She Professed Herself The Pupil Of The Wiseman Ch.32

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32 Solomon’s Gift



While the star shines calmly in the sky, the sun leaves an afterglow in the horizon and sinks. As night slowly creeps into the forest, the tone of formless insects begin to sound from within the darkness.

「It has become quite late has it not? Is the talk over? shall we go back soon?」

As the voices of Mira and Fricca trail off, seemingly a good time Emera speaks out.

「Is that so. Then lets go.」

「ehhh, thats right. It’s fine, Seirei-sama has Nyanmaru-san」

Listening to Emera, the two turned their eyes to the surrounding which had become completely dark, then finally towards the wind spirit.

「Take care」

「Seirei-sama, please be careful」

「Yes, thank you! All of you please return safely too」

Mira waves goodbye and Fricca bows using both hands. The wind spirit took Nyanmaru’s hand waving back “Furi Furi” and then returned.

On the way, Mira gazes at Nyanmaru.

That shikigami is probably the escort for the wind spirit. In situations where assailants cannot be sensed anywhere, it’s hard to say they’ll be chased away only once.

Mira was thinking, did Nyanmaru’s master make an automated shikigami protect a wind spirit? Or is the wind spirit using it as a decoy for assailants. However, Mira had seen them as very good friends so there was no way of knowing. In any case no matter what happens the wind spirit would be protected so there isn’t a problem. However this point of view was merely speculation.

No matter how much Mira worried, together both the wind spirit and Nyanmaru were not easy to beat.

However, its best to never overestimate something since the Magician’s true intentions aren’t known. At the minimum, Nyanmaru’s master should not be too far off. There may be information at the Guilds Association. Averting her eyes from Nyanmaru, Mira organizes some information.

(It’ll be lucky if even a small clue is obtained)

Takuto who was listening from behind the party had begun to walk towards Caranach with Mira and Fricca

「From the talk earlier, could Takuto have a magicians aptitude?」

「Even if you ask, I wonder.」

At Fricca’s words Mira remembered something, returning a gentle gaze back to Takuto with a smile full of expectations.

Looking closely, the various status of Takuto has appeared, but as expected from a child.There are many one’s lined up. However, magic is at six. Considering that the general public average is four, six has a very promising future.

Mira gave out a sigh after confirming the status. Class data had only displayed as Alkite Kingdom.

(Even if its checked, it isn’t understood…… that is to say, to become a respective class something is needed)

It’s good there might be talent, Mira brushed Takuto’s head.

To see a spirit、its a Magician’s characteristic that no one else has. Takuto’s current Magician Class has yet to be known. After all when it was a player, a class is the item chosen first, but what of residents of this world? Mira questions.

「How are Magicians determined?」

Having just come to this world, Mira asks Fricca who seems to know

「Well …… there are various ways, but the number one fastest way is to go to the Guild」

「Hou, does that place also does such a thing? There’s some business there, do you want to see them?」

「I want to go!」

When Mira replies, Takuto answers back with a big nod.




Requiem City Caranach.

Sky’s that have been dominated by the jet-black darkness shine a small light, the surrounding is decorated with parade’s and smile’s in a bar after work for the day.

「That was tiring, I’ll come back after taking Takuto to the Guild」

After arriving at the big square Mira, holding onto Takuto’s hand leads him to the Guild’s District.

「Heeeey, hey Mira-chan! bye bye, come back soon or I’ll get lonely!」

Emera grabs Mira’s hand almost as if in a panic. Behind them, the other three had different facial expressions. Those appearances, it can’t be helped.

「That’s right Mira-chan. We haven’t shared, or done the party celebration yet 」

「Ah, yes. The adventure…… later on lets celebrate. The MVP this time is that young lady after all.」

「That’s right. I want to talk with Mira-chan a lot more.」

There wasn’t any problems with the cost, however Mira was much more concerned about the noise. Trying to refuse would likely make them to chase her to the ends of the Arc Earth until she accepts it. At least for Emera.

「Fumu…… well, that’s fine isn’t it. It’s unexpectedly fun when I’m here」

People casually exchanged idle conversation respectively with each other. While remembering them Mira replied with a smile.

「That smiling face is like one million volts!」

Raising a strange voice, Fricca as if shot with lightning collapsed in ecstasy of the expression.

Among the people who come and go to the hall they were in a direct line-of-sight of everyone, and they hurriedly and left the place, leaving only Fricca.

After an hour passes in the Square, before long a person appeared who noticed Fricca of Ecarlate Carillon, and Emera alongside everyone else.

「We’ll head over to the Spring Snow Inn that’s on the left-side of the main street, come over after business is done in the guild. Absolutely you have to come」

Emera and the other members were swallowed up by the crowd of people while saying so

Mira accompanied with Takuto open the door to the Magicians Guild. In the guild, it was crowded under the light that shun in contradiction to the nightly darkness glittering. Guild members ran around storming the reception desk for requests.

「They seem busy……」

「Is that so……」

While looking at the spectacle where the clamor is shrouded, Mira and Takuto look at each other.

For the time being, Mira retrieved the permit, and threw it in the recycling box in the corner of the guild.

『Thank you. You’re kind aren’t you.』

The voice of a cute girl resounded from the recycling box. What kind of principle is that? a palm-sized girl appeared on top of the box, quietly smiled and disappeared.

「What is this……」

Takuto stared happily at the recycling box while change angles, Mura muttered with a wry smile.

「Ah, Mira-san!」

Turning around to the excited voice of a women, there was the figure of Eureka, holding onto documents.

「O-oh, Eureka?」

「Could it be, that you’ve already gone to the Ancient Shrine?」

「Umu. I’ve finished, so I’m just recycling.」

「Is that so, thank you very much. By the way, that child?」

Eureka asked referring to Takuto who clung to the recycling box.

「We met with various circumstances, but anyhow he is likely to have a Magicians Aptitude. I heard that it could be checked here.」

After Mira explained so, Takuto who was listening took a bow in front of Eureka.

「Nice to meet you. I’m Takuto. I want to become a Magician like Mira onee-chan.」

Saying so with an eager expression that was raised filled with expectation.

「Takuto… this onee-chan is Eureka. nice to meet you」

While saying so, Eureka returns a gentle smile.

「Since you’re Mira’s acquaintance, lets start the examination at once. And so, what we talked about the other day, did you receive it today?」

Mira tilted her neck and for a moment, then remembered the words that were said at the time of the quest registration. Solomon’s story and relationship to the Guild Master.

(come to think of it, such a thing was said)

「Umu, that would be so. We’ll assume that it’s received.」

「Yes. Then come this way.」

While holding the documents, Eureka walks ahead as the lead. Mira takes Takuto’s hand, and follows after Eureka.


「Mira-san has arrived」

Knocking on the Guild Master’s room door, Eureka’s voice resounds.

「Ohh, Enter Enter」

From inside the room, an excited voice could be heard.

「Well then, Takuto-kun come here.While Mira Onee-chan is talking, shall we give you an aptitude exam?」

Eureka’s and Takuto’s line of sight come together, leaning forward with a hand extended.
Takuto quickly glances at Mira.

「It might be a little long, you should go and come back.」

Mira releases hands, and lightly strokes Takuto’s head.


Takuto nods energetically, and is taken by Eureka to the Magicians aptitude examination room.

「Please excuse me」

Mira clears the door after the voice. Entering the Guild leaders room, Leoneil cheerfully tips a glass towards the young lady.

「What is this, it seems the mood is good」

Mira sits on the chair in front of Leoneil while saying so. Then a waiter in charge arranged green tea and a cake on a table in front of Mira without any sound.

The two people who hit if off chatting the other day, struggled to exchange formalities, with that being the case it was decided there was no need for it. On the occasion, after the tea and cake was prepared Mira shrewdly talks to the waiter in charge.

「Did you know? first of all, you’re suppose to say “please accept this”」

Mira while placing the cake in her mouth, Leoneil glances at two things on the table one is a black card, and, another is a letter.

「I heard about Solomon, but what is this?」

Mira places the fork next to the dish, and asks while taking the card. The surface of the card is black and smooth as glass, a complex symbol and magic formations are engraved on the back.

「That is, a restricted area pass」

「Restricted area you say?」

Mira directs her gaze from the card to Leoneil, while Leoneil expanded the map on top of the table. That is, Arc Earth online’s Shumegofe region with the map of the surrounding islands.

「Do you know the dungeon called the Tenma Labyrinth?」

「Tenma Labyrinth is it. I know of it」

Tenma Labyrinth. In the dungeon innumerably scattered in various continental places, a special dungeon with a certain law was called between players.

「Then the talk will be quick. Although it was often the location of many mysteries from that time, I don’t remember exactly but the mystery has increased. It was designated as a special restricted area.」

「Mystery? what kind of incident?」

The Tenma labyrinth is different from a usual dungeon, and the demon’s that appear are all subspecies, along with power on an entirely different level. And, from the innermost treasure guarded by a boss which was a named demon, a peerless item could be obtained. Although it was collectively reffered to as Tenma Labyrinth, towards the mystery Leoneil reffered to, Mira showed interest.

「Anyhow, it seems even after taking the treasure of this dungeon everything seems to restore given enough time.」

「hou……that is……」

What is wrong. Though it was Mira who tried to continue, the thought was sandwiched for a moment.As a game, it was natural for dungeon treasures and items to re-pop.

(TLN: re-pop game term referring to the spawn time of monsters/items to reappear)

That sort of thing, the dungeons only rare item was of legend grade. However, Leoneil said that it was mysterious. In other words, a treasure chest of this world is not bound by reality.

When thinking so, it is possible to look for an abnormality in the Tenma Labyrinth.

「In short……, treasure chests continue to excitingly revive.」

「As expected of Dunbalf-sama’s apprentice-san. Exactly right. The rivalry to compete for treasure, it was sealed as a restricted area under the pretext of preventing it. You might say, the rebellion during that time was considerable.」

Leoniel smiled wryly with his words, then pointed to a single area on the map. There, in the middle of the forest that spread over from Alkite Kingdom of the southwest.

「That recognition certificate, is for Tenma Labyrinth inside the『Primal Forest』. I didn’t know for what reason Solomon said to hand that over, so I struggled.」

Leoneil said so, with eye brows raised in a good mood.

「And from the looks of it, they seem to have asked a lot.」

「What, they asked me to be a little flexible」

As their gazes crossed, Mira concludes the talk with

「that guy, bullying people of this world too much」

After taking the card in one hand, the other goes towards the sealed letter.

「This, what is it?」

expecting to see nothing there, Mira asked holding something up.

「That, it’s the Wyvern mail addressed to you that arrived this morning. The person who sent it was someone named Lily, do you remember?」

When Mira retraced her memories, she arrived at the thought of  one woman. Alkite Castle’s maid who woke and greeted her every morning. A chill ran down her spine.

「u……umu. I know them」

「Somehow, you don’t seem happy. Dunbalf-sama’s apprentice isn’t interested in those kinds of women it seems」

While saying so, Reynard lifed his mouth into a grin. The reason lily sent a sealed letter isn’t understood, it didn’t give off a good feeling to Mira.

It isn’t necessary to read it here this moment, instead I’ll throw the item in my Item box.

「Changing the subject, could I ask you something?」

Mira washed down the cream with tea while saying so.

「Ahhh, don’t mind. If it’s something I can answer」

Leoneil sitting nods lightly. Mira opened her mouth after easily organizing her question.

「Do you know of the people that are targeting the spirits?」

As one eyebrow twitches, Leoneil breathes out a sigh.

「That is a painful question」

「You seem to know of it then」

「Ahhh, about ten years have passed that since the matter has come to light. I don’t know of where you learned of it, but its rather troublesome. I’ll tell you what I know however, don’t reveal too much」

「Umu, that is of course.」

When Mira looked straight ahead with her eyes after speaking, Leoneil began talking about everything he knew.

First of all, the number of attackers are of considerable scale, there has been a lot of damage in many parts of the continent. However, it’s unknown why they’re attacking the Spirits. And, one of the assailants identified themself as『Chimera Clausen』.

「Chimera clausen huh…… what is thier purpose」

Mira while saying so put her back into the sofa and looked up towards the ceiling.

「Well, with certainty they aren’t good people.」

Occasionally people will help other people, what is the reason to attack spirits who are the human races neighbor, in any case they shall not be forgiven.

The opinion of the two people were consistent.

「There’s one more thing, may I hear it?」


When Leoneil asks, Mira returned with a nod 「That’s right」.

From the beginning, Mira who came to listen, spoke about the general events. It was attacked by assailants, the wind spirit was helped by Nyanmaru. The assailant who has the ability only to attack spirits probably, was repelled by a shikigami controlled by a Onmyouji Master hiding in the shadows.

「Was there such a thing?」

「I would like to have heard of that Onmyouji, would someone know of that master? They could be someone with good influence, so it could be easy to guess.」

「An Onmyouji comparable to a spirit. The Silver Tower comes to mind right away, but I’ve heard the magicians rarely come out. When it comes to an Onmyouji, there must be a powerful one nearby right now. Though it’s different if they come secretly without stopping at the Guild.」

The Silver Tower is the biggest existing magician’s organization on the Continent, with all of the magicians being top class. Therefore the tower’s magicians are all influential people that are comparable to the spirits. And, it can be said that the tower has accumulated all knowledge regarding magic.

In other words because it is the place that can polish magic from anywhere, Magicians who pursue research there, rarely go outside. At best, they could carry out an experiment in the vicinity of the open place.

「Umu, I see」

「Well either way, If you can help us in this matter, I’ll give you the information as soon as it comes. If the apprentice of Dunbalf-sama cooperates, its likely that after 10 years we’ll have some progress. I hate to say it, but that much is expected.」

With a smiling face that doesn’t seem to suit him, Leoniel sends a glace towards Mira. Those eyes, it shines like a powerful card was obtained.

「Well, it’s not a story to be overlooked. I will cooperate, even though things may appear to be hectic. Rather than half-baked information, just go get solid proof」

Notcing the troubled look on Leoneil, Mira gives a light warning. Good verified information is needed to head in the right direction.

「Thatls too bad. Well, that should be fine. I’ll work the intelligence personnel to the extend of a carriage horse. But before that, the Onmyouji will be investigated. Isn’t that good?」

Leoneil makes a remorseful expression, looking up towards the sky. And the investigation of the Onmyouji will go without questions asked.

Coincidence? or was it Inevitable?, Nyanmaru’s master is a magician that happen to be present during the spirits attack in the Guild, preventing it. The information Mira brought, although the possibility is low, there may be enough to grasp something about the assailants.

「Umu, that would be so. Right now it may be better to investigate from a different approach.」

If Nyanmaru’s master is an adventurer, they will be caught by Leoneil’s search sooner or later. However Mira had one other purpose. It’s a possibility that could lead to one of the nine sages.

If its related, Ken and Solomon will ask events of the matter of the spirit attack, and the two of them will proceed at the same time.

Mira sent encouragements to Leoneil’s secret agents secretly in her mind.





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