She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch.33

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Asber > Asbel

Flicker > Fricca

Tact > Takuto

Yurika > Eureka


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33 Takuto’s Aptitude



The report of the Spirits attack, it was decided communition would go through the Magicians Guild. The promise was to inform them about any new information if something was understood, Mira speaks of some more baffling information.

「By the way, as the leader do you think demons have gone extinct?」

Demon inside the sixth floor. From what Emera said, a demon that wasn’t originally there, manifested in the sixth floor where there should have been nothing. Leoneil seems to be a well informed man, as for this matter of how far the search will go it isn’t known.

「…………, it seems that something has come to mind hasn’t it」

After being silence for several seconds, Leo Neil who realized something opens his mouth. That behavior knowing something. From the expression and way of talking, it indicated there could possibly be a serious problem.

「Rather than saw, I fought with it in the sixth floor of the Ancient Shrine」

「With the demon!?……, is this true?」

Leo Neil raised a voice having been surprised, I cut off his words asking him to quiet down.

「Umu, it was an Earl third rank.」

「Was it okay?」

Leoneil asked with a serious face. Mira, pointing the fork at herself that was in her hand, and raised the edges of her mouth grinning.

「I seem perfectly fine, do I not?」

「…… I see, that’s right.」

This information was too shocking for Leoneil that such a simple thing also couldn’t be considered.

Ten years ago in the territory of the three gods a defensive battle was fought and the demons were annihilated. Until now there have been no official reports of demons.

However, Leoneil’s information network of shadows appeared and disappeared.

Could it be. The existence of a vague silhouette emerged.

For example, if an A rank adventurer had the same story, Leoneil would not have been surprised. In fact, there were some similar stories, but it was a mistake or a result of the variation class of the demon whom the figure resembled.

However, this time the other party is different. Dunbalf’s apprentice, with the trust of King Solomon of Alkite Kingdom. And, even the class of the demon was reported.

「So, what happend to the demon. Could it be…… it was, defeated?」

A demon alone is already a strong individual. All the more so if it was of Earl class. But, this girl being the hero’s successor, expectations will be slightly higher.

「Umu, it was a good experience」

Mira nods, visualizing the battle at that time. The true combat in this world that has become a reality. It gave a certain clean feeling, Mira savored the experience. During the time it was a game, it was not represented with this sense of value.

「I see……, it was defeated. As expected.」

Leoneil sent praises in response that didn’t fall short of the expectations although he was surprised just as much as he was happy. And so, Mira conveyed the summary of what happened briefly, while consuming two cakes.

「The results, of where Takuto was brought to」

Calmly standing in the shade of the vividly colored wooden hallway after exiting the room, Mira began to mumble to herself. Since entering the Guild Leaders room I’ve been delayed until the end, I do not know where Takuto was taken.

It can’t be helped, Mira utilizing her body perception wasn’t able to find Takuto anywhere in the surroundings because of all the biological reactions. Mira thinking it would be fine to simply wait, heads down to the lower floor.


Magicians Guild First Floor

Mira, after coming down from the stairs, the hall suddenly became quiet. The cause, was Mira’s smiling face.

What is Takuto’s aptitude? In the case of summoners I could teach him various things, in that case providing items for contracts would be beneficial.

Mira recalling the days of her original intention, was a single person harboring a delusional future. A gentle smile by which a mother watches her child’s simple-mindedness.Everyone who stayed there, was instantly robbed of their time by an angel.

Not knowing that the surroundings had changed, Mira sits in a corner on a seat, killing time by opening Lily’s sealed letter.

「Fumu…… what’s this?」

A sealed letter that contained a sheet of paper. And there was, as if something had been forgotten to be told.
F 2117, 9, 2
L 2126, 8, 11
K 2132, 6, 18
A 2138, 1, 14
D 2146, 5, 12

Had only been written.

(Is this some sort of code……?)

Mira glanced at the paper while doubting, Solomon’s signature was found on the lower right. Thinking about everything all at once, given that, deciphering with Solomon is impossible. So to speak, a place such as the signature that only Mira understands.

(Fumu. One way or another, Lily is unlikely to have wrote this)

Mira, placing the paper upsidedown on her lap humming,「Sugar, Sugar」gulping down Apple au Lait.

(TLN: Google-sensei describes Apple au Lait as some kind of apple flavored milk?)

Sugar intake is effective when you use the brain, forgetting that the cake before was already enough.

Looking at the stairs leading up Takuto still has yet to come, thinking of the Magicians aptitude again Mira stares at the wall, taking a bunch of paper.

(Fantasy world calander feels slightly out of place.)

A picture is drawn on the upper half, while a very basic calender with dates is on the lower half.

「Fumu, this is that sort of thing……」

At that moment, Mira realizes the meaning of the numbers written on the paper. Soloman conveyed in the letter,  the additional information of popular commissions.

The first initials of the names uses the Alphabet. The numbers were a date in which they first appeared in this world. Presently, 2146 year 5 month  19 day. Mira came to this world on 5/12 In other words, D stands for Dunbalf while the following numbers are the date.

Normally, a place would come to mind when thinking of a date, but the Nine Sages have outstanding personalities. Based on the date they appeared in this world, it’s reasonable to assume some sort of special event occurred. Thinking this, Mira glaces at the initials on the paper.

(Flonne, Luminaria, Kagura, Artesia , and myself. It was said that it was checked everyday, and anyone that wasn’t written in this, has been in this world before Solomon was.)

Mira was constantly staring out into space, not noticing anything in the surroundings. Standing up in order to inquire about the documents from Leoneil, Eureka accompanied with Takuto came down the stairs.

「It was here wasn’t it.」

Noticing the figure of Mira, Eureka let out a smile filled with blossoms.

When I went to the Guild Leaders room to convey the results of the aptitude test Mira was no longer there, so I walked around the third floor.

「This is Takuto’s magicians aptitude.」

Emera presented the letter from the examination, Mira dropped her shoulders the details of the examination were gaudily arranged. Magic conclusion, Sacred Magic, the aptitude for an Onmyouji was briefly described.

Mira’s delusion was shattered completely.

「It isn’t summoning……」

「All of the magic was handled easily. The amount of magic measured was determined to be above the general average. Takuto-kun has a promising future.」

Just as Eureka compliements, Takuto runs up to Mira.

「With this I can be like Mira onee-chan right?」

A sparkling smile. Looking happily like so, I can’t stay depressed just because you aren’t a summoner.

「Umu, with hardwork you become a splendid summoner.」

Mira smiled while giving a big nod. Takuto overflowed with joy hearing the words, displaying a wide smile.

「I am in your debt. Thank you.」

「Thanks, Onee-chan」

「No no, If its a request from Mira even if it’s something unreasonable I would help」

Eureka  was a big fan of Dunbalf, and is currently crazed about the apprentice Mira. With eyes full of energy and hidden desperation, a handshake was requested as a reward. Mira responded with a wry smile.



Errands in the guild had ended. As Mira and Takuto leave the guild, the words of Emera were recalled upon looking at the street lights.

「Ahh…… what was it. Spring…… something Inn」

Mira took Takuto’s hand while following the memory into the busy night.

(If I’m not mistaken, outside to the left…… or was it? Well, it should fine looking for spring.)

Advancing through the night restlessly, while checking the initials of the shops facing the street. Approaching two people closely, there was a single shadow.

「Good evening. At this time, what’s wrong?」

Smiling brightly, wearing a blue and white colored light armor a man appeared in front of the two travelers with a sense of ease.

「Hm? What is it?」

「Good evening, and good work」

In contrast to the comment about good work Mira tilts her head in suspicion, Takuto quickly bows to the presence of the young man.

This young man, a guard solder of Alkite Kingdom’s National Army Patrol Agency Caranach branch affiliation, is a person who functions like the police. The light armor had the emblem of the Alkite Kingdom engraved, turning it into a suitable uniform. And the way he talks is natural.

As the day sank into night, Mira and Takuto walking hand in hand resembled siblings. Walking while looking around restlessly, one would normally assume the two to be lost. He was one such person.

「You seem surprised. Sorry. I am part of the Armed Forces National Patrol Agency affiliation, Erwin. May I hear both of your names?」

Mira watched with an indifferent expression, at Erwin introducing himself.
Guards of the National Patrol Agency. Mira held admiration for Solomon making these sorts of things for public peace. However, there isn’t any memory of speaking with such a man, furthermore with a puzzled look.


「Takuto is fine」

「Mira-chan, and Takuto is it. I wonder what are you two doing at such a time. Are you lost? I could escort you home.」

Mira finally consented to the words of Erwin.

Certainly looking objectively, we do look like lost children wandering around aimlessly on a night like this. And I was able to look favorably to the young man that worked earnestly when I wouldn’t if I found two such people.

「I’m not a lost child, but I don’t know where the Inn where an acquaintance is waiting. Although it’s suppose to say Spring, I don’t any knowledge of it.」

「I see, so it was that kind of reason. Hmm……, When talking about Spring and an Inn, could you mean Spring Snow?」

「Ohh, that’s right that’s right. It had such a name.」

A single word from the depths of a blurry memory, Mira nods to Salvage-san’s answer Spring Snow.

「If so, it’s a little more ahead. I’ll take you there.」

Erwin with a smile, takes Mira’s free hand and starts walking. Mira was too late to deal with her hand suddenly being taken, unable to break free from the young man, they were guided to Spring Snow.

「Ah, Mira-chan has come. Oh……?」

Emera had been waiting for the two of them in front of the door of Spring Snow. The figure of Mira and Takuto were walking towards the place, a voice and hand waved out led by hand by a guard soldier, was by all aspects lost children.

「Pufuu! Mira-chan was brought!」

「It’s not like that!」

Emera spoke with intense and loudness inside the balloon shop, and Mira denied it with all her strength. As a result, Mira was exposed to the eyes that gathered and Takuto was pulled while slipping into the shadow of Erwin while looking down.

「Now then, because time is time, you can’t stay up late playing.」

Erwin who finished the guiding, bowed to Emera after saying so to the two people and went back to patrol.

「………… It was only a mistake.」

The Mira peeps out to the entrance of the Spring Snow, Emera and Zef dodges the gaze looking upwards, as a non-convincing exuse was made.

「Yes yes, understood.」

「It’s been about half a day, but we’re comrades aren’t we. It’s understandable.」

「I see, then it is fine.」

Emera and Zef nod in agreement. Although they recently met, an understanding was made, Mira loosens her expression. Unaware of the two enduring something.

「Now, Mira-chan hurry up」

Emera takes Mira’s hand while saying so, showing her into Spring Snow.

Inside the shop was an open wooden ceiling, on the first floor the reception desk served both the Inn and dining room. Many tables and chairs were simply displayed, Inn guests were seated here and there, fully enjoying the temporary night.

「Ohh, young miss-chan, I’ve been waiting.」

Inside in the corner, Asbel raises his voice from the seat of a big round table waves.

「Mira-chan, over here!」

Before it was noticed, Fricca appeared behind Mira, taking Mira away from Emera showing her to a seat. Then with reason, voluntarily tried to sit down beside as a neighbor. However, Emera had already sat down meeting her eyes with Fricca’s, with a broad grin. The eyes were full of will, to protect Mira.

Fricca then moved to secure the seat on the opposite side. However, Takuto was already there with hands connected to Mira, sitting naturally, happily looking around the busy store. Fricca, having eyes dyed with dispair sat in front of Mira face to face, staring to burn the cute image into memory.

When all members finished sitting down, Albel calls the waiter over with a signal.

「First of all, a drink」

Emera expands a menu on the table, which everyone looks at.

「Takuto, is there anything you want to drink?」

「Orange juice is ok」

Mira asked, while Takuto answered. The exchange, was as if it were between siblings on good terms with each other. Asbel while watching the heartwarming scene of the two let out a pleasing smile, ordered a large beer quickly to the waiter. After Emera, Fricca, and Zef ordered, Mira asked for two cups of orange juice.

The waiter left after confirming the order, Zef speaks immediately after.

「Hmm well, I’ll distribute the items. First is this」

While saying so, on top of the table sixty-four magic stones and one magic crystal was arranged.

「I want to ask again, is this really fine?」

Emera hesitated to receive the situation, glancing at the magic stone, then looking at Mira

「This matter, I have already finished speaking about it.」

「That’s true but」

「Its because the vice leader is serious. Well I also don’t understand.」

Emera looked at the loot with a difficult face. To obtain several hundreds of thousands as income without doing anything. It can’t be helped to repeatedly confirm a confirmation on this matter. Because the other members could also understand the feeling, they left the judgement to Emera without saying anything.

「Sorry to keep you waiting.」

The bright voice of the waiter hesitated to set down the drinks for the quiet party.

「First a toast.」

Emera recieved a drink from the waiter, turning respectively. After everyone gets their drinks, the line of sight gathers towards Mira. Takuto reading the atmosphere, puts up his glass with both hands while staring at Mira.

「Nu…… What. Is it me?」

「Afterall, today’s leading role is Mira」

Not being familiar with the lead role, Mira was at a loss, nodding at the atmosphere that wasn’t bad.

「Umu…… then」

Mira raised her glass, while everyone else followed imitating it.

「A toast to Takuto’s magic, Sacred Magic, having the Onmyouji’s aptitude!」

「Cheers!hey, that!?」

「ha ha ha ha!It is good. the toast!」

「Mira-chan, bottoms up!」

「Cheers!to Mira-chan’s expression which is usually normal!」

「Eh…… umm. Thank you!」

Everyone clangs their glass and raises their voice. Asbel drinks the large mug quickly, laughing cheerfully. Emera also tipped the glass with a smile, since it couldn’t be helped. Fricca stared enviously at Mira patting Takuto’s head who was wearing a big smile. As Zef shrugged his shoulders, the figure of a person came tot he side of the table, and shook his hand lightly.

「It’s lively isn’t it.」

The person who spoke for the waiter was a red long haired man who wore simple red colored light armor. A tall person around the age of twenty, well equipped with androgynous features, it wasn’t strange to mistake him as a women hearing the voice.

「The girl over there, is the apprentice from the story?」

「Yes. That is Mira-chan. The boy beside her is Takuto.」

The man sends a glance towards Mira giving a slight smile and bowing lightly, hearing Fricca.

「I am the leader of Ecarlatte Carillon, my name is Cyril. It seems our members have been taken care of. Thank you very much」

「You don’t need to thank me. It was much more fun than going alone.」

「Really? then that’s good.」

Cyril happy from Mira’s compliment, answered with a smile. However, there was a person much happier than Cyril.

「Mira-chan, that’s how we are!」

Emera gazes at Mira expressing a deep emotion of fullness from the heart. Although they did not serve any purpose in the adventure, the pleasant words spoken from Mira, gave them both embarrassment and joy.

「Me too, I thought it was also fun」


A person even happier than Emera,  climbed up Mira’s legs from underneath the table. Mira caught off guard reflexively raises her legs, splendidly kicking Fricca’s stomach with tip of her shoes.

Pulled by the legs Asbel peeled off Fricca who fainted in agony with an expression full of pleasure off of Mira, while Cyril watched with a wry smile.

「Has Fricca been troubling along the way?」


「…… Sorry」

「…… Well, I don’t mind.」

The exchange between Cyril and Mira was short, Fricca was gasping for breath on a seat, was actually beutiful if she remained quiet, remembering the same impression a sigh was exhaled. Meanwhile, Emera was still absorbed in a deep emotion, loosening up with a grin.

「By the way, is that today’s loot? It’s an amazing amount」

Cyril raised a voice of admiration looking at the magic stone on the table. It was an amount that was too much to be collected in a day.

「Really, Mira-chan defeated everything. But, Mira-chan insists everything to be distributed. So generous.」

「Is that so? There’s also a magic crystal to. It’ll be a considerable amount of money.」

It can be said that a majority of the loot belongs to Mira. And the total amount, can easily be estimated to be around one million Riffs.

(TLN: Riffs are the currency?)

That’s equivalent to the cost of living in a home for four months. If Mira insists on a right, nothing could be said because everyone would understand. Still, Mira insists on a proper distribution. During the time of the game this was common sense, from the perspective of others it reflects a person of a softhearted nature.

「Oh, there was also a weapon.」

「Oh yea, a large scythe. Something the enemy was carrying, it was also the time we got acquainted with Mira-chan’s Dark Knight.」

「Is it a large scythe? What is it?」


In front of Cyril who showed interest, Emera retrieves the scythe that dropped from the demon from the item box. Emera unable to lift it with her hands due to the heaviness, it fell to the floor and rolled around with a “dosuri”.

「…… this is unlucky isn’t it」

Cyril while saying so, takes the handle of the large jet black scythe and lifts it. With an arm identical to Zef’s, and Asbel who was almost two times stronger was barely able to hold the scythe, Cyril did it with one hand.

When it seemed to look heavy, Mira was interested in the muscle strength of Cyril is and gazed his figure.


Involuntarily leaking a voice of surprise. Cyril’s status did not appear. Judging by what was taught by Solomon, the person called Cyril proves to be a former player.

「Whats wrong, Mira-chan?」

Every word’s slightest effort wasn’t overlooked in Fricca’s behavior, Mira who noticed could avert her eyes and speak.

「Nu. On no, it is nothing. That scythe was lifted easily, so I just thought it was wonderful.」

That reminds me, I forgot to ask Solomon about the handling of former players in this world, Instead Mira is taken about Cyril’s muscle strength which can’t be judged by appearance. Such a thing is surprising if Cyril is a former player indeed, however without also knowing the situation it isn’t possible to say.

「That is because, it is our leader. How is it? Amazing right?」

Asbel proudly raises his voice. And it isn’t only him, Emera proudly boasts of Dunbalf’s apprentice.

「No, I still have a long way to go.」

The person in questions humbly replies with a bitter smile. Cyril himself, is not so weak, in addition above it knowledge was repeatedly present. And the people who agree to the reasoning aren’t present. Therefore the words were sincere. However as for Emera, Cyril’s ability is overwhelming, having no self-conceit garnered him respect.

「Aside from that, this thing is considerable.」

「Well, it is difficult to handle. In the case of Emera’s guild members, it won’t be misused. If there is a person who can use it, why not give it to them?」

「I see, so there was such a reason……. However I would like to say, is it ok to place trust in us since it hasn’t been long? It might not be a good idea it might not be passed to a good person.」

「Well, in those circumstances, it can be said that it can be trusted. Indeed has been short, but I’ve come to like Emera. If there is by any possibility something happens, I will take responsibility, and collect it」

Mira directs her gaze into Cyrils eyes saying so. Cyril holds and nods while receiving the will and the decision included among there certainly.

「I believe in my comrades, thank you very much. I will take responsibility for this.」

「Umu, I hope to get along with you.」

After Mira and Cyril’s exchange, all of Ecarlatte Carillon let out a breath of relief, after the troublesome words of Mira a drink was ordered from the clerk, and a toast was once again in order with Cyril.



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