She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch. 34

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34 Exchange Conditions


While eating thier own meals, the leader of Ecarlatte Carillon became preoccupied with talking about mainly the Ancient Shrine. Alfina did a throat strike, Zef responded. Having gone through alot of trouble getting the spirit sword, it wasn’t used once said Emera. Mira was missing the common sense of adventurers, and the gap between talent was amazing added Asbel. Mira’s cuteness never ends, Fricca enamored. From the exciting chatter, Cyril had a few envious thoughts towards Mira. Every now and then,「That’s true?」among things like,「I think so?」Along with prompt agreements,「That would be so.」and responses like「Mira-chan is mine!」followed by strong denials were heard.

Mira, while hearing Emera’s cheerful conversation, wiped Takuto’s mouth occasionally, as additional drinks were ordered.

Proceeding the last conversation, in addition to the magic stones, distribution of materials stripped from demons also becomes part of the conversation. In conclusion, the demon was wiped as expected, because it cannot be arranged on the dining table, the demon’s materials will be distributed later in a private room.

One way or another the distribution was completed, while everyone was drunk and full of food, a single man opened the door to Spring Snow. “Clank Clank” Asbel turned his sight towards the sound of the bell, where a familiar face stood.

「Oh, if it isn’t Kilik. You came at just the right time!」

The young man named Kilik. He’s a member of Ecarlatte Carillon, donning a dull black armor. Though his expressionless face is hard to read, turning around the moment he heard Asbel, an almost unnoticeable smile was revealed. The difference couldn’t be compared even if you placed photos side by side, having known each other for a long time Asbel understood Kilik was in a good mood.

「What is that Asbel-san? The right time?」

Kilik approaches everyone at the table, then asks in a monotone voice.

「There was something in today’s loot that would suit you, it was intended to be handed to you when coming back」

While saying so, Asbel gives Mira a signal with his eyes. Kilik, redirecting his gaze, caught sight of the magical girl.

(TLN: “魔法少女” translates into “Mahou Shoujo”. I-is this the birth of magical girl Mira?!!)


Kilik mutters in a voice that was inaudible. Mira cheerfully munching on a tart for desert, became flustered after noticing the gaze, and let out a cough.

「I see, you must be a comrade of Emera’s group, a dark knight right?」

Mira had only heard from conversations, and referred to the contents with the appearance of Kilik.

「Certainly, I am a Dark Knight however…….Asbel-san, what is the meaning of this?」

「You’re pretty lucky」

Asbel stands up, hitting the shoulder of Kilik, as Cyril presents the scythe.

「This is……? There’s a lot of energy coming from it, what’s going on with this?」

With the large black scythe in front of him, Kilik becomes wide eye’d. Only Dark Knights could feel the power of darkness, the power of hell fire that seemed to crawl about.

「The young lady over there, wanted me to pass it to someone that could use it. In our guild, you seem to be the only one capable of using it.For the time being, it’s yours to use.」

While saying so, Asbel passed over the scythe forcefully with a jerk. Kilik involuntarily receiving it, shuddered at the overwhelming power.

「How is it, can you use it?」

Asking Kilik, the scythe is dropped slightly and then set back up with both hands. Mixing his energy with the scythe, Kilik’s body gradually adapts to it.

「This is…… There is a a lot of power, but I can probably still use it.」

Mira watched as Kilik answered, letting out a sigh of admiration. Asbel using both hands was only able to utilize it to a certain degree, Kilik however did not waver in the slightest controlling it.

「How’s that, jou-chan. This guy is able to use it. I can also guarantee this guy’s personality. although visually he seems dark, he’s a kind man that donates to the orphanage 」

「Eh…… Asbel-san. Why do you know that?」

For an instant, while nearly dropping the scythe, Kilik becomes flustered from Asbels words. Having been an orphan, secret donations were made in order to repay the priest, whom took care of orphanage. However, to Kiliks question,

「It’s something all the members knew」

Teasingly saying so, Zef smiles along with the rest of Ecarlatte Carillon, who all gently send thier gaze towards Kilik.

Kiliks expressionless face was completely destroyed as he blushed, Mira was convinced there would be no problem if it was this person.

「Isn’t it fine. That person…… Or perhaps I should say Kilik? I’ll leave it to you. Devote yourself to using it, moreover please satisfy the children.」

「Thats good isn’t it, Kilick. You’ve been approved.」

「Well, errr…… Though I understand I can have it, this is quite a thing. I can make use of it?」

「Umu. For the sake of the world, or people it would make me happy if you make use of it.」

The scythe was completely different from the previous one used, Kilik was perplexed and embarrassed from his question being answered, straightforwardly by Mira. In response to the expression, Kilik straightens his posture.

「Thank you very much. I promise to never act irrationally.」

Receiving Mira’s sincerity; the young girl who looked much younger, Kilik accepted the good will without hesitation. The surrounding guests return back to their original conversation immediately after glancing over Kilik for a moment. Emera and the others facing Kilik smiled, watching his expression.

「U…… Umu. You…… are welcome?」

Mira was taken aback from Kiliks serious attitude, after returning the reply she stuffed her face with the tart out of embarrassment.

「That aside, after receiving something this good, is there anything I can do in return?」

Kilik carefully placed the scythe into his item box, while asking Mira.

「Returning the favor……」

It was given only because it wasn’t needed, Mira was baffled when considering the favor. But, Kilik not backing down, had eyes burning with determination. There was a huge difference from the emotionless expression when he first returned to the inn.

「That’s right. I too, would like to thank you as the guild leader. From this matter, our war potential as increased considerably」


The leader of Ecarlette Carillon had ambushed Mira, clogging her words. Cyril wasn’t able to simply just take the offer. Agreeing with each other, Emera and the rest of the group poured their sight onto Mira.

Mira realized from the intense stares, it couldn’t be left unanswered. After considering whether there was anything for a while, a memory was recalled that happened not too long ago.

「If you ask to that extend, then I’ll rely on you a little.」

「Yes, leave it to me.」

Cyril nods at Mira’s words. Smiling wryly listening to the conversation, Mira takes out a piece of paper from a sealed letter.

「From today, I want you to investigate for any incident or event, regarding a few dates. How’s that, can you do it?」

「This is gathering information? Among us we have a member skilled at information gathering, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Just give us the word」

Cyril takes out a peice of paper and pen after saying so, seemingly as if hes ready to jot down a poem at any time, while waiting for Mira to speak.

「2117 year 9 month 20 day.
2132 year 6 month 18 day.
2138 year 1 month 14 day.
That is all. Don’t mind any kind of trivial event. If there is something, I want you to tell me」

As Mira finishes talking, Cyril’s hand stops writing, and confirms the dates. After Mira confirms the contents, Cyril puts the pen and notes away.

「Lets leave it to an expert member of Ecarlatte Carillon that excel in intelligence. Also, I don’t know the meaning of these dates, however I promise to never leak any information found.」

「Umu, that saves me trouble.」

It won’t be realized easily, the thing that is most important to Alkite Kingdom、the Nine Sages. It isn’t something to ask for from adventurers of the guild, just as much as it is for national secret agents that move around unskillfully, on the contrary this person might be be good at camouflage. Mira thought so.


Negotiations ended, with no more topics to ramble on with, the bell on the shops wall rang out signaling it was 8:00pm. Mira looking up to the sound for the first time, checks the time.

「It’s already such a time. Takuto it’s very late, what time do you have to return to your grandfathers house?」

After Takuto parted from his parents, he had been taken care of in his grandfather’s house. Takuto’s expression turned strange, after Mira had remembered and asked. Just a while ago the expression that was shown was a happy one, now the eyes were wandering around awkwardly.

「By any chance, did you come out without saying anything?」

Mira stares fixedly, Takuto startled directs his sight towards Mira. From that appearance, it was clear that nothing was said to his grandfather. And in this particular matter, a child such as Takuto going into a C rank dungeon with an adventurer, there was no way a parent would approve. Mira, spilling out a sigh while tracing her chin with a finger, stares into Takutos eyes. Takuto, aware that it was something bad, shrugged his shoulders dejectedly.

「When you were told your parents died Takuto, it wasn’t only you that was sad. Your grandfather must have also been equally, or much more sad.」


「At such a time worrying, what should you do? Do you want to make your grandfather worried?」

Takuto shook his head from side to side without saying anything.

「That’s right. When going out, leave only after saying where you’re going.  Promise.」

While saying so, Mira pats the head of Takuto who seems depressed.


Takuto, engraving the words into his heart, nods.「Good child」Embracing Takuto, inside of Mira’s warm hug, a hallucination of Takuto’s mother buried deep in a distant memory surfaced within him.

「Mira-chan in Onee-chan mode…………-」

「Read the atmosphere」

Fricca snorted directing an intense stare at the two, was held back by Emera’s hands.

「It isn’t Fricca-chan, Mira has just become sort of mature」

「Oh, what a lolicon. Is that an excuse for yourself?」

「Aree? Are you still dragging around that joke!?」

Zef replies with a refreshing look, Asbel immediately takes up the new title. Zef facing the leader was showing disgrace.

「I want to hear that in detail」

「Zef-san, do you not like big breasts?」

Cyril and Kilik took pursuit, casually exposing his fetish. As a result, Zef’s embarrassing title, will be exposed to all members of Ecarlatte Carillon.

「Then, I’ll take Takuto back and return」

Saying so, Mira stands up along with Takuto. However, immediately a voice was heard

「Ojou-chan. There’s still some material that hasn’t been distributed, what’ll be done?」

With those words, Mira recalled the materials acquired from the demon. Nevertheless, the materials could be said to not be needed, the eyes of everyone were shining.

「Then, I will come back after taking Takuto」

「Then, I’ll take him.」

Right as Mira says so, Cyril hearing the conversation of the demon materials, offers to take Takuto instead.

「No, but」

Speaking from the start, because of the promise, Cyril who has no relations to what happened and should not be given any trouble. As Mira is about to refuse, Kilik stands up.

「I’ll also go together. Although something like this isn’t enough to repay the favor, allow me to help. If it’s me and the leader, with the both of us it should be safe」

Certainly, although Takuto’s safety was guaranteed Mira was still reluctant、

「Mira-chan if you go, you might lose your way by mistake again.」

Mira recalled the recent memory of Emera’s teasing, and slightly approved it while bowing her head.

「Mira onee-chan, Emera onee-chan, Asbel oji-san、Fricca onee-chan, Zef onii-chan.That you very much. Right now, although I can’t do much, someday I’ll be sure to return.」

Takuto standing up, bows deeply. Never forgetting today, Takuto made up his mind, and decided to become a wonderful adventurer.

Takuto raising his head from the long bow, hid his determination with his appreciation, with a slightly adult like expression.

「Then see you around. Takuto-kun」

「When I become an adventurer, please instruct me」

「If you become a magician, I’ll teach you what needs to be known. So come and learn anytime.」


Emera and the group all gathered by Takuto and stroked his head. Takuto, for an instant smiled with the face that was suited for that of a child.

「Well, how to say……. You can tell your grandfather that your parents are still alive. He’ll surely be overjoyed. And also, you have three different paths you can take as a Magician. That is to say, you have a precious kind of talent. If, you aim to be one, it is good to visit a tower. You’ll be welcomed. However, don’t forget to tell your grandfather」

Saying so Mira pets his head last, as Takuto gives his best smile so far,「Yes!」with that reply. For Takuto, it is all thanks to this one girl. Mira answered immediately as she heard the reason, Emera worrying about it also went along with her comrades, and while he was unaware he became surrounded by such good people. Sincerely grateful for the good fortune tied to his heart, Takuto exited the area.

Mira bid farewell, to Takuto under the light of a person shining in the darkness of the night, with a big gift on his chest, being escorted home by the leader and a member of the famous guild Ecarlatte Carillon.

After finishing the explanation to Takuto’s grandfather, Cyril and Kilik returned to Spring Snow behind the scenes, as lightning akin to angry words began to resound.


「Mira-chan! Not only Takuto, but also welcome me!」

Immediately following Takuto’s return, Fricca just moments ago heard Mira’s unbelievable words, clinging to them. That is to say, the welcoming reception mentioned upon visiting the tower.

Not only just Alkite Kingdoms, but the Nine Towers are also the greatest magic research organizations in the continent. Having a little prestige isn’t enough to gain entrance.
Even first class adventurers would be laughed at in such a place. Those that are beyond the best that spend their time researching day and night, an eccentric person’s home. That is the Silver Tower.
In Mira’s case, being the apprentice of Dunbalf the person of the highest ranking, it’s clear that the requirement to enter the tower is defeating a demon. Although it couldn’t be determined by Fricca, Mira who had mentioned being welcomed could be said to already be influential in the tower. And not to mention, the Silver Tower, Fricca being a magician, that place could be considered a sacred ground.

「Mira-chan, at most just show me a little p-l-e-a-s-e-!」

Unlike Fricca’s usual eyes stained with sexual desire chasing after Mira, they were filled with a magicians curiosity and envy as if they were hidden away.

「What! what!, I understand that’s why let go!」

Fricca right now, was like a beast pouching on its prey. Right now as if catching prey, they were filled with vigor not letting go. Although Mira had not been touched, she felt a deep attachment that permeated about, which was acknowledged as something inescapable.

「I love you Mira!」

Emera intercepting the conversation had assumed that Fricca had gotten excited over receiving permission from Mira and was flying about. This talk along with Takuto had settled down.

Settling down Mira and the others ended the party, to gather in Zef’s room on the second floor of Spring Snow.

「Now, time for the second material distribution.」

Zef, from his item window, began to drag the demon materials one by one onto the top of the table. Two curved horns, eight nails emitting a black luster, jet-black skin, and two wings. Everything gave off a sinister feeling, Emera felt as if they were cursed. However, Fricca who was quiet seemed to understand, that all of it was just in ones imagination.

「However seeing it again like this…… how to say, it’s pretty amazing.」

「Yes that’s right. Even the magic inside the finger nails are considerable. From the appearance both the power and flame are hidden, if you make a magic weapon with this, a very powerful weapon could be made.」

Asbel lets out a sigh as he stares at the demon’s materials. Fricca picks up one of the nails and fixedly stares at it straining her eyes. Emera who was watching the surroundings quickly reacted to Fricca’s words.

「Magic fire sword……!」

Emera with an unhealthy obsession towards swords, blew off the negative feelings from earlier, and looked at the demon nails scattered on the table with shining eyes.

「Now then, First of all the distribution of these…… Mira-chan, is it really ok to take these? Because of the role we played it’s hard to find reason.」

「……that is so」

How many times would the question need to be asked to be understood. Emera who had soared with excitement, was brought back to reality by Zef’s words. The demon wasn’t something they could beat. Contrary to that, if it was just Mira, it would have become a cold corpse, buried secretly in the underground graveyard.

「Repetitive. If it is to become a matter of concern, you should keep in mind the request I asked for a while ago. The information I want isn’t something trivial. Presently, I do not have anything better」

At Mira’s words, Zef and Asbel look at each other, and shrug. From the very beginning, because of that, Fricca took notes alongside Cyril when Mira displayed the date.

「Leave it to me!」

The fire in Emera’s eyes once again light up.

「Well, anyways. jou-chan, take something you like from this. We’ll divide the remainder」

「……fumu, I understand」

As Mira answers, she glances over the table. Demon Skin, appropriate for processing into equipment in the armor system .Although there aren’t equipment restrictions, it would have an adverse effect if the user had low strength and stamina. Now that this has become a reality, it could possibly be more remarkable. Mira judged that the two stat’s did not make a difference for the demon skin. Although it could be processed into material for reinforcing robes, Mira who was concerned visually, had never worn such a robe. It wasn’t possible to say with the current clothes.

Demon’s finger nails, it had extraordinary compatibility with magic tool and magic equipment making. Wings, they are often used as reinforcement for magic tools and armor. However, there was something that was more compatible with Mira than everything else. Demon horns.

「Then, I shall take this fellow.」

Saying so, Mira takes both horns.

「Jou-chan, is it fine with just that? There’s no need to be reserved. As for us, anything is a considerable reward.」

To have chosen just two horns, Asbel asked Mira after she had retracted her hand. Asbel uttered, that materials of the demons thought to have gone extinct, was traded at a high price. Ancient battlefield like historic ruins, geological formation etc, because the materials of an old demon was rarely excavated. Regarding that now, since the demon materials were still fresh, the value would become much higher.

「I’m satisfied with this. The others are likely too much to handle」

Of course the horns Mira took was still considerable, above all else it was excellent for Mira’s refining skill.

「Well, If Mira-chan says so. Then, shall we divide the rest?」

Zef who judged that Mira no longer needed anything else, turned his sight towards the table saying so. At the same time, an outstretched hand on the table, had drawn back gripping the demon’s fingernails.

「Sub leader……」

Zef, Asbel, and Fricca turned a cold glace towards Ecarlatte Carillon’s sub leader Emera. From around the time the magic fire sword was mentioned, the demon’s finger nail was aimed at out of eagerness. Like a dog that had been told to『wait』.

「Eh…… because everything is fine, right?」

In the case of swords, Emera became blinded changing completely from the usually reliable onee-chan.
As a result, Emera obtained six fingernails, Asbel took the skin, Fricca the wings, and Zef ended the distribution with the remaining two fingernails and some skin.

「Now then, shall we return? It was quite fun.」

Mira saying so while watching the time, as Emera’s group bows towards Mira. Mira surprised by the sudden actions, chose to not say anything and waited.

「We’re alive thanks to Mira-chan. Again I give you my thanks. Thank you.」

Emera let out a shockingly warm smile.

「Thanks, jou-chan. not only this life, but even to receive such things」

「Thank you very much, Mira-chan. Someday this favor will be returned. Tell me your contact information if possible……」

「Me too, because of you I was able to give it up in various ways. Thanks」

As Fricca was blocked by Emera halfway through, Zef in no time at all had taken the back.
Mira was once again directed towards the words of gratitude, with eyes swimming around embarrassingly.

「What? That’s not something to be thanked for.」

Saying so while looking away. However her cheeks were dyed red while smiling, altogether it wasn’t bad.

「Mira-chan, cute!」

Of course, the figure of Fricca not being able to endure, pulled down the curtains leading to a series of certain events.

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