She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 36

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36 Report


Requiem City Caranach, departure time 3 days. Nostalgia was felt soaking in the air, as Mira arrived at Lunatic Lake the capital of Alkite Kingdom in the middle of noon, and was guided by a maid to Solomon’s Oval Office.

Being circled first by the maids, the feeling of nervousness was felt, as thoughts of being made to become a dress-up doll surfaced, however I arrived at the Oval office with no problems which calmed my heart.

Knocking on the door a maid replies 「If you’ll excuse me.」opening the door. Mira entered the office, and the sound of the door that closes quietly behind is heard.

「Welcome back. It has been about one week. So, what did you find?」

In the room was only two people, Mira and Solomon. Solomon speaking in a tone only with friends, asked while throwing a document from his hand.

「Unfortunately, there was nothing. However there were traces. It could also be a clue.」

Mira opens her item list while saying so, and then begins to pick out some of the documents from inside the castle in the Ancient Shrine. Solomon set aside his documents on the desk in the corner roughly, while taking some of the materials which piled up in sequence.

「The law of Phoenix Reincarnation? This is cremation method of an immortal king, and there are whereabouts of the Spirit of the Four Seasons……. What the heck, what was he doing?」

「Thou would understand, if thou saw this.」

An answer could not be reached without looking at all the information. Solomon with a crease appearing on his forehead, took the document handed over by Mira.

It was a recording for the use of various recovery items, such as medicine for the Carved Seal of Death. Lined up from general items to high-quality items, there was no effect written on most. And the only item that had nothing written about its effect, was the Holy Grail.

Thirty years since coming to this world. Moreover, Solomon who was enjoying it as a game, came to an answer just by the description.

「Could he be, searching for the Brilliant Life God’s Holy Grail?」

「Umu, perhaps so.」

Mira nodding with an answer, began to talk to Solomon of what she saw inside the castle on the sixth layer of the Ancient Shrine Nebula Polis.

「An important person?」


When the two finished talking, thinking of Soul Howl, worried about a close friend they remained silent for a moment.

Whether there was a change in his state of mind, it is certain to say that Soul Howl will go around the country searching for the Holy Grail.

「The fact that he isn’t in there, could mean that he found a clue and is currently on a journey. To find the person, solving the secret of the Holy Grail, in order to follow his trail would be best, what does thou think? 」

「Well, I wonder if it’s reliable.」

First, find the place where Soul howl aims to go from the information, going against the order. That much should be able to be done presently. The two people came to this conclusion, looking at the mountain of materials with a weary expression.

「Even so, it seems hard to examine through this amount as expected. Shall I call someone qualified to do this here?」

Solomon tapped the bell on the top of his desk twice. However, there was no sound from it. But as if it weren’t a problem, Solomon returned his sight back the document.

「Nou, Is that a doorbell? There wasn’t any sound heard」

The bell on the desk, was a miniture version of a church bell at first glance, the shape hung on a pillar of a small frame with a string attatched. Solomon seemed to call someone, making a gesture to ring the bell. But contrary to his behavior, Mira did not hear even a speck of sound from the metal that was played with.

「Hmm? Ahh, this is a call bell. Just in case it’s a magic tool, only the specified person can hear it. It’s specified, for about one kilometer……」

「Solomon-sama, what would you like me to do?」

In the middle of Solomons explanation, the voice of a calm man arrives from the other side of the door. The voice was familiar to Mira.

「I have a small request for you, come in.」

Solomon shifted gears back into King mode, along with changing his tone of voice inviting the person inside.

「Please excuse me.」

Opening the door, the man who bowed was a blond haired elf in a black justaucorps, Solomon’s aide Slaymon.

(TLN: Justaucorps, is a long knee-length coat worn by men during the 17th century in France)

Mira who saw the figure, suddenly recalled the characteristic of Slaymon.
It was, knowledge of the ancients and spirits. It was different from skills and was classified as knowledge, it was something intangible yet comparable to rare items. However even if it’s just knowledge, if the brain permits it then it could be learned. The starting point of knowledge is heard from someone or a book is read. However the amount of information is enormous. If not for curiosity, people would not be aware of anything at all.
However, there are some people who pursue enormous amounts of information rather than staying complacent. Slaymon is one of those people.

「Welcome back, Mira-sama. Was there any progress?」

「Umu, we’ve obtained a clue.」

At the same time entering the oval office, Slaymon fastens his eyes on Mira with a good posture and bows. Mira upon receiving it, looks towards the table. Slaymon, seeing what wass there, confirmed a large amount of documents piled into a mountain.

「I see, is this or is that the clue? It is quite the amount.」

「Seemingly, there is a need for knowledge of spirits and ancients in this article. So I’ve called you. That can be read and solved hereafter, I want to know information about where to go. If necessary, I’ll permit up to rank A for reading in the royal library.」

For these 30 years, Slaymon showed great talent for rearranging information and decyphering in spite of knowledge disappearing. For combat, he has trained to the extent of an ordinary man, though for desk work there is no one else who surpasses him in Alkite Kingdom.

「Certainly. If my knowledge is useful, I will work with my body and soul.」

Not only as an aide for Soloman, Slaymon was also extremely loyal. He was someone who thirsts for knowledge, Solomon was handed a myriad of documents to be transported using his Storage Skill「Well then, I will use the library.」while saying so, he left the oval office triumphantly. Solomon seemed satisfied with a broad smiling grin shelving his manners.

「This however, is only a matter of time.」

「Everything is going excellently.」

「You mean to say all the right things are in the right place. You know, it’s my job to employ people.」

To Solomon whom didn’t change, Mira shrugged her shoulders, and jumped onto a sofa in a fixed position. Twisting her body around looking for a comfortable spot, apple au lait was retreived from her item list. At that time, the horn of the demon that was there in the list caught her eyes.

「Ahh, anyways, is it good there is another?」

(TLN: mira is probably referring to the other horn)

「Hmm, I don’t mind. Was something there?」

Mira turns only her face while laying down, as Solomon answers while properly preparing documents near a corner.

「Is that so. Although there was a demon on the lowest floor, in the underground cemetery, would thou know the cause?」

「……A demon you say?」

The moment the words left Mira’s Mouth, Solomon’s expression became steep for a moment.

「Umu, it was a sudden appearance. It was an Earl third rank. Since it attacked I killed it, but why was the demon in that place?」

「Is that so? Well as expected.」

For a while, Solomon was gathering documents in the corner of the desk, then a tightly sealed document was pulled from the drawer. Mira rising up, drops her line of sight to Solomon’s open file.

「You to what extent, know of the knowledge in this world I do not know, It is said that the demons were annihilated in the war ten years ago.」

(TLN: Solomon is reading from the file)

「Umu, I’ve heard.」

「It is too early to adapt. But the truth is as you’ve seen, remnants are surely plotting something while lurking in various places. This is the report. It is something that has compiled areas witnessed, along with traces.」

Solomon saying so, arranges and displays several documents from the file. They all had been marked as confidential.

「Fumu, strictly confidential is it not?」

「In general, they were thought to be wiped out. To think the demon’s still live, it is known only the upper class of this country and the Guild’s Association.」

「Is that so……, was it good to keep silent?……」

Mira understood that Solomon’s words were something unexpectedly serious, Emera’s group crosses her mind. From the words Mira unintentionally muttered, Solomon’s expression changed completely.

「Wai……! Have you told anyone!?」

Solomon reflexively raises his face, sending his eyes in panic to Mira staring at the document at the side of the table. While seeing the rare appearance of Solomon being flustered, Mira spoke.

「Thou are being impatient. And, I haven’t spoken to anyone. When I encountered the demon I had companions.」

Mira briefly spoke of meeting Emera which started from Takuto. Up until the escort to the Mirror of Dark Aid, along with looking for Soul Howl in the sixth floor. On the way back after finding a clue, the demon suddenly appeared.

As Mira’s words flow out, Solomon rises with a nod as if convinced.

「I see. It was found in rough circumstances. However the nail was hit on the head. Ecarlatte Carillon and Takuto-kun as a guild they’re good, don’t you think?」

「Umu, that would be so. Emera and Asbel, Fricca, Zef. There is also the Guild Leader Cyril.」

「I understand. Since there isn’t a lot I’ll contact the Guild association and manipulate the information, wait here.」

Saying so, Solomon headed towards the communication chamber outside of the Oval office. Inside the facility, a long distance two-way communication device existed. *Player Communication, Various Chat Modes* were controlled by the system and no longer functioned, this was technology born from Magic Engineering in order to make up for it.

Solomon had left Mira alone, sitting in the chair documents were picked up, and looked over.
The first eyewitness report was in the West Continent, the appearance of a dark person with horns inside the forest ravine above the cliffs, it looked down towards a knight squadron training. It immediately left after one of the knights found it, it was written that it was unclear if it was a demon due to the long distance.

Although Mira also read other reports, a majority of them were suspicious. From time to time, there were some mixed in that had high credibility.

Mira who finished looking over the material easily, aimlessly wandered over to the window to kill time, the scenery from the view of the kings castle was projected in her eyes.

(This is quite the luxurious view.)

Spread out below the large glass windows, was a crescent shaped lake, the origin of the capital Lunatic Lake. The town development was centered on the lake, from Mira’s location overlooking the city, a view of the houses along the city street was vivid and full of life. However the king’s castle was located in the heart of the city, so only half of it was seen. Mira, paying attention to a conspicuous facility, leaked out a sign of admiration. It was one of the five elements that Garrett mentioned, Alkite School.

(It’s more luxurious than the University I attended.)

Mira, towards the school that seemed like a palace, it reminded her of the meeting and parting of campus life.

Alkite School. It wasn’t like a castle but it was a large facility, the study institution had three buildings in the center. The elementary building was yellow with a white border, High School had a red border, and one with a black colored frame was a specialized department. There were many departments for magic judging from the characteristics of Alkite kingdom, it was number one in that direction. Therefore there were a lot of students studying abroad from another country, and children from nobles also stayed at an inn nearby. The best educational institution where everyone yearns to be a Magician. That place was Alkite School.

(Speaking of which, is Takuto attending school?)

Suddenly, the carefree smile of Takuto floats into Mira’s mind. Longing for the existence who seemed like a younger brother. After some time thinking about working hard in the future as a magician, Solomon came back to the office.

「How was it?」

「It seems to be alright.」

To Mira who asked while her face remained stuck in the window, Solomon answered while sitting in his chair with an expression full of relief.

「Talking to the Guild Association’s Leader, talk of the demon has been called off as a rumor. 」

「Fumu, is that so. Well, I do not think they would recklessly give out information.」

The influence of information given would be understood in the case of Emera who is an advanced level adventurer, as for Cyril the guild leader there would not be any confusion if he were to talk. Mira who thought as much stuck out her chest with a smile, while saying so.

「You might say in such a meaning, disclosure regarding this matter is unnecessary. Among much of the ambiguous information, those who come back alive after a straight confrontation, would be directly decisive.」

「Agreed. Also, the reason as for why the demon was in the sixth floor, that isn’t understood.」

「Yup. It’s because basically the information is unclear. The purpose of the demon, right now even I don’t know. But well, I wonder if I should try to send an investigation team to the underground cemetery on the sixth floor. I’m interested in what was being done in such a place.」

「That might be a good idea.」

The only things that were examined, was the traces left by Soul Howl of the Nine Wiseman. Information of the Demon was not attended to. Sending in a formal investigation, could result in discovering something. Mira moving away from the window sits on the sofa and agrees, while leaning forward to stretch.

「That reminds me, the clothes you have on slightly resemble your Sage’s Robe but it’s different. Is it a purchased replica?」

「Umu, in the town of Caranach.」

Solomon watching Mira’s figure, pleasently understood paying attention to the clothes. Facing each other, Mira answered standing up, with an imposing stance. The replica robe’s materials as well as the design was simpler, when compared to the real thing it was far overshadowed. However because the shape and color in its entirety was approved of by Mira, that was all that mattered.

「I see, I see. Yup, it suits you wonderfully.」

It was just like seeing a girl who admired the Nine Sages and pretended to play around. Soaking himself in his thoughts, Solomon grinned.

「That’s right. As expected, the first design really is the best.」

Without noticing Solomons intention, Mira throws her head back naturally with a proud look boasting. At the same time, it was remembered that that the real one was left in the tower. After first noticing her body, and assaulting the bathroom with an increased tension for her first time. Because the Sage’s Robe was dirtied with goblin blood, it was left in the changing room.

(Returning to the tower to recover it will be the first thing.)

Mira planned ahead while thinking so. Chasing after Soul Howl, that will have to wait until we can determine his destination from the documents. At present, that is the only clue.
Then, should I take goods from the tower warehouse if it’s required? While Mira was considering so, the events on the way back from the Ancient Shrine were recalled. There was another thing, that could be a clue to the Nine Sages.

「That’s right, that’s right, there’s something I would like thou to hear, are thou willing?」

「Fine, what is it?」

Referring to Mira, Solomon acknowledged it at once, lightly kicking the desk while sitting in a chair, the caster was moved and left at the window. Solomon considered the case, continually doing paperwork for a long time, he wished to speak with his friend for thirty years.

「Regarding a recent story heard,  there have been events surrounding the spirits being attacked, does thou know anything? 」

It was heard once from the Magicians Union leader, Leoneil of Caranach, but because Solomon is a king there may be more details. Taken by Mira’s words, Solomon who was impressed leaked out a voice of surprise.

「Huh, regarding that question……. Of course I know as far as it has been revealed, first of all the Sea of Trees in the north of Grimm Dart. From now to about nine years ago, even if there is almost no spirits who lives there any more, the story starts from there.」

「Almost…… thou say?」

The Grimm Dart empire that enshrined the god of justice was located in the northern continent. The place is called the Knight’s Country by one of Lands of the Three Gods, the Sea of Trees extends up to the Continential Edge in the north, the area can hold three Alkite Kingdoms. Despite the rare existence inside the Sea of Trees, there was a considerable amount of spirits.

「It is indeed to wide to fully explore, even with no people left at the place inhabited by the spirit, there was conversation. At that time the cause was completely unknown, Grimm Dart of course also investigated that subject. But, gradually similar reports began to rise from the surrounding countries. An outbreak of Elemental Eater’s sprang forth, it was pointed out that the presence discovered was a subspecies……, a research team was sent to question the spirits who still remained on a certain day, and a group poaching the spirits was found. A knight squadron equipped with weapons, had captured many of the spirits in cages they carried.」

「Fumu……, the damage seems big as expected then.」

From the Wind Spirit’s story, it was understood that a good numer of a spirits were attacked and from Solomon’s story, it turned out that the scale was terribly big. It should be noted, that the investigation team sent out did not have many fighters, so fighting against an armed group would be reckless.

「The reason for capturing the spirits was investigated in each country, presently nothing has been revealed. A route for human slave trading was checked, but there were no spirit listed. We know of one group, the group who identified themselves as Chimera Clausen.
However, you already know that much right? Who did you hear it from?」

Because the information was never published, in its own way it was a serious matter. But, you aren’t necessarily completely cut off, it was public to adventurers of the Guild that were of rank A or higher, rather than money information was also prized. Solomon, had thought it was heard from a member of the guild, who came out and talked, however Mira’s answer was a completely different opponent.

「I met with a Wind Spirit on the way back. It was from that.」

「Oh…… Wind…… Spirit-san huh?……」

Mira who uttered words without care, Solomon returned an expression with an open mouth. For Solomon who was of the warrior class, it wasn’t possible to talk or look at spirits. The possibilities were there, however the answer was unexpected.

「Moreover, it played with a black cat shikigami.」

Mira added in the cryptic joke, speaking about the events on the way back to Solomon. The Wind Spirit heard about the assailants from its companion. It was attacked, but also helped by the black cat shikigami Nyanmaru. Even now, Nyanmaru as the escort is guarding the Wind Spirit. As the story mostly concludes, Solomon focuses on the same point Mira did.

「Nyanmaru?……. That reminds me of Kagura, I wonder if they are connected.」

「How is it? It seems that the Wind Spirit has not met the magician. Thou might say, because there is nothing to lose for the clue, wouldn’t examining it be amusing?  Just in case, The Magician Guild leader of Caranach was told, and the other side was examined.」

「Certainly. The Onmyouji who opposes Chimera Clausen. You’re interested in this right? Was Leoneil was spoken to about this early? Should I report it and call on several spies later?」

While being lit by the light from the window, a smile of mischief floats on Solomon’s face, the back of the chair also happily squeaks.

Mira finished hearing what she wanted to hear, and exchanged idle chat with Solomon after. It was a silly conversation. However, the long idle talk with an old friend was meaningful for Solomon, as he was chased back to work.



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