She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 35

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35 Scarlet Bell



The following morning at the Ancient Shrine.
The previous day, there weren’t any traces of a person, but a clue was able to be found. Business with Garrett ordered from Solomon was completed, and progress to return back was to begin once preparations were finished. However because of that, preparations would take some time, thus Mira had gone to the town of Caranach to kill time.

「Good morning, Mira-san」

Caranach’s number one Inn, Summer Lantern Mira was spoken to immediately, glancing at the other party quizzically. So as not to stand out, they wore plain clothes and a wide hat that covered one’s eyes.

「Oh it’s you. Good morning. Coincidence…… it doesn’t seem so.」

That person was, the leader of Ecarlatte Carillon. Leaning against the wall, he got up to stretch, then walked towards Mira.

「I’ve been waiting. I’d like to talk with you for a bit」

Cyril without any malice, spoke truthfully from his feelings. Mira wondering why, immediately arrives at the conclusion. It was something Mira desired to know as well.

「You and I, we’re both former players」

「Correct. That was fast it saves me trouble.」

Cyril affirmed so, directing a carefree smile. Most women would become mutilated if exposed to Cyril’s smile, and well-kept features. Moreover from his gender neutral features, Mira normally uninterested in men was shocked slightly.
Apart from Mira with the exception of Solomon and Luminaria, It was pleasant knowing another former player. Yesterday night, because Emera’s group was present it wasn’t a good time to talk .

「Well then, shall we change locations? We won’t be able to talk here」

「Agree’d, let’s go to my favorite place」

Mira with a birds eye view of the main street seemed energized, Cyril nodding immediately started to move. Not knowing when Mira would come out of the Inn, Cyril had been on the lookout skipping breakfast. In the meantime, the marble juice was put back into the item box, after deceiving himself the need to eat.



The favorite place Cryil lead Mira to was, Cafe de Chocola. It was the coffee shop where Emera was first met at. Entering immediately a blend of coffee and cafe au lait, along with a Chinese breakfast course and chocolate tick overload was ordered. Going through a gap in customers eating at one o’clock before scattering back to business, Mira and Cyril secure a seat in the corner of the shop.

「Daring right from the morning aren’t you」

「There’s always room for dessert」

From Mira’s orders, Cyril seemed to have been astonished, to Mira that spouted words only a girl would say. To Mira whom loved sweets, among the words of woman to the occasional incomprehensible behavior, only this was strongly understood.

「However, there is also you. It’s surprising to see chinese food in this world’s shop」

「That is because, the owner here is a former player.」

Mira spoke carelessly unconcerned, rising up to overlooking the shop with a birds eye view.

「I am away right now. is what you can say, since this is a branch office she rarely comes」

「Fumu. That is sufficient……」

To that extent, the person was not critically questioned, there could have possibly been a number of former players passing each other that exist. How many former players have come to this world? Mira was thinking of such things, while sipping her cafe au lait that had been carried earlier than the main dish.

「From your way of speaking, by any chance has not a lot of time passed since coming to this world for you?」

「Umu, It has been roughly a week」

「Just as I had thought」

There are alot of former players, that are outstanding people. For combat it would be adventurer knights, for production it would be craftsmen. Being a powerful member Cyril grasped as such, however the person whom Emera reported that overwhelmed a demon of earl rank, there was a limit among them. Cyril is somehow able to defeat one of the earl rank himself, however the report was an impossible story of one sided-idly handling it without being injured.

During these thirty years. Former players have been confirmed to be suddenly appearing in this world. It was better to think in that line of thought with certainty, Cyril had guessed.

「It’s well understood」

「There are alot of precedents right? Aside from that, you are Dunbalf-san’s apprentice?」

「Ahh…… umu, that is so」

In case of a former player, the possibility of knowing the likes of Dunbalf is high. Mira said it humbly, not wanting the real nature came out to avoid losing dignity.

「So there was such a player, it was never heard or seen of when it was still a game……. Perhaps an acquaintance from the real world “RLF” is it?」

Cyril thought. During the game era, there weren’t many players with the same fighting style as Dunbalf. It may be they didn’t come out simply to not stand out in the battlefield. Or, there still wasn’t anyone strong enough to be on the battlefield. However, coming to this world with such ability, to overwhelm a demon of the earl class is almost impossible. In other words, they originally already had that power from the start.
On the battlefield with that much power it’s possible to cut directly into a high rank. However, the girl named Mira with the same fighting style as Dunbalf, there’s no memory of her in Alkite Kingdom, nor is there any information with her being around the Nine Sages. Because even rumors of her existence was never heard of in the game, it leads to suspecting they have a connection in real life. That fighting style is not something you can imitate just by looking. Firstly, the second class, the premise to learn those skills was devised by Dunbalf. On top of that, with Xian expert as the second class, it barely made an entrance.
Learning the second class special skills is another factor, since the learning method was never revealed. With that said, the person them-self could be thought to have accidentally discovered it, being an online game he could monopolize it without telling anyone the secret if it’s a strong skill. Cyril, along other players, thought such things would surely be hidden.
Such a special skill, that Mira had mastered.In other words, a familiar existence must have taught the secret information.Possibly a connection with a friend, family, or lover in reality.Referring to them as RLF.

「Ah.actually, Mira-san is Dunbalf-san」

Cyril, thinking of another possiblity, smiles at his joke. If that were the case, by now Alkite kingdom would have celebrated the return of the Nine Sages, Cyril laughs while remembering when Luminaria appeared in this world.
Mira silently held the cafe au lait in her mouth, in great effort to maintain a smile.

(Extremely correct! What should I do!? No no, judging from his way of speaking it was a joke. In that case, is the correct response to laugh it off as a joke? Or, if I laugh while saying it’s the correct answer would it be taken for a joke? Where is the right answer!)

Mira fighting the urge to roll over, creates a huge great argument in her mind.
In that short instance, Mira makes up her mind and opens her mouth.

「……Something like that isn’t possible. He’s a RLF. I asked him to teach me many things in reality. It was separate from the game foundation. Log ins were irregular, so simply speaking it was unnatural to know about me.」
While speaking of the impossibilty, Mira improvised a calm collected expression to not be exposed. At this occasion, RLF the word said by Cyril was included.

「I see, so it was such a thing?」

Cyril accepted it without any doubt. More or less, the charge item called the Vanity Case which allows configuring the appearance came to mind. However for Dunbalf, there was a famous story that he had extraordinary feelings for the appearance of himself. Rather than performance, he would choose a robe overflowing with dignity placing importance on appearance over something offering over one-hundred agility. That kind of player would never change his appearance. That preconception was committed.

(Convinced……? He seems to be……?)

Although Mira timidly looks at Cyril’s expression, the color of clear contempt was not seen. From that appearance, a sigh of relief was heaved for the excuse that somehow worked.


After that, the rest of the order came.without further pursuit Mira with shabby impatience, restlessly transported parts of the chocolate cake platter into her mouth.
While the two people ate, a heated discussion from the time of the game bloomed.

「By the way, when you had come to this world how was it? And how have you spent your time?」

During the middle of the talk, words of the Nine Sages come out, Mira quickly changes the topic before anything slips out. At the same time, there was also a good mood. Former players, what kind of life do they have in this world?

「Lets see. Because there wasn’t any difference in time, the time lag came ten days after I arrived. Ah, having only just come, are you aware of the first day it began?」

「Fuumu. That’s the first I’ve heard of those words」

「Hmm, the players existing in this world, members have been present since Sept. 14, 2116 Listening to the date when coming to this world confirmed by the players, it is one of the oldest, as well as being the same date of the real world in game. So the beginning of the event was September 14, 2116」

「September 14, was it. I was playing on that day also.」

Mira going back over her vague memory, remembers the date when an expired email bill had arrived. Recalling that it was the previous day of that certain date.

「Delayed thirty years, the day you were playing didn’t change?」

「It looks like it」

Mira answered a little, considering the time difference, nothing was understood. So that thought was abandoned early.

「I was puzzled at first. The atmosphere suddenly became fresh, and when injured by a demon in battle, it was already unbearably painful. Even if you didn’t understand the situation and try to log out, the entry was no longer there. I was pretty impatient at that time.
In a hurry I took refuge in a nearby village, I was stunned for a while. No one I know was close, I was alone and at a loss, in such a case, there was a woman whom I talked to. That is, they were not a player that was confused in the same situation nor were they a friend. That woman was someone I had passed without ever worrying about until now, an NPC.」

Cyril looking into the distance, continued to talk remembering that time.

「I seemed to look terrible, becoming worried I began to talk. Of course, such actions of an NPC had been considerably surprising for the first time.

But honestly, I had given up at that time, and clung to her. After that for a while, I became dependent in her home, along with helping around the house and getting rid of monsters on a highway and around the neighborhood.
After about a year, I noticed myself exchanging greetings people around the village. I at that time, accepted this reality in the truest sense of the word. And I thought the same time, there may be more that I can do.
It isn’t possible to make a stand without thinking so, reducing the damage around the village from a monster, I began to teach the younger people how to fight. It took a long time, but I decided to go on a journey to settle down. It was also for the purpose of finding players in the same circumstances, above all to be more useful, it might have been something shameless. The smiles directed from the village people, it easily dispelled the feelings of the old days. Wanting to see more, and wanting to please more. I accepted such a thing, wanting to repaying the kindness back to the people of this world. But that in itself was self-satisfaction, I couldn’t help moving」

Ending, and seperating from the words, Cyril takes his coffee with a gentle smiling face, breathing out deeply looking seriously at Mira.

「It was a journey that began for self-satisfaction, It was possible to know the situation of the other players immediately so it was laughable. The village where I was seems to have been quite the countryside. Beyond the mountain, I was astonished meeting a friend immediately at the adventurer’s guild arriving at the slightly bigger town.
I had various things to tell that friend. We heard a variety of changes and events, as a result of the adventurer’s guild, I understood that it was a place where I wanted be. I immediately registered.
Then, I continued my travel while receiving various requests with my companion who sympathized with me. Mira-san knows both people, Asbel and Emera. For a little while, we were doing three man requests, and the number of those who sympathized gradually increased. So I took a plunge, and decided to launch the current guild.」

The organization of Ecarlatte Carillon. Single mindedly, it was the result of people who took on Cyril’s beliefs. Although the person in question, they said it was self-satisfaction, however it wasn’t something just anyone could do. Mira gave some feedback admiring the conduct. Along with the reason why it was spoken of here, slight suspicion grew.

「The members increased, and it spread considerably doing it. Nevertheless saving who we can, only the things which this hand can reach. No matter how desperately someone holds out an arm, sometimes it’s not possible to grasp and like that it was unable to be caught. Frustration upon frustration, more widely, and more distant I wished for a hand that could reach」

Cyril spoke from the bottom of his heart that seemed to be filled with regret, once again he opened his mouth asserting his words with meaning.

「Mira-san, will you join my guild?」

Briefly, with all his emotions, Cyril spoke his words.

(Fumu, just as I thought)

Mira, passing the sweetness around in her mouth with the cafe au lait, was looking straight into Cyril’s eyes. From his expression, the pain and seriousness comes through. Just that, the regret of not being able to save people is deep, and was probably mortifying. Mira also felt that Cyril’s words was from his true feelings.

「Rather than unexpected. Not yet, there are still things that I must do」

However Mira, had promises with Solomon of searching out former companions, as a result that would also lead to protecting the country.
Mira hearing the story, thought Cyril’s actions were fine. Even if a person with the same thoughts became his friend. But however, that wasn’t a reason to throw away the wishes of a close friend.

「Is that so……. I knew somehow it would be declined. A useless guy like me. The thing you must do, it must be connected to the dates.」

Cyril seems to truly be disappointed, however it was hidden with a burp and smile.

「Umu, that’s right. I can’t enter the guild, but I can try to promise to help those I encounter on the way that ask. How is that?」

Cyril hearing the words of Mira, at this time gave a wide smile along with saying「Thank you」, and bowed.

「As promised, if something is found, it will be reported to the Adventurer’s Guild」

「Umu, I hope to get along with you. Also I’ll be leaving today, send my regards to everyone」





When the two people finished eating, in the place they went of Cafe de Chocola, farewells were exchanged when they split ways. The two people had separate paths, however the direction of their hearts were one in the same.

(Now then, Garrett should be finished with the preparations by now.)

Although it was a short time, looking around the town of Caranach where various people were met, Mira headed back to Summer Lantern.

The current time was slightly before noon. Adventurers and guards came and went on the main street, hard working housewives haggling with baskets was reflected in the field of view. The vibrant streets calmed the mind, promoting Mira to leisurely walk around, suddenly stopping with something catching her eye.
It was there just ahead of the line of sight, one store with nothing on it. It was lined with various goods, thriving with a few people in its own way. Mira approached, and wandered into the shop. While staring at one of the various goods, and wondering why such a simple thing didn’t come up, a wry smile to her own stupidity appeared.


Standing in front of the store, it was spread out so that a set hands could grab it, it was a simplified design of the original one, by all odds it was the robe of the sage.

(I’ve never worn clothes fluttering with integrity. I’ll buy things I like!)

Mira who noticed it confirmed the price tag on the shelf for the robe of the wise man that was lined up in the store. Sage’s robe replica and brand name was there, the price was 5000 riffs. Whether such a thing had additional effects, Mira from within a variety of shades, chose the most familiar one (Summoner) replica, easily knowing the length, and was triumphant after the purchase was completed.

With a calming skip that was likely unconsciously done, Mira rushed over to Summer Lantern in a trot embracing the robe that was bought. Becoming bathed in attention while rushing with Ground Shrink, a Xian Skill, it took no more than a minute.

When finally arriving at the inn, with a quick greeting she jumped into the room, quickly becoming a figure in a one piece panty. Completely giving up on the bra.
Without the need of patience. The Mira slipped through the sleeves in one go, wearing the replica sage robe that was bought with a large smile that the face couldn’t contain.
In Caranach’s number one inn, inside the best room. Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Mira looking at her figure nodded frequently.

「I am, cool and cute」

Mira slightly muttered, arranging her hair while grinning.

The name of the shop where Mira came to was [The Moon and Silver Tower Special Product Company Caranach Branch], simply put, it was a souvenir shop of Alkite Kingdom.
At this time, Mira had not yet noticed the childish appearance, why was there a robe to which the size matched?



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