

not a chapter

Hello, burststorm here with some bad news 😦

My computer’s hard drive has kicked the bucket. What this means, is that translations will stop completely until I can get a new one. That won’t be for a while.

However it doesn’t mean I’m going to stop translating, I’ll get back to where I last left off (around 7% for chapter 38) as soon as I get my comp back up and running.

So then, for now, burststorm out.